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  1. ok, its not just me then, It would be nice if they would give us a heads up of some kind. when the message says check the grid status but the grid status says normal, thats not much help. lol gah! only in sl folks...
  2. Ive tried a few different regions and all I get is logging in...but never actually logging and now I got a message to check the grid status, though I had done that already and it didnt say anything there. it even took me a few tries to get the secondlife.com site to come up. anyone know whats going on?
  3. The party starts tonight at 6pm slt! Full list of events below! Come Celebrate Shanti's Second Anniversary! I have opened up the platform! Come celebrate with us! The platform will be open the entire week- November 10-17th! Just TP to the shop and follow the Tie Dye ramp up! There are 47 new shanti outfits! A fun new gatcha! Two Giftboxes with multiple goodies in each one just for visiting!!! A free raffle that will continue the entire week, You can win a gift card worth up to 1000L! (that alone is worth coming back and clicking a fe times daily! The raffle will pull a winner several times a day! You can enter only once each round but you can win multiple times! its as simple as clicking the big board! Yay! Shanti VIP Members have a special tent in the corner that has two free outfits (the vendor will charge you 1L but it will give it right back) plus an extra box with multiple gifties! Wear your group tag! Come meet our shop assistant and freaking adorable resident DJ Kendrina Fairywren! Event Schedule is Monday November 10th- VIP appreciation day! Wear your group tag and get 50% off EVERYTHING on the platform! Old and new! 6pm slt Live DJ, music, prizes, lots of gift cards to be won! Tuesday November 11th- 6pm slt Live DJ, Music, Games, Prizes! Wednesday November 12th- 6pm slt Live DJ, Music, Games, Prizes!! November 11-17th VIPs continue to get a 25% discount on all vendors on the platform! More fun than you can shake a stick at gang! Come join us! The VIP member appreciation and raffle start NOW! But be sure to come back for the music and games each evening at 6pm slt, there is more to win and more goodies to be got! Hippie Bus: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anders%20Port/214/185/3912 see you there! Peace, Arie & Kendrina
  4. Join us for our one week second anniversary party with a Three Day Woodstock Style Second Anniversary Bash! Live DJ, contests, trivia, prizes, free gifts, lots of fun and more! November 10-17. Live DJ with trivia, prizes, games music at 6pm slt on Nov 10, 11, 12! TP over and follow the tie dye ramp to our woodstock field, gifts for everyone, lots of clothing, gatchas, music, dancing, fun for all! Take the party bus to Shanti! See you there! :D http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anders%20Port/210/185/3912
  5. Join Shanti at our Haunted Maze Hunt! Brave your way through the haunted maze and all its creepy inhabitants and see if you can find ten hidden pumpkins with prizes, including exclusive Shanti Designs only available in the maze! Maze opens Oct 1 and remains open until Nov 1. Use the portal at the Shanti entrance to travel into the maze! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anders%20Port/206/188/3913
  6. Shanti is looking for a Shop Assistant! In November we will celebrate TWO AMAZING YEARS!! Thank you everyone! Duties include, but not limited to: Event Coordinator/Host (first plan of order will be helping me with our two year anniversary!) General Assistant Hunt Coordinator (If you have experience with hunts or running hunts, that would be great!) Customer Service Ideally you will Have some shop and customer service experience Can work independently Can dedicate at least four-six hours a week to Shanti (you have no set schedule, but please be responsible and/or flexible) Will also allow me to work independently. Be creative, assertive and believe in our product and is social and good at coming up with events and fun ideas for the shop. Great people skills Fun loving and a good sense of humor Smart, with a good grip on the English Language. Good communication and spelling. Pay starts at $250 p/w (if you are getting things done. If you are doing *nothing* you will not get paid for it.) for the first month and I will evaluate after 30 days for a pay raise if you are working out well. Free clothing will be given as well, of course. :) For the guys too! If this sounds like something you are interested in, please come by the shop, there is a sign right at the entrance for you to click for an application, please fill that out and drop it in the mailbox that is also right there for Arielle. Limo: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anders%20Port/206/188/3913
  7. Shanti is a clothing shop, in November it will celebrate its second year. Its not huge but much bigger than the little box it started as. ;) I need someone who can act as a sort of assistant, marketing manager and event coordinator/host, and help plan the two year anniversary (the first one was set up gorgeous but at times I think there were crickets chirping. lol). The shop is bohemian style, but actual bohemian style, bot the urban dark gothic style that sl thinks is bohemian style. Yes I am a bit of a non conformist/introvert/artsy/dorky girl. I would also like to start hosting hunts, but that would be something we would learn together going forward. If someone had experience in this though, that would be great. ;) I need somoene who can work independantly, without me having to give them tasks all the time. I want someone who is creative, assertive, believes in our product and is enthusiastic about events and coming up with fun new ideas. Someone who preferrably is an extrovert (as I am not) and is good with people. I do NOT need somoene who comes in to do this job, but who thinks it is their job to criticize *my* job, which is creating and marketing the clothing. Been there, done that, let them go. You are the expert at your job, and I am the expert in mine. I need an assistant, not an advisor. Pay starts at $250 p/w (if you are getting things done. If you are doing *nothing* you will not get paid for it.) for the first month and I will evaluate after 30 days for a pay raise if you are working out well. Check out the shop, slurl is below and leave me a nc with your experience/why you would be good for this position, in my mailbox at the entrance. Please don't respond here as I only check rarely. Thanks!!! BTW we sell mens clothes too so men welcome to apply as well, if you have a passion for fashion! :) Arielle http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anders%20Port/206/188/3913
  8. What kind of things do you make? I started my shop almost 2 years ago and I create fairly consistantly, so almost always have something new. It has grown and sales have grown, not quite to the point I would like them to, but I have definitely exceeded what I thought I could ever do with a shop! As someone else said, I had a vision for it and an idea of what I wanted the shop to be and I have stuck to that as much as possible. I also create things that I LOVE and would wear if I had them in rl, so I never put out something that I wouldnt wear myself on my avatar. My customers know and appreciate this and they know I am not going to put out something shabby and half assed. I too started out with low pricing, which was fine at first because I was learning and the quality of what I make now is much higher than when I started! Hunts have helped bring a lot of new people in to discover my shop, plus I enjoy the challenge of creating for a theme now and again. Sales on market and in world both fluctuate. But they have both had good and not so good waves. I have a VIP group, that is invite only to customers who have purchased because I give out high quality and numerous group gifts, and I also have a free subscriber group that doesnt take up a group slot for people who just want to be kept informed on sales, new releases and the like. Just stick with it and keep growing, people will find you, and I do think hunts are good because then people can see your shop, and get a sample of the quality of items you have to offer.
  9. Still looking! Message in world only please!
  10. well I had them to copy/no mod/no trans, but that didnt work for her so I set it to full perms and she was going to set the perms and rez it out but it wouldnt let her, even with full perms, and even when I gave her permission to edit my items. she kept saying it was all no copy/no mod/no trans.
  11. Hi Piper! Come on by the shop and fill out an app so I have your info in world and can add you to the group and such as a blogger. Your blog looks great and we would love to have you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anders%20Port/206/188/3913
  12. I made a free givaway in memory of robin williams to put out in my shop, basically set it to sell contents for 0L. a friend wanted to put one out at a club she goes to, but no matter what I set the perms at to pass the items to her, she could not do anything with it. I set it to full perms and she was going to reset the perms and rez it, but couldnt mod it at all. the items are all my creations and I have full perms on them. how can I donate something to a cause if I cant pass it along and let someone rez it out for people to get copies, without the perms changing? I even tried giving her edit and mod rights to my items and that didnt work either. thanks!!
  13. your realtime landlist wont come up for me, my browser keeps saying its unsecure. is there someplace else to see the list? Your land is beautiful. I am looking for a 2048 someplace quiet and private that will allow me to have about 15 breedable horses with me. thanks!
  14. Do you love to blog & have a passion for fashion & photography? Then Shanti wants you! Shanti Bohemian is looking for a blogger or two to blog our new releases & specials. Ideally you will have an sl fashion blog, flickr, facebook & some followers! Even more ideally you will be passionate & positive thinking. If you are a new but motivated blogger, but a right fit for our fashions, give us a holler! Everyone has to start someplace! Come grow with us! If this sounds like you & if you are interested in blogging for a clothing line that has grown 300% in just over a year, then stop by our store, check us out & fill out a blogger app! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anders%20Port/206/188/3913
  15. YAY! thats where I went wrong! Thanks so much!
  16. I am working on a top, but I wanted to hide some of the straps, and only show others. they have different faces, so I thought, if I click the faces for the straps I dont want to show and make them 100% transparent, that would do it. During creation this seemed to be the case, however, when I try the top on my avi, the straps suddenly become visible again! if I take the top off and rez it, the straps are gone again. so all straps show when I wear the top, even though if I rez the top in world, the hidden ones are indeed, hidden. How do I fix this??? is it possible? I cant unlink, I've tried that too. Help!!! thanks!!! :D
  17. wow thats crazy! ok thanks! hoping it wont take 15 days...
  18. I needed to cash out $10 US, its been five days now and it still says in progress. anyone know how long this usually takes? its not like I am waiting on a big sum. thanks!
  19. not everything is working but its good to have gotten in at least. keep trying! It must be slowly coming back... finally! omg. that was a long one today!
  20. watching Frozen on my computer while I wait. who wants to come watch with me
  21. they seem to be doing maintenance, a lot of us get stuck at the handshake thing see this thread http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/I-can-not-log-in-it-stops-at-the-handshake-stage-My-internet-is/qaq-p/2726102#M38898
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