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  1. Hello! I've been a SL Resident since 2007. Since I joined as an explorer and designer, I've had the privilege to own several stores in SL. Because my career in design shifted to other creative fields, I no longer have time or will to commit further in this avenue, which I don't find fitting to my career goals anyway. I'm putting all my stores for sale and I can accept to negotiate a price for one or all of them, all these stores already have had a reputation within SL and the residents, (at least at the time I was around and managing the stores), they would rave in a cult-like fashion about the products. I want someone else to pick up on those shoes and run the stores themselves, for such, the stores for sale are: 1. VOID: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/16716 - An alternative, grunge and punkish appareal store. 2. Two Moons: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/187425 - A medieval, high fantasy avatar and fashion store. 3. Riot Gear: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/143715 - A military, post apocalyptic appareal store. 4. MOSH PIT: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/131305 - A post apocalyptic fashion store. 5. Texturethematic: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/104214 - A prefabs store. 6. ORIGAMI: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/163114 - A prefabs store. 7. CLOCKERS: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/166407 - A Cyberpunk acessories and fashion store. All materials, objects, otherwise assets would be fully transferable to you with the same permissions I've always had, to modify, transfer, tweak and resell or giveaway, in other words, everything is transfered to you to do as you desire. More info such as profit graphs, sales data or any other of the sort is available upon contact. Feel free to contact me by email: miguel.n.design@gmail.com
  2. Name: Miguel Nogueira Activity on the internet and design related jobs: Since 2004 Age: 27 years old What can I do/have done before: - 3D Design, rigging, animation, textures. - Concept Art and Illustration. - Multimedia Assets. - Graphic Design. - Game modding. - Game level design. Portfolio URL: www.miguel-nogueira.com Image samples: During my career, I have done: Traffic, sponsorship and profit solutions: I have managed and founded roleplay simulators before, on my own, for sales and profit solutions with enough income return to keep it stable and growing, both in traffic and sales. (About 25 active players a day and each sponsoring vendor made at least 30 sales per day. Also got several sponsorships agreements done for my project at the time, that provided us with a free online database for combat purposes, free web hosting and domains. Online 3D market: I have a still running fashion business that was rather famous back in 2009, under the Second Life engine. Eventually the business branched into other stores and eventually was awarded by Second Life's creators as a top place to visit during that week. What am I expecting/Who am I: I have studied graphic and multimedia arts and my timezone is GMT, London/Lisbon timezone. I am looking for anything that I can be a part of, mostly companies that are in need for any sort of help in the fields refered above, or just new experiences be it in design, illustration or a multimedia. Feel free to say hi at miguel.nogueira2k@gmail.com Miguel Nogueira www.miguel-nogueira.com
  3. I am a entertainment designer and artist. In my signature, you can check my portfolio. I've also been known to build several stores in the marketplace and I offer plans to mentorship aspiring store owners on different aspects, from design to running a business.
  4. Hey all. I'll be contacting you two later this evening, I've been researching for the best plan for the mentorship course, we can probably get a couple more people and make a small classroom. Thank you for the interest, we'll talk soon.
  5. Hello. I've been a merchant and Second Life citizen since 2007. I've owned several stores, roleplaying sims, malls and other entertainment events. I'm looking to produce a series of tutorials with assignments and one to one feedback for a price. I do not have a network for this and I'm looking for one. If you are running a business similar to this, in a tutorial nature, I'd very much like to join, I haven't been active in Second Life, to focus on other design and art things in real life, so I may as well teach my design craft. Contact me in world but preferebly reply here. I tend to get a lot of spam in IM's and therefor capped, but I will keep an eye out.
  6. Hello. I'm a store owner of VOID and CLOCKERS, a sci-fi and a grunge store in second life that already have a emerging exposure within Second Life. (Search my name in market place if you're curious, as well as the CLOCKERS store.) Due me not being able to log in everyday, I'm looking to employ someone who'll work closely with me on running a few light tasks to start with and that will help expand the business I have, promote it and raise sales. You'll be responsible for but not limited to: - Organize and explore information for possible hunts, fairs and social events that promote the store. - Search for places to strike deals of rent spots within roleplaying sims. - Organize and explore split profit sale deals. - Come up with reviews of possible new products and/or business. The ideal candidate should be: Someone who has been within Second Life for at least a year, it is not because I'm mean, but I understand the more time you have been playing the game, the better and faster you can handle notecards and others the like, these tasks are very trivial and if you are new and prove that it is also no trouble to you to perform this, then you're in. Someone who good vibes, a sense of humour, can handle light criticism, co-operate with me, has a sensitive understanding for business or a passion for it (no need for marketing masterminds, I value more someone who thinks with their feelings, goes with instinct rather than a formula or a statistic, actually) You can work a minimum of 2 hours a week, for starters, more if we see justifiable after our first meeting. Salary/Budget: 5$ USD per hour. (negotiable after we make the first contact) Please write to me explaining why do you want to apply, if you know my store(s), what kind of activities do you enjoy doing in Second Life and outside, if you're active online and how many hours, what are your hangouts... basically I just want to know you a little better, since we're gonna be working together. Contact me at: Voodoo Schnyder (in world avatar), but IM's cap sometimes // and/or a private message here on the forums // and or reply to this thread and I'll reach you with my skype.
  7. Avatar name: Voodoo Schnyder SL rez date: 31 - March - 2007 RL age: 26 years old What can I do/have done before: I can design any multimedia medium that has to do with sound, graphics and video to bring them in-world and make anything that would catch your eye attention. I can build in-world, and I have built roleplay and mall sims before in second life. I have experience in traffic and sales management as well as designer skills. I am owner of 3 different mesh stores and owner to 1 based on prims and sculpts. Design Portfolio: You can see my past design works such as logotypes, web sites, flyers, book covers and others alike in the forum signature, at the very end of this post. Traffic, sponsorship and profit solutions: I have managed a roleplay sim before on my own for sales and profit solutions with about 15,000L per week and with a traffic of 20,000. Also got several sponsorships agreements done for my project at the time that provided us with a free online database for SL combat purposes, free web hosting and domains. In-world store: I have a still running fashion business that was rather famous back in 2009, when it started, earning about 500$ USD per month, for during the first year. You can check my portfolio at my signature of the forum. What am I expecting/Who am I: I have studied graphic and multimedia arts and my timezone is GMT, London/Lisbon timezone. I am looking for anything that I can be a part of, mostly companies that are in need for any sort of help in the fields refered above, or just new experiences be it in design to land sales management, anything. IM me in world if interested in my services, I get all IM's on my email and reply right away. Portfolio in signature below. Regards. Miguel
  8. Portfolio is in my forum signature, right below. Contact me if you're interested.
  9. Hey. Are there still any picks camping places in Second Life? I tried to find some, through google search, could find anything.
  10. Hello! I'm available for hire once again, check my work at the forum signature below.
  11. check portfolio on my signature below. thanks
  12. Ideal candidate should have considerable tasks achieved in Second Life as sales/public relations/store managing. I'm looking to hire someone to help out in my store marketing. Contact me through IM or email below in signature.
  13. I'm the owner of a network of stores in Second Life. I'm looking to expand and while I do not have the time to be online and do the marketing myself, as much as I'd like, I am here to hire someone to do it for me. Ideal candidate should have experience and come with a set of achievements that justify that they are the best fit to be the marketeer. I'm the owner of a sci-fi store, fantasy medieval store, urban appareal store and prefabs and I'm looking to expand to scripted skateboards. If that means anything. Use my website in the signature below, to apply. Thanks!
  14. I'll take on the shark tank Contact me through the link in my signature and fill me in.
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