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  1. Just to resurrect this thread thought I'd share s pic I took today with my new computer Graphic settings set to maximum, mesh swimsuit, my best sailboat (plan on reprinting it though) Taken at Blake Sea, my absolute Favourite summer destination " target="_blank">http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v57/JessicaRaven/Snapshot_006_zps8vldchkb.jpg[/img]
  2. yeah it's still a week away but happy easter
  3. valerie Inshan wrote: I had breakfast alone this morning. Ajja didn't come up. This must be April's fool... :smileysurprised: I'll help ya eat all that
  4. Randall Ahren wrote: I try to be better than I am. In all the ways that I wish I could be, that's me in SL. I look like the way I want to look, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I am free in all the ways that I am not in RL. In SL, women pay attention to me, even women who aren't on medication. yeah that's one of the great things about SL, you can be what you want to be and I can be what I want to be
  5. Randall Ahren wrote: It is good. You should do something similar to that for your usual appearance in SL. . nah, I like my regular avatar, it's based more or less on how I look in RL, don't really want anything like the white picture for my day to day SL cause that would make it less fantastic
  6. oh almost forgot about this pic, a store was doing a "best in white" style clothing contest and this was my entry, didn't win but I thought it was pretty good so I'll share it
  7. "Greed....for lack of a better word is good"
  8. Tay Lane wrote: Steampunk hunt goes Moulin Rouge, who would have thought. :robothappy:
  9. found this awesome sim and had to take a pic
  10. Man whats are your graphics settings to get THAT pic!
  11. here I am working on getting my normal shape back
  12. my avatar is 5'7" (as opposed to the 8 foot avatars most people are) this coupled with my slim frame (not so much now that I've had my SL baby though) braces and a tendancy to wear my hair in pigtails I get the "underage avatar" thrown at me as well, I just shrug and say "my avatar is 30 years old like my RL self, if you don't believe that, well that's up to you"
  13. Emily, my first SL baby, plan on raising her to an adult (using a roboavatar on an alt when she's older)
  14. had to take a break from SL due to RL health problems but I'm back plus one!
  15. I have this one myself, don't know about it's claimed 3 billion possible decoration combinations but it's a pretty good tree nonetheless IMO
  16. as for other races huds here's what I see most feasable in Bloodlines and how it would work Ghoul needs to eat a certain ammount of human flesh per day Zombie, needs to eat a certain ammount of human brains per day
  17. I was also happy when they added the moonshots as for additions I was talking about this in another thread, I'd love to see some human centric weapons made for the War hud for the humans that want to be vampire hunters, specificly a Stake, a Cross, Holy Water, a Crossbow, and a Whip
  18. if you have xcite, they have you....ahem.....covered in that area
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