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  1. IM lynnloveflower for more info
  2. I still need a logo done can anyone help.
  3. At the end of the day LL don't care about you or SL anymore as all there doing is driving it into the ground so they don't care if someone robed you as long as they make money one way or the other there happy.
  4. Thanks I forgot about that.
  5. I will tell you the difference between Rent and Sale as your too dum to work it out yes you still have to Pay LL but where not talking about that where talking about the difference between rent and sale if your an agent renting land then you should be posting in the rent part if your selling the sim with full rights/ownership then you post in the selling part what part of that don't you understand now I've told you noobs can you post in the right part it will make it easier for your self and for everyone else you will get more sales by doing that.
  6. Lost as in lost its not in my inventory ive had a good look how do I go about repotting somthing?.
  7. O maybe thats why no L$ I will add some see if thats why thanks for the hit.
  8. Upstage's Downstage's Front of house's Viewing available.
  9. TP

    It depends on how you look at it I think it would be fun my way but I guess people are too dam lazy even in SL it would open up the game a lot more.
  10. Got some FREE land for new people and ones looking to set up a small business IM me.
  11. Is there anyone on here from the UK all my friends are from Canada and USA so its a bit boring in the mornings as there all still in bed lol.
  12. Yes I do have land rights. That sounds like the best ider do you know if there is anything out there that can do this if not can anyone make this?.
  13. Ok im going to chang this you can have a shop for free when you take out some land.
  14. It says:- Source: SYSTEM Stipend Base
  15. How do you find out what user it came from and for what?.