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  1. I got one in Clamdigger! Here's a shot of all the content pack contents. And a list (part 2) of all of them. The two boxes are the stilt textures and the Belli Terrain textures.
  2. Angles, lol. Idlewood's actually the larger of the two stone cottages P.0.E makes, and it comes in at a whopping... 58li, not counting lights and accessories. And the marketplace store isn't up right this second, but here's a link to the store's Flickr page.
  3. It's not that biiig. : P It's three rooms. Here it is in the daytime, from the front, with a Todd for scale.
  4. So uh. I may have scrapped the station idea. Instead, here's a few WIP shots of the cottage I'm working on instead. I'm also working on a custom EEP daycycle for it.
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whither/100/156/30 I think it might be time for me to take a break from Belli for a little while, so I'm going to be putting my Vic in Whither up at 2pm.
  6. Lemme preface this by saying I'm no expert in AWS or database administration. But. Second Life is a very old and probably very large pile of data. In order to get it onto Amazon's servers, they have to go through that data and the code that runs it to make sure it'll still work once it's in the cloud instead of on their own devices. Then they have to prepare the data and make sure it's as optimized as it can be so the transfer will go as smooth as it can. Considering how much and how varied the content in sl is (textures, mesh data, primitive data, item data, avatar data, inventories, regions,
  7. it's not exactly a traditional house, but here's the spacer's lounge of the space station i'm in the thick of building at the moment. i kind of wanted to put a full kitchen in, but airport lounges don't have that, and that's kind of what i was going for.
  8. this is a wip, but once it's done it might be my last build in belli. maybe? for a while? i honestly don't know. will update when it's complete.
  9. Things are only important to the people who feel that those things are important. For example, open relationships aren't important to me whatsoever, but to another person, that might be a defining factor of who they are. We might all need the same basic things (air, food, water, shelter), but once you get past that, individuals are bundles of sometimes entirely different emotional and physical needs.
  10. At the moment? Not much. But I'm trying to locate physical copies of The Cloakmaster Cycle/any Spelljammer novel in general, so I can read 'em at work (no electronics on the production floor means no e-booking, unfortunately).
  11. Picked up as in 'off to someone's place to bump pixels'? Nah. Picked up as in 'hey, there's this cool event going on/neat area to explore, wanna see it'? Several times. Like, aww yeah, show me some prims arranged in a really cool way.
  12. I just want something with some sandstone/brick involved. I love the heck out of the stone textures present in current Belli, and would love to see the same treatment on the exterior of a home.
  13. It's real dysphoria hoodie hours right now, but that's not gonna stop me from hanging out in Randelsham for a little while.
  14. Is there a prim limit on things we can donate? : D Because I've got a small piece of something I meant to send in last time, but it's 4li.
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