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  1. @Marianne Little Dear Marianne. Your tutorial is amazing & i am so grateful ~ yes it took me this long to find the Glam Affair skin & it is applied & beautiful eyebrows. I still do not understand were the eyebrows are on the updated Hud that still confuses as i am sure you can change the color at least ~ non the less i do not like the thick eyebrows & am doing good. I have tried transfer to BOM and had to revert back ~ the head went crazy on me & i am not sure if my Hud just glitched as i followed all instructions as best i could:) I will try
  2. @Laurel Aurelia Thank you so much ~ i finally understand this part ~ you have answered this so clear. Kindest wishes Amber Body & Head updated now & still not gone the full way to BOM as i realised i knew so little and am learning all these basics. Stay safe and well ~ wishes Amber
  3. @Marianne Little Wow! Thank you so much ~ i am lost for words at the time you spent. If i knew it was so much work i would not have asked but i am curious about everything:)) I have never touched those settings as the last time i did that i made yet another mess (smiles). I have taken a day off Amber as i gave myself an eye infection (i get it from to much concentration) and its sore but am still looking at Tutorials ~ to be honest reading yours i am learning more & will practise when i go on her. As you say it is not much good other than for pictures and my skin is no
  4. @Marianne Little Thank you so much i found all your advice more than helpful and you even answered some questions in advance for me ~ finally after 5 days i have managed to get body and head together ~ i had major glitches with tattoos but working through that. Perhaps off the cuff you may know the answer to this ~ on new body there is a section to add shine or wet look etc ~ 3 options ~ its a drop down menu & when i click them they do not work do i have to click something to activate them ~ in the tutorial on Youtube she just clicked and on went the wet look. I
  5. @Laurel Aurelia that really helped as i thought it had to be removed ~ it just replaces over the old one... Five faces later ~ should be a Book on this for the so simple questions but not so easy when you are unsure ~ getting there & its taking longer than i thought:) Thanks so much always Amber
  6. Hi There.. Body now up and running ~ worked out many issues and am a lot wiser:) Head ready to attach ~ hud on and as i went through what i have to remove and attach ~ i have both up on screen i hit a problem. Eyebrows & Shape: I do not know how to remove them or apply the new ones ~ if anyone out there could just tell me what to press i would be very grateful as i am working at this for hours. Thank you so much in advance as no going back at this point & i can not do anything ~ Amber I attach a picture of the old Hud on my screen showing the options (there is
  7. @Horus Salubrius i am so grateful you have got something from all my blunders & it is not easy but the people here have helped so much & in me sharing my horrid time here i am a lot further than i was & not giving up yet:)) I am so delighted you made an Avatar you like as they are sensational when you know how & you i am sure may need more information so just come here from time to time as i am a work in progress & have been saved from leaving by all these so kind people ~ lets hope we stay on the right track ~ but guess what we always have here to help us and some amazin
  8. @Skell Dagger Hi Skell. I am very happy to say i have worked through the eyes and am having such fun ~ it took me a lot to finally remove and change them (there had been an error made in the basic making of her ~ once i found this and understood it) i was changing eyes and buying eyes by the dozens:). Today i finally got the courage from a Tutorial on youtube that had basic instructions on updating my Maitreya body & success i did it V5.2 perfect ~ sadly i had to then return back to the very old body as i discovered the body skin colours did not match my face and i had
  9. @Josephine Carissa Thank you i appreciate your kindness and i realise now i should not have posted any picture ~ or post:) Happy weekend hugs Amber
  10. @Gatogateau I was replying to a comment that is words:) The pictures were merely a random addition of how beautiful all our Avatars are and i could hardly post one of yours ~ but please feel free to do so seeing as you have commented on them rather than my point ~ would be a pleasure to see your beautiful Avatar just as you ~ happy weekend ahead
  11. @LittleMe Jewell Oh sorry i am new to this ~ perhaps i did not make myself clear it really is nothing to do with posting pictures here but with SL and Pic of the Day which seems to be more like pic of the week ~ i should have said less perhaps but was trying to say what an advantage it is to SecondLife to post literally a pic of the day a showcase to all new how beautiful and diverse we are ~ sorry for misleading ~ i will try again with a more direct title and one line comment ~ kindest wishes Amber
  12. Would be really nice if Second Life pic of the day was one per day ~ it is always a pleasure to see on the Home page.
  13. Since the beginning of time Woman have been rulers of Empires ~ Amber is representing Amazon Women believed to be mythical for thousands of years. Strong, resourceful and brave, these warrior women offer another reason for girls “to want to be girls” in our modern day society.
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