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  1. Hello, Recently I learnt how to be cool and improve my life from a previous thread I posted How to be a cool sl forumer which really helped, thanks. I'm definitely going to practice more often. After taking it all in I do have one other question... I wanted to know..2
  2. This is the Regions for Sale section not wanted section..
  3. I have to agree with the OP. This section should not have rentals listed. Renting a full region and buying a full region are two completely different things. Parcels for rent would be a more coherent section to post for the rentals of all sizes.
  4. Im just looking at ways to improve my life and thought why not become a cool forumer. I noticed some people who post in the general section are extreme cool and wonder if you can provide me some tips on what steps I should take to be more like you and fit in :)
  5. Over the last few days I've seen an increase in billigerent, irrational ( Yes Freedom of speech baby ) Cry babies. Seriously pull up your big boy/girl pants and stop acting so hopeless with your weak attempts to avoid the inevitable. At the end of the day linden labs is going to earn more income long term for increased exchange fees ( Splits ) to fund the very community I bet your entire life revolves around. This type of stuff goes on everyday, everywhere in the world, its normal business. People learn to suck it up and find alternatives or move on. Recently they also added google ads to the website to increase revenue and " Earn more profit". Whether they earn a little bit of money or lots of it, at the end of the day its none of your business as they are a private corporation working in the best interest of the overall community and not the cry babies. You can not satisfy everyone but believe it or not the users who will be affected and cry like a baby represent a very small %. ( Id like to call this the cry baby % some would even call them trolls ) The fact you are willing to get so worked up shows you obviously need to improve your real life. And yes i created this account to ensure I dont hear from you annoying cry babies elsewhere. WAAA WAAA :matte-motes-crying:
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