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    And with 6 exclamations, they really, really want to do IT.
  2. Baking as refered to inworld avatar means when you put on layers of clothing they are then baked together with the skin to form a single image instead of 10. They are all "baked" to the avatar mesh UV. Same for the above images. Colour, textures, lighting are baked to a single image. (or several), display or UV texture or what you choose. Somthin like that anyway.
  3. Same happened with the new Blender. Big UI and under hood changes. Many stuck to the old 2.49 just like me, didn't, or couldn't find the time to relearn. Maybe their PC's weren't the best. BUT after using it found it so much better, faster, bigger, stronger. Nobody yet has made everyone else use it. They will eventually, It's advisable but not mandatory. Obviously, as real 3D models are rolled out V1 will not see them so the time to give it a crack is now. Also obviously the external viewers will have to build-in mesh support or go defunct. So the answer is : When external devs get the final code to put in there viewers and then they can stay on a V1 hybrid.
  4. That's a start. If that info is kept permanently then that is the prior art token an original could use later maybe. I'm gonna use 9 verts/3 tris in a special spacial arrangment as well. So hopefully, a quick look in wireframe mode will show a small detail embedded in the mesh.
  5. Your problem immediately is the mesh. SImply won't work on an animated character. Sorry. Check some tube vids on character modeling... It's all there. edit: That's a bit harsh, I know how much time it takes to learn. Maybe just some more loops or it could be fixed by wheighting. I dunno.
  6. A week is a long time in a mesh rollout. Much has changed in a few weeks. I can only suggest going over the wiki info and some older posts here and trying to catch up. Someone might write it all again for you. Really needs STICKY threads on this forum blogrum !!!
  7. I had to lookup munged. I think the word intended was "Borked". Carry on.
  8. That is a good warning and I think they all mean the same thing. Some creators won't list anything till it's reasonably safe or know exactly all the mesh details. Others will be looking to be "First" at something. Others want "The Cash" at anyones expence. I can wait. I got some good sh!t.
  9. Thanks for the responses. Don't get this thread caught up in an IP fiasco. Really just some simple ways to try to casually protect ones "ORIGINAL" works. My Zombie Apocolypse Attack Vehicle could only be a one off.
  10. Zena Juran wrote: I just discovered MakeHuman while watching a Blender tutorial on YouTube. Everyone else probably knows about this one... I never even knew it existed! I really haven't been involved in character creation until recently but this is open source and looks really nice. Blender has a nice Importer/Exporter for the MakeHUman .mhx files in 2.58 although it needs to be enabled in the Preferences/Addons section (not on by default). :-) I don't think you can use any of the MH models in SL. Be careful. Read the licence! OH noes, IP again.
  11. Does anyone know of any techniques to creatively put like a watermark into a mesh? I'm thinking, a hidden triangle or even a spare triangle with a licence baked on into the mesh. Maybe some special vertex locations. An RR (for me) actually in the mesh. Any ideas or insight?
  12. But it's about being creative, that's what SL is supposed to be about. I do understand that most would rather just be creative sales-people because yes, it's soo much work to make that crap. (I'm not talking about consumers.) Self made = ALL rights. Can even put it ON Turbo squid for sale there too!
  13. I've been burnt before so I doubt I will sell anything good with Full perms. Or it will definately cost... A LOT!
  14. The 2nd result image you supplied looks exactly like the first one. They look square to me but it could pe the perspective of the camera. May Will help to put a texture map grid on the sculpt to make sure. And Blender 2.5x series is a much better beast than 2.49 ever was.
  15. Close your eyes and click your heels three times and say...
  16. I understand that the bones etc would be worked on after initial release, among other things. It looks like a familiar bear. THAT bear.
  17. I thought "A 460 can't run mesh???" There's no hope for anyone. I recently built anew with a 560ti. But it's ok... whew! Just a driver issue.
  18. I could very easily have got some pre-made meshes and called them or passed them off as my own. That's easy. But I practice what I preach and try to be original, I like to create, so I began the process of learning how to make a mesh character from scratch. It's not easy nor is it fast. The lessons learned can be applied to everything else and I only had to learn once. But that's me. I'm not time poor so from the other point of view I can see the easy road to riches. Or percieved riches anyway. I'm sure there will be much copied crap and if it isn't optimised, it will be crap. The buyers will decide, well, the informed buyers at least.
  19. If you are willing to use Blender, you can paint on the mesh and even bump-map in a real time view now.
  20. Smart phones? They're smart because they can track you and everything you do and save it all for future reference and targeted marketing. And opensim,(and it's derivatives) many have been through all that. Some stayed and played, most returned to SL. Maybe one day.
  21. I can't help. You may have to be a bit more specific if nobody can respond. Like, type of object and script functions.
  22. Now that planking is sooo a month ago.. you going to try Owling? No.. it's not well known yet.
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