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  1. I don't see where you even mention legitimate tpv's. Seems like you're babling about copybots. And honestly they are so old that everyone and their grandma knows' about it. However rather people use it is on them. We have more than enough TPV'S.
  2. Im not talking about avies' or anything you are adressing right now. I'm talking about anything prim. And prims are the official for secondlife not mesh. while its official to use on here, it isn't the official for secondlife alone. While prims are made out of mesh i know this, they are made exactly for the use of secondlife. While mesh is just a side option.
  3. Phone them and wait. You can always go outside and breath the fresh air of the summer to come.
  4. Personally i like both. I met my bestfriend who is my bestfriend in REAL LIFE as well. I wasn't expecting on meeting her at all. And saying that IMVU has immature adults and such and such is really unfair because in secondlife and this is just me, i've had more griefering that you can actually imagine. Both have their ups and downs and because IMVU isn't a virtual world and a virtual 3d chat the whole versus thing is invalid. Im not sure if some of you've haven't been on there since 2008 but it improved alot to be honest, they actually have mesh heads now, yea. And for me uploading mesh there was 10x easier there and you didn't need all your i.d and credit cards all out there. The art forum is better, even though it was closed it countinued offsite and the artists there are just so talented... Not to mention that there's really no other program that looks like it and there aren't any other viewers for it. While with secondlife you have things like opensim,avination,3dmee,inworldz and ones in the process. Support is the same though, both very crappy unless by a moderator. Not to mention the moderators were actually active in the forums and were friendly/funny and very mature. And lets not forget IMVU was made for chatting it wasn't made for someone to stimulate a better life for theirselves or what they felt was better. Not bashing secondlife, because that would be stupid because im here typing this lol, but both of them have their flaws and to say that one is better than the other is cray.
  5. Don't see why people search from real things on a virtual platform. The only thing real you can get here is money tbh.
  6. Sorry to repeat it again but is it a promo or freebie sometimes demo's hide into those two catergorys. However are you wearing any hand attatchments for your Sergal avatar ? This can conflict with the mesh i'm guessing. And if you are wearing alphas that clip each other this can be a problem as well.
  7. Well saying this in all honesty and not being rude but mesh isn't even really fully compatible with secondlife, meaning some users can use it and some can't. Since prims are the basics that were actually meant for building and creating, mesh will probably never get better, or become official, but over time users will find more secrets and tips on how to make everything work out for the best. It's a use at your own risk type of thing. And are you sure they aren't rendered for her and not for you ? When it comes to mesh we can never be sure.
  8. While whats said about mesh heads are true. If you create more than 1 mesh head with a different emotion and put it in a hud it can emote. And mesh heads are just god damn beautiful, well atleast the ones i see on flickr.
  9. Mainly yes, for me anyway, room could have 45 people in it, all dancing, or just standing there, i doubt there in IM'S the whole time.
  10. Second life right? or is there some new weird teenage defenition for this.
  11. She said sort of or ''sorta'' as she said it. Regardless rather she is her sister/friend/neighbor/stalker she's giving us updates and i don't see how it matter's who she is. It could be anyone on this forum.
  12. Same, I know some users can be really obnoxius, but a joke is a joke and to be fully honest this thread wasn't that serious and necessary as the OP might have thought it was since there will always be females and males on secondlife which could answer his/her's queston easily.
  13. I am in love with the bodyco. But my heart belongs with The It' Girls. Skins are so smooth and well made. Check it out for yourself. http://www.flickr.com/photos/havannie/
  14. I use one while taking a couple photo's. I've had mine custom made by a friend though and rarely get complaints about it lighting the room up, since i can change the ambient on it and make it fit with the room.
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