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  1. ahhhh its doing it again! logging in and out that worked before not working again. am I going to have to jump through hoops everytime I need to add something??? argh!!!!!!!!! why cant they leave well enough alone. sigh.
  2. thanks everyone! Nalates that worked! I am still having some issues but I have agood portion of the items moved now at least so it is a start!
  3. thanks I will try finling a ticket. will post the results here, maybe they will help someone else who has this problem. Thanks so much for your help Marcus!
  4. alas. still no luck. If I can't move this stuff over I am gonna be in trouble. Is this something I can file a ticket on? Idk if that would even do me any good.
  5. Hey I'll try anything that might work. will give it a try as soon as I log back in, thanks!
  6. I am trying to migrate my items to the direct delivery. However, my merchant outbox window keeps telling me to create a store. I have logged in and out of marketplace (yes completely) numerous times, tried it in a different browser, logged out, waited a while and logged back in, tried teleporting to a different place and trying it, in short every trick I could find posted to help but none of them are working. sigh. Never mind that I use Phoenix asmy browser and had to install firestorm to do this and will need to go back and forth between browers everytime I have to add or change items in my marketplace now. But I digress. If I could at least get the merchant outbox to find my store and let me start moving things, it would really help. I wish we could just leave things as is, but that probably won't happen, so if anyone knows how to remedy this, I would be greatly appreciative!!!
  7. I wasn't sure where to ask this, so my apologies if this is the wrong place. I updated my account email., I've done this before and never had a problem but its partially updated- what I mean is, I am a vendor in marketplace. My email there is showing up as the old email, but when I click on it to fix it, the correct email is there, and the correct email is in world. So, I am getting my in world IM's and such at the right email, but any notifications from the marketplace go to the old email. On my account page for marketplace the old email shows up but when I click to change it, it shows the right email in the box. No matterhow many times I click to update it, marketplace is still showing the wrong email, and is still using that email. When I have changed email previously, there has never been an issue. Not sure if I need to file a ticket on this? It's not really an in world issue. Thanks for any input!
  8. You are welcome to join our new sisterhood of sl group! I created it for us sl ladies who want to make friends and have a group that is its own family! Just IM me in world, if I am offline or afk I will get your message and sent you a group invite.
  9. sure give me a holler in world and I will add you to the group! We'd love to meet you!
  10. I am always going to the horse places all alone! You can IM me in world if you like!
  11. Hi I am looking for friends too! Here is the post I just posted http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Make-Friends/An-Open-Invitation-to-all-the-amazing-women-in-sl/td-p/1657847
  12. I just started a group for basically the same reason, its hard for me to meet people! My post is here: everyone is welcome! It would be so nice to have a group of friends in sl! http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Make-Friends/An-Open-Invitation-to-all-the-amazing-women-in-sl/td-p/1657847
  13. I have always wanted to do the family thing in sl, however, my partner is not online often enough to really do that, never mind that he and I are 7-8 hours apart time zone wise. I am an introvert, so not one to club hop, etc. So I thought, it might be nice to create a group that any sl women could be a part of, whether they had a family unit or not, no matter their lifestyle in sl, no matter their avi's age. So I created the Sisterhood of SL. The group page says this: Welcoming all women of Second Life. Join the Official Sisterhood, for an extended family In World. We shall support, honor, respect, and love one another as a family of sisters. All women are welcome! Join us no matter how long you have been in sl, who you are or what you believe. We are FAMILY! YES- we welcome you with open arms! I have always wanted a big group of sisters in rl (I am an only :P) and/or to be an auntie to younger girls, so this is me putting it out there. It will hopefully be just a group of sisters who are there for each other. With hopefully little to no drama. I'm not a typical girl in rl or sl, having spent most of my rl adulthood around other guys instead of other girls, I don't do the whole female competitive thing, catty thing, etc. I don't do drama PERIOD. I spend much of my sl time breeding my small group of horses, working on my creations and hitting the lucky chairs and shopping and such. I'm not sure how to put a link here for the group. I will go and see how others have done it, otherwise, in the meantime, if anyone is interested, you can message me in world arielle simondsen and I will add you. :) Thanks for reading through my entire long winded post if you have gotten this far. :) PS its not a group that requires you do anything, I just set it up as a group so people can see others who want to make friends too. :)
  14. they only just went up a few days ago and I have had no sales on them yet, so who would have reported them?
  15. yeah I might have to start from scratch with them. How frustrating! Its time consuming as I try to do it properly (not that its doing me much good! lol) but I guess I will have to sit and re-do them. Plus the others I have set to go. Gosh you'd think 35L items should not be such a bit deal! ugh. thanks everyone!!! maybe I'll hear something back from my ticket too and get some insight as to why some in the category are fine and others aren't. I would think a grass is a grass and a sand is a sand and the textures would go to the same category!
  16. but how do I even get back into them to fix them? I never thought of them as building items, every terrain texture I ever bought was at a garden shop I would happily go back and fix the problem if I could get back in!
  17. thanks I will try that. Nevermind that I have other terrain textures under the same category, and they seem to be fine!
  18. I have some terrain textures I created and put for sale, they got taken down saying Not As Advertised-Incorrect Listing Category. If I am selling sand and grass textures and they dont belong under home and garden (I put them under other home and garden) - where else would they go????? I can't even seem to get back into the listing to try and correct it. Do I have to re-create tham all over again? Also, none of these have even sold yet (so I dont think it could have been a customer complaint), they were some additional items I put up that were newly created. They are all in the same category as my other terrain textures. So.. I dont get it! Any help is appreciated!
  19. I have done that at least ten times. Unfortunately, its not working! thanks though!
  20. Hey gang! I am having trouble getting my boxes and the marketplace to play nicely. If I look at manage inventory, it says I have no unavailable items and that all the items are active. Great! However, if I look at magic box status, it says they are all unavailable (unassociated items). I tried buying some things from myself and none got delivered. I dont know what to do to fix it. I have tried everything I can think of, and some suggestions here on the forum, but nothing works. Thanks for any help!
  21. I do too! If I look at manage inventory, it says I have no unavailable items and that all the items are active. However, if I look at magic box status, it says they are all unavailable (unassociated items). I tried buying some things from myself and none got delivered. I dont know what to do to fix it. I have tried verything I can think of, and some suggestions here on the forum, but nothing works.
  22. I just joined a group, however there is no owner or officers listed, the few of us there are just "Members". I saw the name of the Founder but he is not listed in the search for SL, so I cannot contact them. We would like to make the group more active, but without anyone being an owner or officer, we are at a loss aside from starting a whole new group. Is there anyway for one of us to take over as owner if we cannot get in touch with the founder? I didnt think it was possible for the owner to leave a group. I can't leave ones that I have created in the past unless I make someone else owner. Any help would be very appreciated! :)
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