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  1. It is if you like rez zones! It's got a road, train, and water zone.
  2. Oh, they're adorable! I wonder if there's room for a sailboat on them.
  3. Did I hear programmer humor? >w> What's a ghost's favourite data type? A BOO-lean!
  4. I've discovered a new peeve, and it's screencaps of avatars who've had 'realistic' smiles/faces pasted on with an app. Seeing caps like that (to me, anyway) is like getting hit in the face with a brick someone wrote the words 'uncanny valley' on. Nothing personal against people who do it, but oh man. It just heebies my jeebies.
  5. If you've linked anything, it's possible that it's done something strange to the physics of one of the linked objects.
  6. Hello, Tuesday. Might as well ring in the restarts by spending some time with friends.
  7. I'd be down for a new version of no-mod that lets me delete scripts.
  8. There are bits and pieces of the old Art in there, even though I wasn't originally aiming for that. It's a pleasant surprise to see a bit of continuity in there! The biggest difference between the two are proportions and height, lol. I used to be awful at proportions.
  9. I'm glad. 😄 I loved it when I had it, but I just wanted something a little more... active. Edit: I rolled the dice on it and scored a coastal lot! I think I'm staying put. 😄
  10. I'm still waiting on Hawkesblood, but I noticed the parcel name change! ^^ I did try to roll, though, and I got that error too. It may be a minute.
  11. Knapping seems to be released/is on the verge of releasing!
  12. Friends! These two were my first actual SL friends, and not friends I knew before joining. We... lost contact a while back. This one's from 2011. That's me on the right. This one's super tiny because it didn't resize as 'well' as the other one, but this is from a group I met and hung out with for a little while in 2010. I'm far right again, I think? I remember going to a few places with them, but I kind of drifted off after they found a club to hang out in because I didn't really feel like I was supposed to be there.
  13. When it comes to graphics, try Singularity and install PyFX. And in popular, busy areas, try lowering your draw distance values in your graphics settings. It's always good to keep your DD low if you don't plan on travelling, but boost it a little if you're on the road and want to sightsee.
  14. I can't remember what the first thing I bought inworld was. Hair? I think? Yeah. It was that one kind of moppy, flexi brown hair that every guy in SL's probably had at one point. On the MP, my first purchase was a 'Blood Crow' avatar that I no longer remember, is no longer sold, and that I no longer have in my inventory. I do have the second thing that I bought! https://gyazo.com/614b5f9a3a5d2c73b3fd6020774f1730 This little robot fella. Alphas were still becoming 'a thing' back then. 😛 So much so that the notecard for this avatar started with the line 'THIS PRODUCT IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL ONLY WITH SL VIEWER 2.'
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