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  1. /me grins cheesily https://my.secondlife.com/caitlin.tobias/snapshots/5037d3c9b2718c652d000001
  2. Highlighting transparent can be amusing. I've lost count of the number of outwardly "prim and proper" women I've seen "glowing red" in areas I'd not have expected!
  3. Keeping your avatar looking relatively young gives many more clothing options! But why focus only on age? Why not body shape too? Rarely in SL do I see an avatar who might be described as overweight, let alone one who is positively fat. The contrast with RL is stark. Where in SL are the droopy bits and cellulite?! SL allows us, if we choose, to escape our RL selves and that is a good thing. For those whose conscience makes them uncomfortable pretending to be in SL something that they are not in RL, there is always the option of adding a RL pic to your profile.
  4. At what stage in SL evolutionary history did "avatarus rex" first cross breed with "avatarus phallus humungous"? I think they compliment one another quite nicely. After all, SL ladies wouldn't want their SL men to miss the toilet bowl on account of lack of reach causing an inability to point things in the right direction, would they?
  5. Gazing at nubile women frolicking in the waves OK, OK - let a man day dream!
  6. Such an amusing thread. I see so many SL men (somewhat haplessly on occasions) approaching SL women for sex, and yet it seems from the responses here that the way for them to get it is to announce the very opposite, namely, that they don't want sex.
  7. Get yourself a flourescent thong and a dance pole and you'll be feeling gay in no time!
  8. Nope - you have to keep within PG guidelines
  9. /me thinks the uncropped version is better
  10. Those damn PG guidelines, eh, Cinn?! I assume this is the pic to which you're referring: It's a shame really, because the uncropped version is rather good (even if I do say so myself)!
  11. Disappoint? I've now seen the uncropped version! What a lovely flower arrangement.
  12. /me wonders if there is an uncropped version of the lower pic!
  13. Armpit smoking?! I had almost as much trouble spotting that cigarette as I did spotting Val's beaver a few weeks ago.
  14. Where there are bunny girls there are also bunny boys!
  15. The problem with mesh clothing is that, in effect, it alters your body shape. Mesh shoes and boots are great, but, having given mesh clothes a try, I'm now steering clear.
  16. I imagine you could make a good number of merkins from a beaver that size
  17. Oscar thread? I I missed that. Val had a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet?
  18. What's come over her?! I always thought she was shy and demure, and yet she now has all her wares out on display!
  19. Inspired by the tantalising glimpses of Val's beaver, I thought I'd take a snap of my anaconda, but it seems that he's shy of the camera.
  20. valerie Inshan wrote: Randall Ahren wrote: Looks pretty sunny Val. You're wearing a lot of jewelry on your wrists. Be sure to remove it before you go swimming or you'll sink straight to the bottom like a stone. You see Randall, I went for a swim this morning and didn't sink! :smileytongue: (I'm sure the beaver would have rescued me anyway) I've been looking really hard, but am still struggling to see Val's beaver.
  21. As far as I'm aware - your SL Dashboard (where you can see online friends), the Forums and the Feeds are 3 separate websites. It's important to be clear about which one you are speaking
  22. I have noticed that if you are online in the SL feeds (my.secondlife.com) someone searching your web-based profile from within SL (using V3 or Firestorm) may see the green dot on your profile and could falsely assume that you are inworld.
  23. Randall Ahren wrote: The 70s must have been heavenly, except for the ginormous hippy bushes. Global warming seems to have killed those off.
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