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  1. oooh. I was thinking about certain events. FLF was a huge one that I really enjoy and it's something recurring, but you're right..setting some things aside to leave as an exclusive for big events is really good advice. ❤️ thank you so much. lol yeah I made sure to copy my landmark in every item folder and soon to be given to anyone who stops by. Flickr seems nice and I feel like it's a gem that can drive traffic (i could be wrong) like tiktok lol but it's probably going to take me a while to get the hang of it. You guys gave me great advice! ❤️ I'm legit so grateful I felt a litt
  2. I agree with the having fun part. I'm actually just eager and excited to have a little space I'm managing. Whatever I make from it is fine as long as I'm having fun ❤️ thanks for the advice! I have been thinking of making a group I feel like everyone has one now a days...definitely will consider that. and thankfully the majority of my items are items that will be out on the sales floor so no demos needed soon lol
  3. IDK if I'm too late replying to this, but I'm totally down for family or sisters as well. Honestly, doing things in SL alone gets boring and lonely. There's nothing like having people to enjoy it with. I'm regularly on, there's rarely a day I'm not lol
  4. So I’m in the process of opening a store, have creations underway, have land, am decorating and setting up vendors, etc. it’s really small for now and I’m not totally new to SL or to marketing in general but I guess I am new to opening a store in world. I know to send up a landmark, list in search, etc. Any other tips or must do’s when opening up a place? please and thank you in advance ❤️ Also worth mentioning—> im barely starting to figure out flickr for anyone who mentions that lol but I know there’s so much to gain from that too. I’m hop
  5. Definitely interested! I haven't used blender in the past 2 years and when I did use it, what I knew were maybe just basics. I don't remember a thing T-T. Please send me a notecard as well if you're able to!
  6. Today like this...tomorrow..who knows? I literally am so indecisive in how my avatar looks on a daily basis
  7. Okay, so I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm not a pro, but I was originally running SL on FS viewer on my gtx1050 laptop. I now built my PC, Ryzen 5 3600/ gtx1650 and with the new setting (I never run on Ultra just High) I'm literally still getting the same performance? THE BIG ISSUE...What in the WORLD is going on with the water reflection issue? If I turn TRANSPARENT WATER on, everything looks super smooth as if my antialiasing is doing its job but my frames are about 10fps average. HOWEVER, If I turn it OFF, EVERYTHING looks awful but my frames shoot to over 60 fps. **I'm
  8. Hi ❤️ you guys can call me Sol. I've been around SL for a LONG time.. i think around 2009 was the last time i played...i lost access to my old account so I made a new one about 2-3 yrs ago. I'm strangely timid at times...but I can talk quite a bit. I make a couple of builds, am interested in making mesh clothing, love everything anime, love me my k-dramas and kpop, am a vocalist, irl live streamer...etc. oooh, I LOVE shopping weekend sales. I just wish I had friends in here again. I've had bas experiences, as I'm sure everyone has..but I'm open and excited for friendships and non-adult RP. I h
  9. Hi there, wish I had gotten to this sooner..Has the land been abandoned?
  10. Random question...I've been MIA for a while lol, but have you guys noticed if there are any Victorian homes? I have a traditional...but I've really been considering letting it go. It's a gorgeous corner plot and all...but those Victorians 😩 i want one bad.
  11. I like you 🙃 lol message me in world whenever you have time!:) love meeting new people I tend to not talk to many people cause I was always working...but seeing as we are self quarantined and I now work from home...I have all the time in the world! It’s perfect lmao
  12. Okay, only reason I’m posting this right now is I’m at work and I’ve been dying to know but don’t have access to my computer. If you guys can even redirect me to a site or forum or topic that could help me a bit, I’d appreciate it. I’m creating builds inworld and I want to upload them to the marketplace. The whole part I’m not sure about how to go about...is placing them into something to rezz them and the scripts that would go with it to give the user a HUD they can use to match their (lets say) linden homes. I’m itching to open the game up and just start playing and
  13. I've been wondering on ways to really involve myself with the SL community and finally decided to offer Spanish lessons for Beginners. Lesson plan is individualized and custom to each person's availability, etc. I've minored in Spanish, and it's also my first language so I'm fully fluent. I'd love to help you guys learn or practice. Message me in world, SolsticeCarlet aka SolsticeSnow We can discuss prices, classes, packages, lessons, etc. I'm not looking to charge an arm and a leg either btw. I'm very flexible
  14. Not sure if this is still active but I'd love to help you. I have a minor in spanish and it's my first language, so I'm 100% fluent in the language. I love teaching it to others.
  15. I'm a little behind, but around what times (SLT) have they been doing these smaller released? We're due one in a couple of hours right?
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