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  1. Help please. I get notifications from groups. When I click on the attachment inside, nothing happens. Anybody know a fix?
  2. I don't know what to do about this. I don't even know what's causing it. Look familiar to anybody?
  3. To me it looks like I'm not using a group tag, yet somebody called me that as if it was my name. Why can't I see it, but that person did?
  4. I have no idea how to reply to you specifically, the way you did to me. So dumb over here. Okay. Thanks for the info.
  5. Mesh, yes. I use the latest Slink Dynamic hands. I don't know what bento means, and even if I qualify I wouldn't know where to get such an AO. Thanks very much for your reply.
  6. Is there still no fix for the splayed hands/fingers problem? It only happens to me and some others at a certain place, that I know of so far. The area is stuffed with items that are older, so I guess it's a prim overload thing?
  7. This happened to me a while ago, and I thought I had it fixed somehow, but it's back. I've tried things, and now I'm just lost. The only thing that solves it, is when I turn my graphics slider up to at least between low and mid. Any ideas?
  8. So far this only happens at one place with lots of stuff everywhere, I don't know if that's important. When I leave the building/nearby area, the problem goes away. I think this very specific problem never happened with my old Zhao ll, which ugh, I can't find or I'd test it to see if it happens with that too. While the standing animations are running in a loop, all of the sudden there's a hesitation and I stand like I'm not using any animations, then the ao kicks in again. Any comments??? Lastly, is there a button on this thing that I should push to refresh (Or what ever it's called.) the
  9. What causes it? Does she need to buy a new computer, or upgrade her graphics card and/or memory card or whatever? I have no idea about computer stuff.
  10. Tattoos on my Slink hands blink, as if electricity is surging through them. Only time I see it, is when my quality and speed setting is on low. I was told to not mess with and increase that slider for this problem, but to turn my Mesh - Objects setting to high and to turn up my Avatar - Detail setting to high, then log out and in, it didn't work. Any ideas?
  11. I'm wanting to find and use only one Slink hand at rest/static position, the look I'm hoping for is between splayed and relaxed. I'd just like to see my nails and fingers more while standing, walking, dancing, whatever movements. I'll throw in this even though I think it doesn't matter, I use a Zhao II. I'm hoping to not spend a fortune. Is all of this even a thing? Am I even making sense?
  12. I'm considering buying some flat Slink feet. Will everything I need come with the feet purchase? If not, what are the extras and where might I find them? Thank you already!
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