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  1. Available again!
  2. Name: Miguel Nogueira Activity on the internet and design related jobs: Since 2004 Age: 27 years old What can I do/have done before: - 3D Design, rigging, animation, textures. - Concept Art and Illustration. - Multimedia Assets. - Graphic Design. - Game modding. - Game level design. Portfolio URL: www.miguel-nogueira.com Image samples: During my career, I have done: Traffic, sponsorship and profit solutions: I have managed and founded roleplay simulators before, on my own, for sales and profit solutions with enough income return to keep it stable and growing, both in traffic and sales. (About 25 active players a day and each sponsoring vendor made at least 30 sales per day. Also got several sponsorships agreements done for my project at the time, that provided us with a free online database for combat purposes, free web hosting and domains. Online 3D market: I have a still running fashion business that was rather famous back in 2009, under the Second Life engine. Eventually the business branched into other stores and eventually was awarded by Second Life's creators as a top place to visit during that week. What am I expecting/Who am I: I have studied graphic and multimedia arts and my timezone is GMT, London/Lisbon timezone. I am looking for anything that I can be a part of, mostly companies that are in need for any sort of help in the fields refered above, or just new experiences be it in design, illustration or a multimedia. Feel free to say hi at miguel.nogueira2k@gmail.com Miguel Nogueira www.miguel-nogueira.com
  3. Hey all. I'll be contacting you two later this evening, I've been researching for the best plan for the mentorship course, we can probably get a couple more people and make a small classroom. Thank you for the interest, we'll talk soon.
  4. I'll take on the shark tank Contact me through the link in my signature and fill me in.
  5. Post updated with auction link
  6. If it's profitable why not? Thanks for the suggestion, I was already there yesterday
  7. That's more of work than a job, but I have replied to you.
  8. I do mesh, paint and manipulate textures. Let me know if you're still looking, IM me in world
  9. Contact me in world I can deliver it all in mesh if you want
  10. Before trying to have a rigged shoe, just because, you know, its rigged so it must be cooler, know that it makes almost no difference at all. Non rigged shoes attach to lower leg or directly to foot attach point, the bones move accordingly no matter the avatar movements
  11. Added on skype! Will look forward to our contact
  12. Im still looking for someone who wants it, you also get the website if you like www.chernobylcombat.com
  13. Did that, waiting reply.
  14. Hi Red! Rates can depend, but if its only texture modding you need, IM me in game, with details, if possible and ill get back to you on that
  15. email sent