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  1. Yes, There are a couple of groups in SL. Search groups and join the main group. There is a Premium Group as well. PlantPets ARE popular and making a resurgence in SL. I have been a Trusted Breeder for several years too.
  2. No, but it should at the very least cover the cost of at least a few of the items that are available.
  3. Great comments so far. Like I said, I do know one or two creators that do create a HUD that lets you unpack a specific body. Obviously if you want to keep all the body types that is your own preference. Keep in mind that not everyone changes or has need of the other body types. If you think you may need the others then perhaps use redelivery or save the original HUD. As for the technical coding aspects of creating such a HUD, I am not familiar with that. I just offered this as an idea/suggestion. Thanks.
  4. I would like to see if creators can create an unpack HUD where you can choose a specific body type you want to unpack I know I seen one creator do this. This would save having to delete all the body types that a person will never use and also cut down on inventory clutter. Please share your thoughts on this. Thanks.
  5. The ultimate decision to add this as a marketplace feature rests with LL. You have heard the opinions of a few residents here, so now its up to you to decide if such feature would be of benefit to the whole community. A feature request is probably your best attempt. Good luck.
  6. Keep in mind that various web browsers allow you the option to choose if you want media to "auto-play" when visited.
  7. This is not possible and personally not a feature I would like to see, but I can appreciate your effort for wanting to extend exposure. The best way is to probably offer a link out to a site for a preview.
  8. I agree with everything you you posted. It really boils down to how much time and effort you want to dwell on a single bad review that many may or may not understand. Best of luck.
  9. My in-world items are generally priced lower than my MP. This is primarily to encourage customers to visit the in-world store location. As was mentioned earlier, yes MP requires more work and trying to balance a fair price. I have decided to increase prices on MP, but not necessarily to recover the commission by LL. My sales this past year have been a mixed between both in-world and MP. Everyone has a preference and I try to meet the customer where they are.
  10. Never had this issue. I doubt there is a connection between updating MP folders in the viewer and crashing. Check your listings on MP to confirm everything was deleted that you wanted.
  11. If the review is "gibberish" and not translatable then just ignore it.
  12. Sounds like you might be a good fit for Club Universe. Contact Rockridge Constantine and lets see if we can work something out.
  13. You are welcome to contact me or visit my region -- Rockridge Heights. We have lots of inexpensive options available
  14. Not sure I understand what you mean by that comment. Are you saying that SL needs bots?? In order to be relevant?
  15. Let's squash this before it becomes a rumor. Tilia will continue to be a part of LL/SL as @Claireschen Hesten has stated.
  16. No problem for me either. My MP sales continue to show on my transaction logs.
  17. These are not random. They are Merchant Enhanced Listings, that merchants can use to highlight some of their own items. You can find more information here: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/managing-your-marketplace-store-r87/
  18. I am sort of surprised that there is not an actual information / teleport board to the Shopping Event at the Welcome Area.
  19. As a consumer, yes please offer a demo. Not offering a demo is a complete waste of my time. It seems almost essential to any possible purchase. As far as cost is concerned, I am ok with spending the 1L$ if the vendor gives it back. It just makes good business practice and could lead to potential further purchases over time. tyvm
  20. You may also need consider if the business in question uses subscrib-o-matic kiosk. Those do not take up user group space, but you will have to go to that particular store in question, find the subscribo and hit it to "unsubscribe". Be sure and wait for your choice to be confirmed before you teleport away. Subscribos also have a way for you to view and manage all your subscriptions online.
  21. Or... Have the body type logo as a button on the actual HUD itself to click for unpacking. I think this was how the HUD was designed for the one I surprisingly received. If I recall correctly. Although a pop up dialog would be just as good.
  22. I actually do not know how much work is involved in doing this. That is why I asked. Obviously one creator I know of decided it was worth the effort. I guess it depends on how much creators want to do this for their customers and at what price.
  23. This is primarily directed to clothing content creators. I would like to see clothing creators create unpack HUDs where the consumer is able to choose the specific body type they actually need. I know this is possible, because i did get such a HUD. Unfortunately, I can not recall the creator, but it was an awesome surprise. This would definitely help clean up the process of having to delete the many "other" body types from our inventory that we may never use. Thank you.
  24. I am definitely going to follow this one. Thanks Patch
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