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  1. no judgments here, as long as you are a nice person and kind to others. Ive never been a twinnie but I would love to have some sl sisters or be a twinnie if you still need .Im not good hanging in groups though. I love photography and exploring too.
  2. open to friends who want to hang or chat once or twice a week. as long as they dont mind I have to work on a lot of days (I fun a clothing shop since 2012), and wont be offended if I cant hang and chat every single day. plus Im an introvert and really I just cant every day. lol
  3. Im in the US but open to female friends from anyplace.
  4. I love to take photos too. in the US east coast here
  5. I dont need a place to rent but I could use a friend to hang out who understands that I dont *always* want to hang out and chat, but maybe do something fun once or twice a week.
  6. Im same here but Im on the US east coast and work full time during the day (boo!) so generally during the week Im on from about 3pm sl time to about 7pm sl time, longer of course on weekends. also a geeky awkward introvert and huge trek fan. INFP. are you an INTJ? my bestie/partner is one and I do so enjoy INTJ lol I literally have only him and me on my friends list, he is 7-8 hours ahead so I am generally alone and just working or standing in place and staring.
  7. half my life in Florida, half in NY, much prefer florida.
  8. Im such an introvert that literally the only person on my friends list is my partner. Mainly cause I hate being hit up right away and cause people popping on and off constantly drives me crazy. I dont need to know all that but I do want to know when he comes on. I do find times when I wish I had a buddy or two to go exploring with. My partner is an 8 hour difference so I spend a lot of time alone, which is fine as I am either creating or otherwise keeping myself busy. But someone who understood I didnt *always* want to talk or hang out would be just lovely. most people seem to get offended or I feel pressured to interact. maybe we should just set up sl play dates with others and try to keep them to a schedule.
  9. I think I caught it on tv at one point (maybe pbs?), I can barely remember it so it cant have been that good. lol Yes I love the books too. I actually saw the megan follows films before reading the books!
  10. Pamela, it is very dark. I think it shows a darker side of INFP not usually shown (Ive been accused in RL of being all sunshine and rainbows and I feel like I am so far from that a lot of the time. lol) so I am finding it interesting, but I am most loyal to the Anne films starring megan follows (I think that was her name).
  11. being an INFP I of course had to check out Netflix' Anne with an E as its a book series I love even though this seems to focus on the darker aspect I am enjoying, also working my way through all the star treks (I grew up watching TOS) and love all except not so crazy for deep space 9 and didnt get to enterprise yet and also watching some of the netflix whats it called? stranger things? regular TV I do masterchef and junior, big brother, once upon a time (ending soon I suspect.), Top model, not much else (drawing a blank) but these are all things native to the US (where I am so I suppose I have answered this totally wrong lol) I have found some dfelightful foreign films on netflix that Ive enjoyed. I did discover some series that I initially missed when it was on such as Lost and loved that, and initially started watching Once upon a time on netflix and then caught it in regular time. I dont watch all that much. most tv in the US doesnt appeal to me and I havent had much time to find others just yet.
  12. Wasn't sure where else to post this. I wanted to give back to the SL community so I am creating a place for women and teen girls of SL can come for support, counseling/coaching (Im a certified life coach in RL), mentoring, newbie help, etc. All services will be free, its mostly a place for feel safe, supported, cared for. Im planning on having lots of supportive reading material (Im also a published writer and love to write articles to help people, Ive written a lot of them already) that people can get for free even if they just want some support in that way. Anyway, still getting the place set up but I wanted to put it out there in case anyone would be interested in volunteering with me, it wont cost anything but a bit of your time. You dont have to have any rl experience, just a willingness to help people and be caring and supportive. An extrovert or two would be great as I am a huge introvert, and maybe someone would be good with getting the word out about the center, which would probably be my weakest point! lol anyway if you are a woman and would like a fun and rewarding chance to give back to the sl community by sparing an hour or two of your time a week to be available for people (you can do longer of course if you like!). I am sl time + 3 so it would be great to find someone in another time zone, for times when I cant be online, like overnight or during my rl work hours. Im in world most evenings and every weekend. ok babbled enough, just shoot me an IM or a notecard in world if you are interested- Arielle Simondsen. Thanks!!! My apologies if I posted this in the wrong place. editing to add the SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valtina/110/171/2249
  13. When marketplace changed over to the latest viewer managed, I had unassociated all my no copy items and gotten rid of my magic box etc. Now, however, I still have a bunch of old listings that have no associated items that are listed in a section above the viewer-managed marketplace listings. they are all unlisted but I cannot delete them or get rid of them and I really just want to delete them once and for all. Im tired of having to scroll past them all to get to the proper active listings. Does anyone know how? thanks!
  14. I am trying to make changes to my group for my shop, I havent changed it in a long while. I am trying to change the text in the description and the cost to join, however, no matter what part I try to change, the changes just wont save and it keeps reverting back. I have looked at all sorts of help texts for groups and cant find anything that addresses this. Can anyone help please? Thanks!!!
  15. oh my gosh thats crazy. going to have to seriously reconsider whether I will relist them as there are 397 more to go! and not enough time in rl to do that. sigh. thanks for the response!
  16. I had all my amaretto horse bundles selling via my old magic box, but now that everything has been migrated I face the task of putting them in the new viewer managed merchant thing and relisting and reassociating them. I've done one or two but it seems like I have to re-add each item and then find the listing ID and reassociate each one. but as I have hundreds, that is going to take me ages! Is there some sort of automated reassociation that I am missing? or some shortcut to get them back to their listings? This is crazy! If I have to do them all one at a time I may go nuts! (though not a far trip lol) seriously though, it took me hours of work to list these initially and if I have to do them one at a time and go finding each listing id to relist each one, Im not sure I will do it. But I will be losing half my profits if I dont. I wish they would stop changing marketplace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for any assistance!
  17. Arielle Simondsen


    how come I have people on my block list and they can still send me foul, rude nasty titled notecards that show up in my inventory, and I do not have the box checked that says to autimatically accept items! whats the point in blocking if they can still harass me?
  18. what is the point of blocking them if they can still send me nasty notecards with nasty titles? and lindens not doing anything about it! I dont open them but they write foul rude things for the title, I delete them, but still. this is crap, blocked should mean blocked!
  19. I have been getting this error too for the past week or so. its frustrating!
  20. I had a customer who received an item via a gift that was bought on my marketplace store and sent to her via marketplace. She very much wanted to leave a positive review but she could not review, nor could the person who bought the gift post a review. so it seems you have to both purchase *and* receive the item yourself in order to review. Which is a shame. So she wrote the review to me and asked if I would post it as part of the marketplace posting which I of course was happy to. But really at least in that instance either the gifter or the giftee should be able to review.
  21. I did but it wasnt posted yet when I looked, and I looked about three times. If you read my original message you will see that I said I looked and saw nothing at that point. Honestly, the forum is always my very last resort because of comments like this. Thanks to everyone else who chimed in though.
  22. oh did they finally post it? thats good anyway lol and I just *finally* managed to log while typing this, but I am assuming things are going to be funky if they are working again. lol
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