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  1. New thread...but I'm still standing around looking pretty.
  2. Trying something a bit different for my new profile pic.
  3. Mudhoney, Trompe Loeil, Apple Fall/West Village, What Next, Nutmeg, Crate...
  4. Disagreeing! THIS is the most important video of the millenium. THAT FACE!!!!
  5. Does she know you want a "side girl"? Can she have a "side dude"?
  6. Black hair matters! *runs before the mob arrives*
  7. Just a little something for standing around and looking pretty whilst organising my inventory.
  8. If this is being "woke", don't wake me up. And I still don't know what the "societal norm" is. I'm off to my happy place and then to bed. Goodnight folks.
  9. You missed out the part about her live in boyfriend pulling a gun and shooting first. Granted it was because they broke down the door and never identified themselves, but that's a big part to leave out. Would they have fired their weapons if he hadn't pulled his gun and shot first? We'll never know. P.s. I pay attention.
  10. White person here! When I ask anyone how they are feeling, I really want to know how they are feeling! I'm dazzled by Academic Foxhole's mind reading abilities though since they seem to be able to tell the sentiment behind a question.
  11. My last words on this topic...cos I am going to agree to disagree. When he died, he had just tried to purchase something with counterfeit money (a crime) and was under the influence of drugs (another crime) and he actively resisted being handcuffed (resisting arrest - another crime). None of this in any way, shape or form excuses what happened to him and I fully believe the officer/s involved deserve the outpouring of outrage and to be charged. But don't paint him as a good man when he was doing wrong. And where do I say a white female cheating on her partner = good?
  12. Again at my own peril, I will point out that things like that can happen to anyone, regardless of age, sex and race. I hope I never have to feel how anyone who has experienced any of those examples feels, but I wouldn't want the destruction of buildings, businesses and other people's lives.
  13. Very interesting reading. I will make the comment that it is a different world today compared to the 1800s at my own peril. Thank you for a different perspective though. And I will add one more example...Spartacus! Although he wasn't black....maybe...who really knows?
  14. Today's standing around looking pretty whilst pondering pic. Today I am pondering why I cannot seem to play well with others.
  15. My favs include RealEvil Industries, Kunglers, Mandala, Rozoregalia and Kunst and for rings - Yummy and Vibing.
  16. I read at work when I am between clients (often have 10 or 15 mins to kill) and when I go to bed. I have horrendous insomnia and read till I finally nod off - usually around 6am.
  17. 1. My "wild assertion" was more of a suggestion that there were bigger fish to fry at this particular time, ie a virus that is highly contagious and can be transmitted through close contact, and gathering together for protests would only spread it more. Look at your covid numbers now and tell me I was wrong. I also understand the concept of strike while the iron is hot, ie the momentum for change is here and now, so let's do it....but come on...common sense. If you are going to protest, be safe! 2. I did not ignore your response. I did not read it. I left the thread and have not returned to read or post on it, and won't be. So I appreciate you coming back to "use your words" even if I was no longer there to see it. 3. Safely sitting here on my other side of the world where we put people first and have had no covid cases for coming up on three weeks now, it is hard to believe the US cares about covid deaths as we have seen the anti-lockdown protests, the people who want haircuts, the people who believe it is all a hoax, the protests wanting lockdowns to end..COME ON...your PRESIDENT is one of the main voices here. As with many things, the loudest (and often insane) voices are sadly the ones seen and heard. 4. I am an essential worker. I left the house to care for others all through my country's lockdown and lined up at the grocery store. I felt extremely stressed, worried all the time and hated all the hoops I had to jump through, but I understood that it was for my protection and the protection of everyone around me, so I did it. I survived 8 weeks of lockdown without hairdressers, cafes, wild parties and the world didn't end. Your country melted down (points up at point 4). God I hope aliens don't invade now or we'll be fubared if we have to depend on the States to save the world! 5. Protesting is one thing. Looting, destroying businesses and killing innocent people is NOT protesting. That is criminal behaviour. George Floyd was not a good black man. But he did not deserve to die as he did. He certainly does not deserve to be held up as a martyr for a cause that matters. David Dorn was an exceptionally good black man. And he did not deserve to die as he did. He deserves the outrage and outpouring of emotions and support. But where is it? Nowhere, because he was killed by a black man looting a store "protesting" BLM. 6. I do believe change for your country is long overdue and is something that needs to be taken extremely seriously. I believe the entitled "Karens" who call the police on a black man going about his day should be arrested and charged for criminal nuisance, then maybe that would stop that from occurring. I believe resisting arrest should not result in excessive use of force being used or the loss of life. I believe the officer/s involved with George's death need to be charged and have their day in court, but whatever the outcome, someone won't be happy about it. I believe protests should not lead to looting, destruction or deaths. That won't garner positive attention to your cause, just backlash and negative attention. But I live on the other side of the world with my naive pollyanna existance where nothing bad ever happens. 7. I did not say anyone was wrong in believing what they believe, that they were wrong in supporting what they supported. I made some observations and asked questions. I stand by them. However, there is a difference between actively supporting something and just virtue signalling and appearing to support something just cos its the thing to do now. Just look at how many RL "influencers" have been outted for using the BLM movement for clout. Think it's not happening in SL too? 8. Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to see things clearly. Just because it's not my fight, doesn't mean I don't see everything going on and can offer a differing opinion you may never have seen for yourself because you are too close to the issue. My points may be valid too. Yes I am well aware of our past history and I still hold it against you. However, I am able to maintain a dialogue without resorting to name calling or using offensive memes. Although why my words caused revulsion considering these have been the first interactions I have EVER had with you...
  18. I had no connotations at all in mind when I said what I said, it was simply a word chosen (on reflection) in poor taste when I posted at 2am when I should have closed down these boards and gone to bed. It was a bad choice given its historic roots, but it is not my historic roots, therefore it doesn't have those connotations for me. I apologise for any and all outrage, clutched pearls or virtue signalling I may have caused. A better response would have been to say I would have angry mobs with pitchforks after me now, but that would probably offend farmers. If I said stone me, I would probably offend people from countries where they continue to stone adulterers or other wrong doers. Damned if I do... As for your choice of words....you did not specify that you were only judging a certain person for his feelings on BLM. You encompassed ALL in that. You said it was valid to judge THOSE who do not support BLM. As a "those", it's offensive to have someone who does not know me, does not know my beliefs and thoughts and feelings, does not know my history or life sitting in judgment of me simply because I disagree with them on something. THAT'S HOW LIFE WORKS! People have differing thoughts and feelings. People disagree! People are ALLOWED to disagree. Just because I do not subscribe to your narrative, that does not make me a bad person. That does not make the certain person a bad person. Note - I personally do not know said person, have never interatced with said person beyond him giving me a little kick up the jacksy for posting something in a wrong thread, so have no intimate knowledge of his thoughts, feelings or actions or any desire to defend him, because I suspect if he wants to, he can do that for himself. So yes, it terrifies me when someone says that if anyone disagrees with something, they should be judged. And considering the connotations that word has these days - "cancelling", backlashing, abuse etc, I feel it was a threatening statement to make. Don't forget it is now a world where people's "poor hurt little feelings" matter more than common sense. I have not been "articulate in *my* "judgment" of those advocating for BLM here", here meaning this thread. On this thread I offered the opinion that "chain reaction" was simply bandwagon jumping, and then that I was staying out of your thread as my views were not popular there. How is that judging anyone? I have made a point of not doing that as I believe you have your rights to support it. I feel it's misguided, the latest trendy thing to do and that a better focus at this time should be the continuing horrific rise in your country's corona cases and deaths (which when I posted was 108,000 and is now over 114,000), but hey, I disagree with you so I'm racist, a "Karen" and need to sit down, shut up and be judged. People do not support BLM for many reason. It is our right not to support anything we don't want to. And it certainly does not give you the right to sit on your high horse of righteousness and judge us for it.
  19. Keeping Up Appearances. Gotta love Hyacinth Bucket!!!
  20. Tableau Vivant tend to be my go to's as there are many different styles.
  21. If you give me a beep inworld (same name as here on the boards) I can drop you a few picture tip notecards I have collected over time. From there I recommend setting up a Flickr account where you can display your pictures, join groups so you can share them with others etc. Blogging is a personal thing and you can have many different types. You can give fashion blogging a go (showing off looks and items you love), or maybe you are an SL explorer and can blog about your adventures in SL, or you can even do some X-rated blogs about more X-rated adventures and things. I'm usually standing around doing nothing a lot of the time I am logged in and have been blogging in SL since 2009, so don't mind giving some help there too.
  22. I am definitely checking out these recommendations. And was reminded to check if there is a new "In Death" book out yet. I do enjoy that series! Bigger books just have me reading more. I love a challenge
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