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  1. Hello I’m going to start working on my avatar proportions, and I was wondering what the average height here is. As I understand, the SL Viewer 2 under-reports your height by about six inches / 15 centimeters, so if your appearance editor tells you that you’re 6’6” / 1.98 meters, you are actually about 7 feet / 2.13 meters. (Is this also true of SL Viewer 3?). Apparently, Phoenix / Firestorm are more accurate, but the only truly accurate measurement is prim height. Soooo… for those inclined to answer: How tall are you? Where did you get that measurement from? (Viewer 2, Phoenix / Firestorm, prim height, etc) Are you male or female? If you have a sense of what the average height is for most people, please indicate if that is prim height. It would seem more likely to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing proportion if the height slider wasn’t already pushing the maximum, and thus distorting the avatar from the get go. However, I don’t want to be a cute little guy in a world of giants. I’ve also read that it’s more difficult to shop for clothes if you’re at a realistic height, since the designers (naturally) style around average SL height. So I’m thinking that the only way to reconcile between SL average and RL normal might be to create two versions of my avatar… One for mingling and walking around in Giant Land (so as not to be a total shrimp / confused with a child), and one for sims or poseballs with other RL sized people. The height difference between RL and SL seems to be too great to find a “happy medium”. If anyone has any suggestions / workarounds, I’d appreciate your insight. Thanks. BTW, is it possible to create a shape from scratch? Or are they all based on pre-existing shapes? Are all shapes basically the same, with the only difference being the slider positions? Or do designers generally start from a base design model and set their own range of what a particular slider can do?
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