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  1. nvm, i reset the region and it works.
  2. So i know how to use list, this has always worked in the past for me. touch_start(integer total_number) { list stuff = llParseString2List((string)llGetObjectDesc(),[":"], []); who = llDetectedKey(0); vector pos = llDetectedTouchST(0); integer link = llDetectedLinkNumber(0); Pos = ((llFloor((pos.x*1)*x)/1)*(integer)y)+llCeil(pos.y*y); { if(link == 5){ if(~llListFindList(player, [who])) { // do somthing llSay(0,"do something"); }else{ llSay(0,"this is the list key residing in the player list - "+llDumpList2String(player,",")); llSay(0,"this
  3. Thank you, I been locked in a house going oon 5 weeks, I probably would have seen the silly in the normal mind set.
  4. I am trying to compare 2 integers , trying to see if one is higher than the other. So far I have failed, any help would be great. integer Spin_Number; integer Lucky_Number; integer rand(integer min, integer max) { return min + (integer)(llFrand(max - min + 1)); } default { state_entry() { Lucky_Number = rand(1,20); Spin_Number = rand(1,20); { if((Lucky_Number == Spin_Number ) && ((Lucky_Number >= Spin_Number))) llSay(0,"Spin_Number Is Higher then Lucky_Number, You Win!"); else llSay(0,"Spin_Number Is
  5. How hard is it to take the contents to inventory, take the box back and simply move it to the folder you just obtained by opening the box..Now you have a back up that be easily found in the same folder of the product you just broke trying to edit it. A 199- 299 sale is less than a US dollar after the fees to advertise, your time involved, upload cost, even a 1999 sale is really about 3.95 after cash-out fees, advertising cost, did you know adds on the main page is 2,999.00 a month, landing page is 899, free page is 799 and most tend to buy all three every 30 days per product(image if you
  6. just a note the perk of paying for advertising is the effect of traffic count , a number many people take into consideration when choosing a destination to visit, also it's stated in the SL wiki guide to selling in world as a perk of paying for advertising, LL littory in the wiki they wright list it as a reason to buy adds... so yeah it is...
  7. That is the strange part, they are buying objects, trying demos and my server will shows sales, demo sales at the number of 20/30 a day so they must be spending time in the shop.For 3 years 20/30 people a day would give me about 800 traffic count.My greeter only tracks at 10 meter distance from the landing and the shop is in the sky so the traffics been correct until the past 2 days.
  8. my land traffic shows 0 but my greeter and sales on land shows 25/30+ visitors per day. This been going on for 2 days. Anyone know anything about these types of issues? Should I report it as it's mainland sim and I guess I would have to contact LL as it's not a island .Any advice would be appreciated, I hate paying for ads and not getting the traffic count im paying marketing add cost for.
  9. Wow some of you need a clean diaper .The game is 0 like bloodlines and biting is a non point effect that I doubt will be much of a issue.It is more based on building dark families with points for family tree size and combat that dose not rez anything and is more dark magic.I see a great game about to be released and I will be more then happy to support it! If you had signed up for the beta testing and read the facebook before you just jumped on people the forums might be a place people use more then a handful of you with 1000s of negative post.
  10. Tiny Shiny Things!! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  11. I live in FL,I surf a lot and just had 3 friends over as there are some waves today and we went out before work.I sat down here and saw that post title and open the video,at the end when you got deep on that front side you had 4 people all screaming "ahhhhhhhhhhh" as it dumped over you and every one in the living room was watching on the TVs net view...GREAT MOVIE !!! thumbs up for real great sim!!!
  12. Alishen


    It have to be sculpted or mesh,you would not be able to do it with norm prims or flexi.
  13. I was at a club , at timesI like to turn on highlight transparent as some people have cool guns or things on . Well I came across a girl...with a big old transparent male genital on . So I giggle and go about my way and start hanging out and enjoying the music. A few mins later I get a IM...if was the girl with te big ding a ling in alpha... So we chat for a min,I am always nice to any one and judge no one that IMs me. After talking a little bit she invites me to her SL house and I tell her " I enjoy public places but thank you." . She ask me to dance so being nice but not wantin
  14. http://maggiebluxome.com/ Maggie Bluxome has posted her return letter after she sent in a donation of $1,035.00 to SusanG. Komen for the Cure®. She collected that from on of the often over looked communities in second life that enjoy sculpted body parts and a mix of clothing shops that offer clothing with scripted installers to texture sculpted body parts with clothing. I have no clue if I am breaking any posting rules but I just love to see smaller non mainstream markets out there trying to make a difference in way they can as a group,as set of creative people using their SL Art tools and
  15. last time i looked about a day.I had some one buy a product from me then cancel account and made a new one and asked if I could transfer it to their new account and it been about 24 hours,I could not pull up their name in search but i clearly had a record of the name in my sales account logs. I have no answer to thsi question only what I have seen from my side.
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