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  1. Hey everyone! As the title stated I'm interested in joining a group or place that does human livestock/cattle play, but I've had issues finding one that is active, and I barely have any idea where to really start looking harder. Is anyone part of, or know of, a role playing group that is accepting of people looking to dip their feet into the kink? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello All! I'm relatively new to the RP scene (and likely not very good) but I've been observing Gor for a bit and I've loved the dedication many Gor role players take in their RP. I'm interested in joining, but much of it seems very overwhelming. While I haven't read any of the books at the moment, I intend on reading several to help understand the world. I am planning on joining as a slave and I wanted to ask the community if there are any servers that are particularly friendly to newcomers, or any RPers who were willing to teach a new slave. I know I'm hopping on the bandwagon pretty late, but I would like to thank everyone in advance for their help!
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