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  1. Constance Flux wrote: it's a great workflow if you're too cheap to fork out for professional tools it's a great workflow if you're too poor to fork out for professional tools FTFY
  2. Does not the Reset Sim button have a confirm thereafter? I would think so. I have never seen this dialog.
  3. Changing the unique name on a complex system can, but not always, cause problems. There will be link type things everywhere and all through the databases. Most likely something will not work as expected, software has bugs. It's better to avoid it (on the system ) so avoid all the hassle altogether. If a user can't make a good name, so be it.
  4. I try to be fuunny.. I just found this. Edge loops
  5. Maaannn... it's all about edge loops. Avoid triangles at all costs. 5 sided poles are ok to direct edge loops. Get with the program man.. be square.
  6. I'd keep some things as sculpts. Things with a dozen or so edges that dont stretch too much, like the above example. And rocks.. organic shapes. But also as we know, mesh needs to be optimised. .. say it with me... the mesh needs to be optimised. Sadly, many won't be and there will be a whole lot of suffering going on and the meshes = lag or mesh is crappy are sure to be a hot forum topics.
  7. I've uploaded a few things, got some sucesses. Mostly though, I go to login but need to download a new viewer so I don't bother. I don't report anything, not much little old me can offer there. There's plenty of new names floating around the mesh forum and offering problems to solve. But for every one that posts, there'll be 100 just looking and waiting for the green flag. Mesh competition will be fierce.
  8. If you have Qavimator, check inside the prog folder, there should be a whole bunch of standard SL poses and animations to make a start from. You can open them in and from that Qavimator folder too.
  9. Maybe you could try turning off the on-board graphics in the bios. See PC manual for details. Usually press delete at boot. ETA: Hang on.. is the monitor plugged into the correct port? The one tha'ts ON!
  10. I gave up trying (on a couple of models) cause I couldn't work it out either. It's very difficult being voluntary beta testers, especially working with unkown unknowns. Think of brickwalls and skulls and banging.
  11. Saw this at SLU a while ago. Bake specular highlights Something like this using the node editor. Node editor is cool.
  12. Cool Daniel, that's the direction I wanted. Good info, thanks for that. I was assuming,SL would handle mesh very differently than other engines making it more difficult to mesh-out, refering to sculpties and how dificult they are if you don't make rocks. I had started some models, working up by copying each level but by the time I get to high detail, the topology might change and I may have to go backwards and make good again. I suppose it depends on the model too. Blender shape keys. Shape keys store different shapes of a same object (mesh, curve, surface or lattice). In other 3D applications they are called “morph targets”, “blend shapes”, or even “vertex keys” in older versions of Blender. They are the only way to directly animate the shape of your object. It works well with scupts because their topology doesn't change, I know it won't work with mesh properly, I just threw that in there because it's awesome with sculpties. I'm gonna say no to you're offer Tapple. I don't want to go near any compiling anymore. I've had enough of that. I'll just wait like the rest, or... I export the whole scene from 2.5 as collada. Import into 2.49 as collada and export just the object I need, again as collada from 2.49. That really only takes a minute or so. I still get errors which brings up another question. Using materials in the workflow. I understand there can be up to eight material slots. So does each material have to be in the same place, in the same topology of each iteration of the mesh? With the upload errors I get, or silent fail uploads, I assume yes and I haven't done that. If you finsh with 5 materials should each level have 5? Enough q's.
  13. Maybe it's in the works that this will happen in RL too. All you're Facebook belong to us will use all the info they can and you may find a message on your phone when you walk near that store you mentioned on FB. Geolocation is a powerful thing. ETA: Smart phones are like you are carrying llallAboutMe(everywhere)
  14. Rage Riptide

    Mesh workflows

    Hi team. I got into mesh when sculpts arrived. Sculpties are not normal modelling as I am aware and it's difucult to master the texture stretching etc. Now for real mesh. To import a good model, one must resolve 5 meshes. One for each LOD level and one for the physics shell. Q. Do all games use this method? Or something similar. Or is this unique to SL, designed for streaming content. None of which is "installed". I can not rely on the uploader to make the decompositions correctly. So how does one begin? Do you start with the physics shell shape and work up to full detail or would you go all the way first and then remove verts till you get the low lod. Might you use shape keys for each level so you work on just one model but it has several complexities at key points like morphing. I don't think any particular workflow would work for everything but people with experience are allowed to drop in here and give a few lines on how they might do a model project. Small details could go a long way to keep some from wasting many hours in pursiut of an easier way. Any help will help.
  15. Taking the above replies into account is a good starting point, see how you go and how it looks to you. Some can do a very good job with avaliable tools and maybe a tattoo layer. But, If you (or anyone else) wants to take the actual image route, you'll need several photos from several aspects. At least 4, around the head, down below the neckline. Best is: Front, sides, back and additionally, one each from 45 deg to the front of the face. Top as well. Slick or tie hair back out of the way. Same photos again to include natural hair if required. That's at least 14 photos! Minimum! All evenly lit with good diffuse lighting. No deep shadows which flash will do. A lightly added fill flash that can barely be seen is ok. A "green-screen" background. (A stretched white sheet will do). Use a tripod! for clear images. Camera set a least 4 yards away, with a mid-range zoom to fill the frame with the subject. Never use digital/software zoom! Lens centre should be level to the centre of the head. Then after all the images are taken correctly, run them through a graphics application to "touch them up", removing and blending any unwanted blemishes. We don't want a Barbie look, just a light "cleaning" of the images. They will look better in the end. This is virtual, not real, we want close representation, not exact. (That may be my opinion only) That's just the basics for getting a set of useful images for the creator. One image from the front is a waste of time. Nobody will accept a job using that. Once you've got the images ready, then announce that you have a job for a creator. I might even do one, but not until the images are there. Don't forget, this is a specialist job requiring skill and time. Renumeration should reflect that. SCOPE:
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