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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I am wanting to start a BeYou Eatery, but I am running into a problem. Now I am not sure where I should have put this question so sorry if it is in the wrong page or something. I hope there is someone out there that could possibly help me with this so I can continue on with my idea. Anyways, I want to be able to sell the food to customers who come in even when I am not online, but I want it to where they must buy before getting it, but I don't know a way to do so. Now I did think of the idea of boxing up food, but I would like that for to-go foods if at all possible. If there is a way to do this I would really appreciate the help, but I will take other ideas as well! I want to get a move on my project and open. Thank you in advance.
  2. Do you have a skill in SL that you'd like to teach to others? Do you have general SL experience that would make you a good mentor to SL newbies? Would you like to help others and join a friendly group? If so, then come see us at the Serenity Newbie Center! We're looking for experienced SL residents who would like to share some of their time to help teach others and/or help brand new players learn their way around this sometimes confusing and overwhelming virtual world. This is an unpaid position, but class instructors are welcome to put out a tip jar during their classes if they desire. If you love to help others, you're the kind of person we need! Contact Cara Lionheart in world or drop by the Newbie Center and find the helper application board inside the classroom (in the back). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidden Serenity/139/134/1264 You can also fill out the volunteer application via our google form here - https://tinyurl.com/SNCVolunteers
  3. hey everyone! Im new in that kind of stuff, have been roleplay before tho (online and IRL). I want to meet ppl on SL who can help and teach me what i need to know and of cours RP with me :3 looking for: mentor friends to play with groups for type of games (like VTM and stuff) ppl that into medival and fantasy RP ppl that into apocalips RP
  4. Hello everyone, Yesterday I started playing Second Life and I need a mentor, I'm a Spanish 18 years old girl. If you can help me, please keep reading. Warning: long post ahead! I've played ERP (Erotic Role-Playing) for a long time at WoW (World of Warcraft). During this time I've improved my writing speed and learnt what men like, but WoW has a lot of problems like: ERP is not allowed so we had to be very careful and we also feared we could get banned at any moment There's no RMT (Real Money Trading) so I did ERP only to play the game for free, which I didn't really play because I was doing ERP all day It was fun for some time and I learned A LOT, but now I feel I could try to earn SOMETHING from my skills and hard work. Then I heard again from Second Life, which I started playing when I was 16 but I had the Adult servers restricted. I don't remember that old account credentials, I even believe I created it with an email that I deleted a year ago, so I created a new account last night. Well, after the movement tutorial and the Ctrl, Alt, Shift tutorial, I appeared on Social Island. I tried to go to an adult server but I couldn't, I had to choose Me -> Settings (or something similar) and choose what types of servers I wanted to see. Then I entered the adult portal, I appeared on some random island, but I was banned from that place with a message that said I was too young. That's weird because I'm 18. so these are my first questions: Why did they expell me? Is it because this account is new? Or is it because some servers have different age restrictions? After I got expelled from there I was at Social Island again, but then it was full of people. My following questions are: Were these people at that island all the time and I couldn't see them before? Or is it a different island for people who can see adult themes? So I was thinking what to do at that moment, when I got a PM (Private Message) from someone to go to his place. I accepted, we started to talk and afterwards, we started to have s3x. At this point, I was SUPER confused. I'm accostumed to WoW, where "having s3x" is that I /sit and I write a lot. Something like this: <She starts to rub his p3nis with her hands> Oh my, you're so hard already! I guess you like what you see... <Then she puts his p3nis on her lips and start to kiss it> It's so big! Do you like it how I do it? But not here. In a few seconds I was giving a bl0wj0b, rubbing his balls, riding him and more. So it was fun and quite frankly, I enjoyed it very much! It seems he enjoyed it too, because he gave me this beautiful outfit: That skirt is amazing! But I discovered I have no idea how to manage my inventory, I even have problems to get undressed. Now my questions are: Should I look for more tutorials? Or would I be able to do basic stuff just by playing? Before I started writing this message I reviewed quite a lot of topics and I read a lot of times I should buy a new mesh. Well, the problem is I'm SUPER happy with my actual mesh because it's SO SIMILAR to me in real life. I'm so accostumed to be someone else at WoW like a Draenei (an alien race class) that it's awesome to be, well, me. I would maybe increase a bit my chest size or make my eyes a bit lighter, more like honey instead of brown, but the rest... it's me! So my question is: Is it really a must to get a new mesh? If it's a must then I would choose to be someone else, like red haired green eyed with freckles or blonde blue eyed. But I would prefer to be myself. About voice chat, I did it in the past but I have two problems: My spoken English is very bad, but my listening skills are just HORRIBLE I'm super shy, one thing is text and another complete different thing is voice chat So if needed I can voice chat in Spanish a bit, like saying hey I'm a girl and not a G.I.R.L. (Guy In Real Life) but do the work by text chatting. The more I write the more questions and doubts I have. I don't want to make this post even longer, so I need a mentor to guide me in this new game. In case you don't know it, in WoW ERP it's normal that most clients don't give you anything, but then you find one that gives you a lot, the money of 100 together. I say this because I don't have any problem to earn zero while I'm learning. Even after learning. Thank you for your time, sorry for the super long post. Regards, MT
  5. So I used to play SL all day every day, but I decided to give it a fresh start after a long break. I'm looking to pick up burlesque as I've always had a passion for the art, but I need some help. Any ideas?
  6. Hey there. I'm looking for a tutor whom I could ask a few basic questions about Sculpts, like making shade maps & that sort of thing. I asked in the Builders' Brewery group, & members insisted upon Mesh & kept asking me "why" I wanted sculpts, which had not a thing to do with my questions about finding resources to learn how to sculpt, not at all. 1 < 3 Hats. I looked & looked online, & I finally found that somebody had written a patch for compatibility with the Blender 2.49b plugin for creating & exporting SL Sculpt Maps, & have made various sculpt maps, though I thought to find someone that could give me a few pointers. "Like Drawing Paper & Colored Pencils, Sculpts are here to stay!!" Gracias.
  7. If i remember good, it was à Time whenever newcomers weed adressed to à mentor un order at least to learn SL bases. Unless beeing summoned from external call, it should be better the new players complete à form or graduation before being releasable un World. Additionally, i do not consider that unless beeing invited too, it should be possible to reach more than general rating before one or two weeks of effective play. I m fed jours to be asked for jobs or mentoring while working on m'y land... And i do not talk about one day old self called masters and that are running Nude from ciel to girl.
  8. Wasn't sure where else to post this. I wanted to give back to the SL community so I am creating a place for women and teen girls of SL can come for support, counseling/coaching (Im a certified life coach in RL), mentoring, newbie help, etc. All services will be free, its mostly a place for feel safe, supported, cared for. Im planning on having lots of supportive reading material (Im also a published writer and love to write articles to help people, Ive written a lot of them already) that people can get for free even if they just want some support in that way. Anyway, still getting the place set up but I wanted to put it out there in case anyone would be interested in volunteering with me, it wont cost anything but a bit of your time. You dont have to have any rl experience, just a willingness to help people and be caring and supportive. An extrovert or two would be great as I am a huge introvert, and maybe someone would be good with getting the word out about the center, which would probably be my weakest point! lol anyway if you are a woman and would like a fun and rewarding chance to give back to the sl community by sparing an hour or two of your time a week to be available for people (you can do longer of course if you like!). I am sl time + 3 so it would be great to find someone in another time zone, for times when I cant be online, like overnight or during my rl work hours. Im in world most evenings and every weekend. ok babbled enough, just shoot me an IM or a notecard in world if you are interested- Arielle Simondsen. Thanks!!! My apologies if I posted this in the wrong place. editing to add the SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valtina/110/171/2249
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