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  1. my best friend in SL recently lost a ton of stuff. She was gone from SL for i assume about a year. I, on the other hand, was gone for about 4 years and didn't really lose anything that i noticed. Suppsedly there is some new feature that has photos in INV so you can see what your junk is, but i do not know how that works. I guess that new "upgrade" caused problems.
  2. Yeah, i think this happens to a lot of us on a regular basis. The way to handle it is to buy one of those old people toilets and have it in the same room. OR play sl on a laptop so you can carry it to the bathroom and take a dump while hosting a party, just make sure your mic is not on. For real though - yes, some people put second life before relationships, friends, their jobs, etc... but some things will NOT take a back seat to SL - bodily functions happen to be one of those.
  3. I am just learning how to do it (using blender)and recently built a stair case railing. Seems like a sweet deal, one prim instead of 8 (at least in my case) It is just one texture, material, and color so no problem there... Aside a couple minor buillding errors like rotation angles and alignments (both my fault), iit seems to work fine. So anyways, what is the trade-off with using mesh that may not be evident to beginners? It is kind of like when you think you are getting a good deal on a used car or old house but then a week later something goes wrong that you could not have foreseen. havin
  4. Solid friendships never come easy. They develop over time it may be better if you can join some communities, popular places, etc for child avatars. Of course be careful to avoid the shady ones.
  5. I am back after being gone for four years. I quit cause my computer couldn't handle whatever crap they were throwing in the grid. It doesn't seem much different - mostly vacant areas, some of the older places still there but new faces, the griefers still acting the ass, not much has changed. I think the reason SL isn't very popular is because the media seldom talks about it, no, it is the countless social medias that get crammed down peoples' throats. If virtual worlds were big, if commercials said things like, "build your own custom (whatever) on Second Life" then more people would be in
  6. Man, I haven't been inworld in a few years. A friend of mine tried sL for about 20 minutes but of COURSE the first thing that happened was some creepazoid following her around trying to "do teh sects". Anyway so here are a couple what-if's... For the residents who are at the height of their SL addiction (16 or more hours a day in some cases), what if they lost their web connection or the power was off for a few hours? How would they survive? What if max prim allowance didn't exist on any rented land in SL? Like it just wasn't a factor? Would some residents have completely cluttered
  7. I believe stuff like this happens. If soiling your pants because you could not pull yourself away from SL is the worst thing to ever happen web-wise, I say you are in good shape. So you ruined your pants. What about people whose entire lives are ruined because of something they did on social media?
  8. It is like this - If you have a bunch of crap in the trash can and dont know what is in there, you would never find it if searching anyways. You would probably not remember owning half the stuff. 80K items, good luck finding ANYthing. Plus, if you did trash some valuable treasure like a worthless texture, outfit, etc... it would probably be easier to just re-buy or re-make the thing than trying to remember what it is called to do a search. wow, 80,000 items. And I thought I had reached haorder status when my INV got a little over 1,000 How is it even possible to accumilate 80,000 items
  9. Just what the world needs, ANOTHER incarnation of C.O.D. The world needs that like it needs another reality show featuring trashy people.
  10. I asked my avatar. I said, "MoiselleErin, would you do it?" She gave an honest response, she said - "Not if it means getting off my fat ass!"
  11. SL didn't used to be so slow. Then they started adding updates and tons of silly useless features and finally it slowed down. I imagine SL is probably a lot of fun still if one has all these requirements but who wants to update their machine just to get into any particular game?Yeah there are older viewers but to see the latest and greatest stuff you need really modern stuff or you have to do a bunch of fine tuning in preferences. It becomes more of a nightmare than anything.
  12. Anything can happen. I have a friend on an different forum (not sl related) who met their S.O. in SL. It was a long story. Relationahips, no matter where they start, can go any direction. I think it is funny how people say "I would never date someone I met in a club, live close to, tavern, dating site, facebook SL, work, a client..." OK then, where do you expect to meet someone? When they use the defense of "Cause if it goes bad..." That alone shows just how optimistic they are about their ability to develop and maintain a relationship. Personally, I have heard of more relationships STARTIN
  13. Rich experience - If SL seems to be running reasonably smooth, you will be fine. Maybe it won't ever run as smooth as a video game for playstation whatever but anyways... Honestly though, the things you REALLY need to have a "rich" experience in SL are these - Discipline to not let SL get in the way of real life. Oh yes, that CAN happen. "A few more minutes" can turn into ALL night (again) Better call into work, too tired to go. Understanding that SL is not real life. That fat hairy nerdy guy you saw waddling down the street in real life could be an ultra-hot woman in SL. He will not tell
  14. I know the feeling. For the first time in my LIFE I live completely alone. In the past I have had room mates, a spouse, family, or whoever but now it is just me and the fleabag. That and painful nostalgic memories of the good ol days.
  15. LL keeps adding more and more weird stuff to SL. They keep "upgrading" viewers, adding stuff like mesh, pathfinding, sunshine rezzing (or whatever) and God knows what else. It is kind of sad that one cannot go into SL and just enjoy it without being a computer diagnostician to figure out the problems then having to avoid a bunch of stuff, reducing graphic levels etc. Thing is, it is just gonna keep getting worse. When people who own gaming computers are having a lot of problems, there is a serious issue. I have not been in SL for more than a few minutes since about a year ago. When I lo
  16. My little Erin is the most precious avatar in SL. She is not some flashy prim-ridden thing either. I imagine everyone thinks their own avatar is the most precious.
  17. Hair is not easy to make. You have anywhere from 50 to 250 prims in a hair that are mostly custom made. Point is, it may end up costing a real pretty penny to get a custom one and even then, what if it's not what you had in mind? A creator is not gonna say, "Oh I would be glad to redo it!" No, they will probably say things worthy of an A.R. You could try Damselfly or gurlywood. Damselfly is much nicer hair but prim-heavy, meaning lag Gurlywood has a bigger selection but isn't the best looking.
  18. One thing about buying land - If you are wanting your own land to own or at least rent, start small. Also, do not commit for more than say two weeks if you can avoid it. Reason is cause it is there that you will start to learn other prices of land (as you shop around), how many prims you REALLY need (It is so easy to go over), location etc... Might be best to rent off someone else for a while as it will give you a chance to have some place to call home while you are still hunting to see what is out there. ALSO - do NOT,- repeat - do NOT pay any rent box or buy any land until you have me
  19. Most places I have rented from works like this - contact the LO or owners for a group tag (to make sure you are not waiting around for one) then pay the rent, move in. Most cases I never actually saw the avatar of the owner. The only concern land owners in SL have is - can you pay the rent? Well and adult avys ionly on adult or mature lands. Well that and don't go over on prims but no one cares what color an avatar is.
  20. My old computer used to kick in the fan to O.D. It sounds like you have a pretty decent system. It doesn't matter though cause LL keeps sh*tting out more inventions to SL to make it more power hungry.
  21. Men do not care what a female looks like. Even in real life, someone as horrid as say Roseanne Barr would have a fair pick. Probably nearly as much as any supermodel. Sure men would prefer a "looker" but they take anything they can get. thing is it is not just SL. In SL of course there is a visual, the avatar, for men to imagine that is what the RL person looks like. Sure they know the RL user is not pretty but they can dream . but what about other sites? I am on some language learning site and I sometimes get in the French chat room or maybe ENG/FRE one and at least a few times I have ha
  22. In forums, in SL, in RL and anyplace you have a life, you should strive to be your own person. Not part of some clique, not part of the "cool" crowd etc... Masybe it is just me but with my friends, I prefer a few quality ones rather than being in some large circle as just another face. None of my RL friends even know each other. On this forum, I am nobody and that is OK cause besides not being here much, I know that if I aggravate someone, it is not like the gang of cool kids are gonna shun me, and so what if they do?
  23. Depending on your rights, prim allowance etc... I used to have someone staying with my little avatar on her land. The room mate had a living space in the sky though. See my avatar likes living at sea level but her friend liked skyboxes. She shared some of the prims which was fine, she wasn't a prim hog by any means and I had more than enough to spare so no biggie. We respected each others' privacy in case one of us had a "guest" I didn't ask any rent of her but sometimes she would give me a little something or buy me things. I miss my friend Artie. What ended it though was the fact that my
  24. Don't really remember much about it. She had like some land with a bunch of those animals and was wanting me to be there to help take care of them. When I expressed no interest, she kind of just vanished and that was that.
  25. The OP might think, "But I don't want to pay for it". Well, here is a reality - "Adult fun" is something that women sell and men buy. In SL, some escorts vanish after they get paid, like immediately so save your money. Instead - I think they still have adult phone lines you can call. They are not connected to skype or SL but if "adult chat" is your thing, that is your best bet. BUT - if you are willing to take the long route and get to know someone first, be careful not to fall into that friend zone. Any type of relationship one wants needs to be conditioned from the onset.
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