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  1. How can I do this entirely? Also it says cancellation pending, what does that mean? that it's going to take time for it to be deleted? Thank you for all the people who answer. But..for the love of gosh PLEASE DO NOT tell me I'm going to regret it when answering this! I was taken advantage of by MANY PEOPLE while I had moderate depression on here, I WILL NEVER REGRET LEAVING!
  2. So I recently went to two sandboxes. Ones i have been using forever..now suddenly i get logged into no mans land every time i go there. So I'm guessing i got blocked for no reason what so ever! The only reason i can think of is that a meter i was using caused it somehow. Wasn't in there rules, but shrugs. So...can anyone please recommend places so i can change my avatar?
  3. So I just got a body applier that works with my body type. It's Maitreya, I tried to add and it worked at first. I tried to do it again and it won't? I tried clearing the layer and redoing it but its not working:( Would like to use if possible. Do i have to reset something else as well when retrying a different tattoo or underwear layer? I also got a new cat avi! I thought it was going to be easy:D ...I'm still confused.. How to use: - Rez your Nuko & tail. - Each script is a different texture. Choose one and drag and drop it into the avatar & tail. - To use the paw textures
  4. what is the link to omega marketplace shop? I need the link to buy the head:P
  5. I would like it if someone could tell me where the hunts for Maitreya items/clothing are? I had one called the cookie jar a LM but some of the places were expired or didn't have hunts even though advertised:/ I tried looking for groups, but i couldn't find an active one. I'd also like it if people could send me LM's of places they like to go to so i can explore sl more. Yes, i know there is a search bar for destinations, but i would like to see other peoples picks, cafes, lounges, clubs, parks, etc. Exploring is always fun!...unless its a zombie sim and you just got bitten...then, "You do
  6. Their in a cluster like all small boxes form into one box shown as an image in inventory. How do i unpack them? Also...I recently left my house for a new one and for some reason when i try to rez a box with a cluster it won't open the cluster? it will only open the non-cluster item:/ Do you think it has something to do with the land? Edit:Oh it says no build or create objects on the bar..shoot.. Guess i cant take out clusters:P
  7. I have tried to get a brother or sister recently for maybe 4 weeks now and nothing. I have sent out notecards and IM's, nothing. What REALLLLLLLYYY gets me is one kid I liked and they rejected me because they "Had a family" Then guess who I see at yet another adoption agency just recently pop up?! I hate my sl life right now, I really do. Not because of the people in it but because of so many people activly trying to avoid it. I CANNOT REALLY BE THAT TOXIC! I am active! That's something some families don't even have! I try SO hard and this is what it gets me?!!? I really dont deserve
  8. I don't seem to be really getting them and i would like it if i could see if its a problem on my end or sl's. And if it is sl's should i reload sl and sees if it works? How can I tell when my im's or notecards are capped? Thank you for your help!
  9. Can you set default to skin and shape so it comes up everytime? Also Is it possible to delete more then one object or file from inventory by clicking maybe something and ctrl or shift and something?
  10. I recently got a mesh body, I'm trying on clothes now, but some of them are not loading. I'm not sure what to do. Do I lower something in preferences to see it again?
  11. I'm using firestorm. I'm not sure why they are not coming though, but their not:/
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