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  1. I've been thinking alot about leaving second life and retreat back into my shell because, just like before, all my friends have stopped coming on or turned on me. I'd like to keep trying, though, because second life is an amazing place. I don't have alot about me in my profile but all you have to do is ask.
  2. Maybe I should just commit suicide...then I wouldn't need friends or have to deal with people being mean to me..like all of you.
  3. Dracula could walk in sunlight. I have met one person who was a vampire without the bloodlines hud, and I've thought about that doing that too, and it's certainly possible to...but you wouldn't have any powers......and what's the point in being a vampire if you have no supernatural abilities? In Sl, I mean.
  4. I can't seem to find a decent clan, and I've been looking for the past week. I've researched everything there is to know about Bloodlines so I know what I'm getting into....but I'm wanting to be a vampire already and so many clans have these waiting periods. I think a week is long enough.
  5. To think someone would ignore me just because I may have been alittle unhappy in the past just pisses me off.....Am I suppossed to be happy, or pretend to be happy, just to have friends? **bleep** that. I was right, you all are stuck up. Even when I'm nice, which definitely isn't today, I can't make friends...unless I allow some pervert to screw me...They have been the only ones who would talk to me lately.
  6. It's obvious none of you are interested either. So **bleep** it and **bleep** all of you
  7. I just returned to Second Life after being away for nearly three years and I'm looking to make friends but every where I go, it seems, the people are stuck up. This is one of the reason I left before and I thinking about leaving again...only for good this time
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