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  1. r/AmazonDSPDrivers Most aren't happy campers. Many many posts like this.
  2. Casper just has no competition is all. No one is forced to use his systems. He just just a coding wizard!!
  3. I use a rental meter through Casper, I'm not sure that direct Paypal methods are legit to do since its avoiding Lindens fees for processing credit. I hope that a Linden can chime in on this. I prefer rental meter just for the purposes @bigmoe Whitfield mentioned. So that its tracked and unquestionable if something was to happen. I am curious about the whole Paypal thing myself since someone did ask me about that a couple weeks ago. I think that its not allowed, but I could be wrong. Inquiring minds...
  4. Peeves that possibly are caused by Covid-19 and in the increase in people coming back. 1. Politics on SL. (We see enough of it RL, can't escape it, its everywhere you turn. Lets keep it out of SL. It does no good for anyone on SL but create a division between people) 2. Skyboxes at ground level. (Its rude and selfish to neighbors in area who take the time to landscape/deco)
  5. I don't know about that, some I've seen might be viewable on the world map 😆😆
  6. No, I take that back, Im not sure how its working but there was no shadows on the ground until I made it transparent on the bottom but now that I made them transparent they showed. Then I removed the transparency and it was still showing. Very odd. It seems that Skysigns that have been up for over a day do not reflect shadows on the ground but newly placed ones are. But this is kinda unrelated to my main question which is "Do (For Rent) type skysigns bother you"
  7. I just tested and oddly enough only when I make the bottoms transparent do they reflect shadows on the ground. If I leave them with no transparency I do not see shadows on the ground.
  8. Are "For Rent" skysigns an issue for people? Like do they bother you? I know when I used to rent that was my main way I found land to rent everytime I moved. I always would look across the map for Rent skysigns then TP to them. I'm just curious if people dislike these signs or don't have any issues with them. How do you feel about them? Edit: just so people don't get confused. This question is about the skysigns that show up on the map not sale signs at ground level
  9. You can technically have 2 apartments per parcel that have no camming privacy. One at ground level and one in the sky. They wont beable to cam in on each other if the privacy eye is turned on.
  10. yeah Ive done that plenty of times but they all just come right back and after an hour or 2 its right back to the way it was. FULL
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