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  1. hmmmm this is the first I've heard on Project Bento (admittedly I don't pay much attention to the blogs or the forums) but it sounds interesting what I'd love to see come of it is ability for facial and hand mapping via a computer's camera or a kinect or a leap motionor the like ideally what I'd eventually like is an SL setup using an oculus rift, a virtuix omni and a leap motion for near full immersion eventually in the future I'd love to see more immersion haptics for scent and taste and touch plugins
  2. Back before my hiatus I went to a few SFL games, but from the look of things it's gone now. Is there an active (American) football league in SL still?
  3. Just bumping this up as I've been absent on SL due to computer issues but Raven's Nest is still going and always welcoming new members
  4. Raven's Nest is back up and better than ever, if you play bloodlines get your blood, lumens or cider here (we also have an apple tree out back) if you're not a bloodlines player then grab a pint of beer or a cup of coffee, and hang out and play some pool or darts or other games (even though we're a Bloodlines location biting is NOT tolerated here) Also check out Raven's Treasures, an art gallery located next door secondlife://Lionheart%20Kopa/216/8/28
  5. Just to resurrect this thread thought I'd share s pic I took today with my new computer Graphic settings set to maximum, mesh swimsuit, my best sailboat (plan on reprinting it though) Taken at Blake Sea, my absolute Favourite summer destination " target="_blank">http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v57/JessicaRaven/Snapshot_006_zps8vldchkb.jpg[/img]
  6. Hi, I have not been on SL for almost two years, as my computer could no longer handle it Well now I have a new computer and SL once again runs great For me (I can run it at near highest setting in fact) well anyway I digress, at this time of year I love taking my boat out onto Blake Sea, especially, finding a spot I can drop anchor, put on my wetsuit and go scuba diving, which brings me to my question. Anyone know where the best spots in the Blake Sea are for watching, and swimming with whales and/or other marine life?
  7. I've been absent for a year and recently came back to find one of my favourite sims, Wolf Mountain, has disappeared So I'm looking for a replacement, does anyone know of any good ski/winter sports resort type sim?
  8. After I tried on my first mesh dress I was hooked! Mesh all the way
  9. Will the festival be on guard for any crazy lobsters that may try to eat the flag?
  10. Hey look Bloodlines: The Next Generation Seriously though, looks like an interesting HUD
  11. Raven's Nest Pub is a traditional English pub, come and have a pint, play a game of pool, or darts, play the fruit machine, or just relax and have a chat with your mates We're a bloodlines friendly establishment that sells bottles of blood lumens or cider, but we do not tolerate spam biting on the premises so none bloodlines players can feel safe (we have garlic necklaces if you want or need one) We will be adding other destination features such as Spellfire food, fortune hunt and 7seas fishing so stop on by! secondlife://Jonestown/117/104/3601
  12. We are a new, very small clan in Bloodlines, We do not place emphasis on hunting or soul collecting, we place emphasis on helping each other and educating others to make the most of your experience in Bloodlines and SL in general. If you're looking for a clan or want to get into BL we'd love for you to be a part of us If interested contact Jesica Dragovar
  13. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Although avatars can do a lot of things they can't in RL, the experience of some activities is enhanced by making them more like RL by using props and animations. Flying a plane in SL is all about simulating the RL experience with the plaln as a prop. It is not only a visual thing but with a plane that is scripted for it, it could very well be like flying a RL one. Another good example is going underwater. Yes, your avatar can walk underwater and view anything there without drowning. However you'll find visiting underwater areas and gardens much more satisfying when you wear scuba equipment and use underwater swimming animations, or even become a mermaid. what Amythest said, the majority of my SL is spent finding things that can emulate stuff that I could do in RL but one reason or another prevents me from doing so, in a satisfying manor, for example flying a plane, sure I COULD take a ton of lessons, get a pilots license and buy a plane.....or I can just fly a plane in SL I have a Prefabrica Sea Kite, great little sea plane, flying it is fun, and what is especially fun is taking my friends up to go skydiving out of it my best flight with it was I took off from the Hollywood airport, flew it acroos the Blake Sea and came in for a landing at the dock at the SS Galaxy, fun trip
  14. bear is flying? how can this be? also and and finally
  15. I've done the pregnancy thing and currently am raising a zooby baby (love my darling little Emily) before or after the pregnancy she doesn't chatspam, I made sure my talker was off or set to PM only and I don't take her to family unfriendly places (you wouldn't do that with a baby in real life anyway lol) so the places she is out and giggling and babling are there to accomidate SL parents with prim babies
  16. do........do I want to know what a vampire clusterlizard is?
  17. not completely bad but it is a pretty badass looking mermaid form
  18. I've mentioned before that my SL me is pretty much RL me, or rather a more idealized version of RL me, I don't really create characters, even my fantasy avatars are not much more than RL Me If I was X (vampire, furry, mermaid whatever)
  19. I have a full set of avatars representing me at every age from 2 to 70 years, (I am currently 35 IRL) the reason is i wear whatever age (or more specificly whatever level of maturity) I feel like at any given moment, sometimes I wanna be a teenager, sometime I wanna be a little kid, sometimes I wanna be a mature adult ect that's the beauty of SL, I feel a person doesn't HAVE to be set in stone in maturity levels may as well have a physical form that's also not set in stone either
  20. ok I'm tg IRL but I'm all female in SL (even just did a pregnancy) the main reason is SL allows me to have the body I wish I had in RL, there are a few non-op trans people that are perfectly fine with having the third leg, so to speak, nothing wrong with that just who they are me I'd just prefer to be no different than any other female, SL allows that what's my point? dunno, guess it just takes all kinds
  21. from what I've seen as long as the games involve skill they're ok, non skill games are also ok as long as no Lindens are exchanged
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