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  1. Yeah but there are ppl who are automatically real and not fake who just leave and come as they please. Instead of being a true friend who actually cares about you, they just pretend.
  2. I’m looking for real friends. Not temporary. Someone who will support me as I support them too. Lgbt friendly. Not racist. No drama. Has humor. Fun, chill, goofy. Into the same stuff as me such as gaming, anime, music, shopping, etc. We can share other things we like and dislike. Agree or disagree but have respect for each other. Honest. Loyal. On and off SL. Message me to know more details.
  3. Hello. I am a bit new to SL. I will RP as an adult. I want someone who is going to help me and support me explore more about SL. Understand that RL comes first. LGBTQ friendly. No drama. Has humor, fun, loving. caring, respectful, loyal, etc. I love anime, music, shopping, exploring, learning new things, gaming, etc. I am goofy, chill, straight-up, laid back, etc. I do need help with certain things on SL and would like someone who is very kind and sweet to help me out. For more information please don't hesitate to message me. I will answer any questions and vice versa.
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