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  1. yeah Ive done that plenty of times but they all just come right back and after an hour or 2 its right back to the way it was. FULL
  2. Helpful tip, add a name to your parcel for the people that map click $ signs. Right now with no parcel name they cant see the price on the map and have to visit. Not everyone knows how to use search lot of map clickers
  3. This is a big issue in the adult lands, the bigger afk sex places often max out a sim and the people that live there can't get in. I've heard of many people ARing it and nothing gets done about it. The afk places still continue to take up all the agent slots with afk parked avis. Right now Behling sim is plagued with an AFK place AND random newbie looking bots scattered around.
  4. I don't care what people put int their profile or say. I like that they have the freedom to express themselves even if I don't agree as long as its within the TOS. Everyone is different with different views, some people may not like my views either but at least I, and others, have the freedom to express. If I see something I don't like I don't start an argument or do something to start issues, LL gave us the tools like mute and block so we can use them if needed. Personally I don't think Ive ever muted anyone. I just don't hang around places that don't fit me. Let people be people, freedom is a great thing. The more people don't let people be people the less freedom we will have.
  5. Check the market for Moderate rated to see what 4096sqm are going for. I agree with Qie, chances of you getting more than L$1/sqp is slim unless roadside or waterfront. As you can see here... current prices of 4096's at the time of posting this in Moderate.
  6. Keep in mind in the future if you sell the land that is group owned it gets paid out the following morning to anyone in a role (In your group) that has "Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends" checked under the accounting section. Best to make sure only your owner role has that checked
  7. Some people have sites for their bots too, they share the information they collect like these 2 for example (there are more out there) https://lounetizen.com/avdata/ http://gridsurvey.com/index.php?r=d The only time bots bother me is if they land and dont leave. Most land and leave fairly quick, some will land and spin in circles a couple times then leave. No harm done.
  8. Maybe post your sim and coordinates so that if a bot owner comes across this post maybe they can configure their bot to not land on your land. Messaging some bots does no good but but Ive noticed some leave contact details, you could try to message them or the owner if listed to stop them. Easiest solution is just just ban them from your parcel, thats why we have the tools to handle these type of things ourselves without having to submit tickets because a bot landing on your land isn't breaking any rules, chances are the owner of the bot is unaware that its bothering you and can fix it to not bother you by re-routing it or... just ban it! I used to rent a parcel on Nautilus - Melqart and I swear to you it got visited by 35-40 bots a day (I used to have a list of them all). I ended up turning damage on and put a collidable prim with a Damage 100 script in it where they would fly up and kill themselves (Because all of them would land and fly up 3-5m) lol. My current home gets visited by 10-15 bots a day. I don't mind them though after I took the time to learn about them, I know they are bots and they aren't doing harm. Most just collect data like parcel information or avatar information, height, age, parcel names, sizes, etc etc.
  9. Amen. Banlines are nothing but eye sores. Not like a person cant fly 50m up and over on to your land anyways. They are usless.
  10. If you ask me my age and I lie.... I guess I would be RPing then. So depends on your definition of RP. Anyone who is not looking for a RL relationship on SL is RPing haha and probably some that are.. but that can go South fast. Fishy Fishy Look Like A Cat.
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