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  1. I tried using the mobile-based Lumiya viewer on a 4G cellular network with my Sony Xperia X Compact. Problem seemed to have fixed itself. After doing a synchronised restart for both my network and computer, I can use my viewers again. I have still no idea what happened, though.
  2. I'm not 100% sure on the stipulations (when it comes to SL and allowing users to create alts) and as such never created an alt, but I did get a friend to use my laptop to log in with their abandoned 10-year-old account with an inventory that's pretty much empty, and the same issue occurs.
  3. Ah, yeah, I realise that I didn't give enough technical information. Sorry about that. The computer is a model VN7-593G-75AG Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro running 64 bit Windows 10. Pinging the SL server in CMD returns no lost packets, and the official viewer has the same issue.
  4. EDIT 2: After trying the Lumiya viewer on a 4G network and doing a synchronised computer and network restart, everything seems to be working again. Yesterday I've been getting this error message: "Darn. You have been logged out of Second Life. This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the internet." I'm using Blackdragon viewer, and every time I try logging in I'm unable to move or sit on in-world objects, but I can teleport to other areas and send/receive messages - until I'm forced to log out with the error message above. It usually takes less than a minu
  5. I have recently updated a product that has garnered a total of 800+ purchases with the Magic Box system (I will be migrating to Direct Delivery soon, but this is not my primary concern for the moment), but I need to somehow figure out how to distribute the update, free of charge to all my customers that have already bought the item without manually going through my receipts and jotting down the name of each customer. No, the item was not in a scripted box to start off, so I can't just flip a "switch", so I need to find another way to do this, but I have no idea how. Thanks for any h
  6. Greetings forum, I've been creating in-world items from prims, textures and such for quite some time now, and I have just found one of my early works of a hangout that my friends and I used to work on back in the days. Problem is all the textures that I uploaded, and then used as textures for various floor textures have been deleted since the time when I decided that I want to work from scratch - I now realize my mistake and that I want to rework that hangout that I had (I still have it as a cluster of editable prims that are fullperm as set by myself, luckily) but I don't have the textures to
  7. It's not like I'm making any money off of it anyway lol. If they do get removed however, I have the right to report his just as much as he had the right to report mine then. All I want to do is to make easy to use items and gestures, easy stuff that would be popular in the SL croud who like to communicate with each other by gesturbating and showing off their props.
  8. About a year ago (or so) I decided to set up a shop, and decided that the best items to sell would be cheap gaming related ones - Such as Team Fortress 2's bonk cans. This is all fine and good, but I have recently recieved a message from a certain user (who I will keep anonymous) who also has a shop, with ideologies much like mine - He has also created items such as Team Fortress 2's bonk cans. The problem is that he thinks that I have stolen my work from him, as evident by the following chatlog: Imageshack image (click me!) What's sad is that he is deadset on the "fact" that I have
  9. If you can't see it immidiately in your inventory, I advise you to search a keywoard, and if that fails, go to the Second Life Marketplace, and try finding out the name of who was selling the item behind their shop. IM them in-game, and see if you can ask her (or him) to resend you the item that you bought that you cannot find in your inventory - I have had that problem before, where it won't pop up in my inventory, so I asked the creator to kindly resend it.
  10. @ Freya: Nope, if I didn't have cookies enabled, I wouldn't be able to even log into these forums. It was a glitch with the marketplace setting, not the client's. Thanks Valerie, that did the trick! Now I can go get that firearm...
  11. Thanks, that did the trick! ;D +Kudos to you <3 (that is if there was a kudos button, LOL)
  12. Well as I added after editing my previous message, it's really a render glitch, PNG somehow produces Z-fighting issues, which I suspect causes the texture to overlap the floating text. I don't think there is a way that you can get it to "glitch" the render constantly, nor can I say that the glitch would happen on all computers with different graphics cards.
  13. PNG textures have always provided render clipping problems - If you're wanting to save a texture with transparencies, I advise you to save your work as .TGA files. That is of course if you want to fix the problem - PNG's provide clipping issues almost all the time, which is what might be causing the effect.
  14. I have been going through that process, clearing my browser's cache, rebooting my PC even, yet it's still stuck at that error. *edit* To clear things up, I can acess adult content in my viewer, but I am not able to go to the online Marketplace and view items that are moderate or adult in rating.
  15. I've removed it from the old XStreet SL service, and clicked "Sync Marketplace with Magic Boxes". I have noted that in the old XStreet SL service that it at least showed the details of my magic box, it's name, and the xyz position in the sim, along with the sim's name under "Registered Servers", yet it did not show the few items that I have placed in there, nor are those items showing up in the Second Life Marketplace after it told me that I should refresh the page to see the changes (presumably it should have listed a couple of the items that I've put within the in-world p
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