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  1. they are back spamming in Kaemi again tonight, I've reported it to linden, the land owner and the renter on the land its rezzed, its also rezzed on linden land on the other side (shouldnt that automatically return???) I'm getting occassional pop up even though muted the person and *attempted* (unsuccessfully it would seem) to mute the object. The frustrating part is, this is sending out so many scripts that my slap n dash server is crashing and no one is getting to my shop, so now its affecting my source of income in sl. grrrrrrrr. Oh and last time it was just boxes, this time its boxes and humongoid boy parts. and of course under another screen name. *rolls eyes and shakes head*... sucks that Linden doesn't seem to care about this, and its happening in abundance. You think that would be a red flag of some kind, but no. edited to add- about ten minutes later: a Linden just showed up and sent all the objects away! they are still on the linden land (go figure!) but at least my store can function for now (Til it happens again...!)
  2. they are hitting in Kaemi and Lordshore now. my neighbors are having problems too. If it is something you are wearing, wouldnt we all have to be wearing it to be affected? I guess these boneheads have nothing better to do with their time, huh? they chased a shopping customer from my shop this morning too. so frustrating!!!
  3. Come hunt for ten colored eggs with spring prizes, clothing, decor and more! March 20-April first at Shanti Bohemian shop! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kaemi/95/243/73
  4. sure will! I went and ran some errands and just logged back on... so far so good, still have fingers crossed. almost tempted to re-enable pop ups and see if they are still coming or if they have actually stopped!
  5. I dont want to jinx myself but I logged off and back on and clicked through another bunch and they seem to have stopped for the moment... but I'd still like to know what to do in case they start up again. thanks everyone!!!! I guess griefers have nothing better to do!! before I logged off I also disabled as many types of pop up as I could so maybe that helped too? idk. still holding my breath!
  6. I logged on to find continued rude pop ups in the right hand corner, I can close them out but they keep coming. Tried to report but it must be a fake name cause I cant find them in the people chooser to report them. or to mute them. Is there any way to stop this? Idk who this person is! HELP!!!! thanks greatly for any help!!
  7. I got a zillion error messages too when I migrated, and I had to re-activate each of mine individually, half the time getting that keep shopping error. It took me a good 5-6 hours of working straight to get about 300 items moved. ugh!!! just take a lot of deep breaths and a few shots of whiskey might not hurt either. lol
  8. as a new designer am I allowed to give a shameless plug too and invite you to my store Shanti? its in my picks, and you are more than welcome to come by anytime whether you decide to write about it or not.
  9. I want my magic box back too! the no copy items I still have in that, I get the emals and reports right away. Just had one now. ugh. progress for progress sake is not good.
  10. mine have been coming but many times hours and sometimes days after the sale. really annoying.
  11. I am a fairly new clothing merchant - I have in the past few months been working to create a product line and have been getting some positive feedback from customers (yay! I get so excited when other people like my clothes). I have done a couple of in store hunts but I would like to get involved in hunts with other merchants. I have gone to other stores and seen the signs but they are generally for the customers who want to go hunt. So I thought I might ask here. How can I get involved in hunts and sixty linden sundays or those sorts of things? thanks for any input! Arielle Simondsen Shanti Bohemian Shop
  12. as I said it *wasn't* labeled as a vendor, I bought what appeared to be a skin/shape. It was NOT a vendor as far as I know but when I clicked on it to open, a vendor like script popped up and began taking all my money.
  13. The object I bought did *not* say it was a vendor, it looked just like a regular boxed object to me. I rezzed it and right clicked to open and the permissions thing came right up as I clicked and that was it, I could have blinked and missed it it happened so fast. Thats a scary thing, not knowing something is a vendor until you click and then you are just stuck at that point.
  14. Drake, thats really awful. I have lost money on market too, mainly from buying things that ended up not working as described and then not getting responses from the seller. I sell some breedable bundles, I'm sorry you got ripped off that way. a couple of months ago someone was on there selling vendors that basically do what the one I ran into in world do to me, you rez, click and all your money goes poof and you are powerless to stop it. Oddly enough I singlehandedly managed to get that guy off market and hopefully not too many people got scammed. funny then that it should happen to me in world with someone else. I wonder if its some sort of reverse karma. lol do a good deed and then get screwed yourself. oh well. and yeah it was just one click and that box came up, acted as if I had clicked it and took everything I had. I've had a couple of small sales so am not at 0 anymore, but still. I am not a rich seller in sl, just make enough and sometimes not even that to pay my rent and feed the handful of horses I have, so yeah it sucks to lose the money I made on items I worked hard to create and wait for them to sell, and my stuff is all pretty low priced, so that people can afford it (clothes, privacy screens and horse bundles mostly)... I try to be nice in rl and I try to be nice in sl, and I'm very protective of people getting screwed in either place and then it happens to me. ha ha!!! well, I havent got my lindens back so they are gone, just hope to make enough sales in time to make up for what I lost.
  15. well as it is part of our intimate connection when we are apart, I will keep my fingers crossed. we can always use skype for encrypted text too if we need to use another viewer. thanks for the input!!
  16. really you think it doesnt work anyway??? hmmm have to toss that idea around a bit. I love phoenix for a lot of reasons though. Hopefully it will be around for a while longer. hate the other viewers, only use them when I have to use my merchant outbox.
  17. yeah I'm not holding my breath. I did report it like a minute or two after it happened, but idk. Thanks though!
  18. when I right clicked to open that came up and clicked without me intending to, it happened so fast! and I am usually the most suspicious person! HUGE lesson learned, the hard way. thanks for the responses.
  19. we use phoenix cause my partner is right now in middle east and its the only one with IM encryption. if phoenix goes, I dont know what we will do.
  20. well, it took almost 5 years but I got spammed, badly. I went over to a shop I run that is next to a sandbox... well there is always stuff there from people working on things and there were some cute skins/shapes and they were 19L and I thought I would get one cause I keep my eyes out for shapes and stuff for modeling that arent expensive.... well I am a stupid naive INFP. who is furious right now and just wants to cry. I brought it home and rezzed it to try it and when I right clicked on it to open it, it suddenly started taking lindens and taking and taking til I had nothing left, and then it disappeared. I reported them of course but I doubt I will ever get my lindens back. I cant see Linden giving it back to me. In retrospect I can see how stupid it was but at the moment I just thought someone had been creating and the avatars were cute and yeah I am extra stupid and extra extra mad at myself and upset. Why do I always think just because I would never screw anyone over that everyone else is like that too???? Why do I think that everyone in sl tries to make an honest and fair living???? omg I am really an idiot. anyway, does anyone know if there is a chance to get my money back? or is this just a really expensive lesson learned?? I am so mad at myself right now.
  21. Come on by and fill out an application! Click on the sign (just like the pic below) by the stairs to get an app to fill out! I am afk frequently, so please no IM's. The application gives you all the details! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kaemi/94/244/73
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