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  1. In other words: It's out now! Just not everywhere and not officially. Go on being a designing and use Beta Grid for now to test.
  2. Bluemars went to appleware and seems to have lost favour. If SL made an Appleware client they would also have to accommodate Android and other "notepads" too. Not a bad thing but a lot more work inhouse. Outsourcing was done for V2 interface design I believe and a nice UI would have to be crafted for small screens.
  3. I suppose you have already: ...created a black layer (in your graphic editor of choice) under it all and zoomed right in and checked every layer ...used the select tool on the empty areas and not seen any small areas unselected and checked the masks for same. ...used select with 1 pixel feather to include any stray pixels because that's what it looks like.
  4. but there's 26 bones on the wiki: That is, your skeleton should include the following bones: Torso and Head mPelvis (root) mTorso (child of mPelvis) mChest (child of mTorso) mNeck (child of mChest) mHead (child of mNeck) mSkull (child of mHead) mEyeRight (child of mHead) mEyeLeft (child of mHead) Arms mCollarLeft (child of mChest) mShoulderLeft (child of mCollarLeft) mElbowLeft (child of mShoulderLeft) mWristLeft (child of mElbowLeft) mCollarRight (child of mChest) mShoulderRight (child of mCollarRight) mElbowRight (child of mShoulderRight) mWristRight (child of mElbowRight) Legs mHipLeft (child of mPelvis) mKneeLeft (child of mHipLeft) mAnkleLeft (child of mKneeLeft) mFootLeft (child of mAnkleLeft) mToeLeft (child of mFootLeft) mHipRight (child of mPelvis) mKneeRight (child of mHipRight) mAnkleRight (child of mKneeRight) mFootRight (child of mAnkleRight) mToeRight (child of mFootRight) 
  5. I'm with ya. I can't get past that "Missing required LOD levels" thing. Have no idea what it means. Red light stays on. I got an av in but can't remember how because I tried so many times. I'm a huge failure I should just give up and watch TV.
  6. with... Get it here: Get Blender 259 Hope it works ok.
  7. Thanks for the input Team. Just as I made this post, the lovely Ashasekayi Ra unveiled another Blender avatar guide in this forum. Av create Guide is here However, on checking the vids, I see this one on the U toob side-bar U toob av guide which is only a couple of steps, cleary simple and did work first shot. I just was trying to jump through too many hoops and missed one as well. It's easy when you know how. That test complete, we can now move on.
  8. Medhue Simoni wrote: ... but I just want crap to work. I'm hearin' ya brother (or sister as the case may be. ya never know here.) I just moved back to Windows after 10 years using only Linux... WOW, stuff does work. A graphics pad WITH buttons and tools, yay! I updated... Nvidia cards have way more options than I'm used to, however, I'll probably never use most of it anyway.
  9. Nice one! And awesome timing too. Thanks and well done.
  10. That seems to work for ruth directly but trying that with a custom mesh does not. The different vertex numbers error. Guess I'll have to wait for someone to do a writeup. People have done it, I can't. Just not jumping through the correct coloured hoops.
  11. I did get a ruth torso in once. Can't upload a custom av. SL skeleton- vertex groups seem all there, weights look appropriate but not exact. Trying Blender 2.49 as well as 2.58. It's very confusing and difficult for a dummy.
  12. After mesh is overall enabled on grid I suggest a new sub-section to be created called "3D Modeling" inside this creation section. (Or change the name of this one) To save confusion.. you know? Mesh was ok for development. 3D Modelling will cover all aspects of, well, 3D Modeling as related to Blender/Maya/AC3D etc as well as sculpts and separate from general prim/inworld Building.
  13. I'll try another one to the OP and that is snap to cursor. N key for utilities panel, in View see "Lock to Cursor". View will be centred wherever the cusor is placed.
  14. Blender is designed to be used using the mouse AND keyboard. Left hand on the keyboard (move it more to your left), right hand on the mouse. (Left handers will swap) Get to know your shortcuts, which can all be modified to suit if needed and you'll rarely have to use the main menus. I got myself a [small] Wacom Bamboo and mapped the top button to the MMB so I use my thumb for the gimbal or rotating view. I can reach Ctl and Shift along with the thumb to move the view around fast. My MMB is very firm and I don't like holding it down... I don't have to at all now. Here's something useful for the keyboard shortcuts: Blender @ KatsBits A small tip: When you save your settings and customisations, save out a new .blend file like custom_settings.blend so when you DO mess up, reopen the settings file and save as user defaults again.
  15. I read: "It's a BIG job" when they refered to analyzing scripts. That says to me it's on the table but I'm not always right. That sentence wasn't even correct.
  16. Interesting. These things come and these things go. We can hope. I just bought a PC, it has to last 5 years like my other ones. I think I'll have a new one, or a second new one by the time I "might" see this and I haven't even seen a DirextX11, or OpenGL3 anything yet. (I thought I might get a demo/showcase disk with the Gfx card... but no. We used to though :\)
  17. Still not able to upload.Computer says NO V. 283.237157 fwiw
  18. When I search the googs for info, I always set the search tools, on the left of the page, to search in the last year or month to get the latest tutorials. e.g. Blender 2.5 tut edge loops News: Part 6 of the "model a female character" series is up now at Blender Cookie. I suggest to following along. He's a great tutor. modeling-the-female-body-series There, plenty of easier stuff too. eta: Some may have to view the vids through Vimeo like I do... not in US I guess. Damn you geographical discrimination!
  19. Say it backwards and you can clear your throat.
  20. Have to add Rage. Finished the questionaire a week ago but it didn't complete. I go to try agian just now and click the link and it shows the last page as finished... 11 out of 11, I thought there was 10. Account page not updated to enabled. Still. Also it says I DO have PIOF but also says I have not.
  21. Thanks. That's just another button that I didn't know what it does. Another one down, several hundred to go.
  22. Ah, I got one of those 560Ti's, along with the i7 2600k , 8Gb of 8cl ram and a 64Gb SSD on a Asus Pro board. I tried the shadows but my PC isn't powerful enough... but I do use Linux. I can see the water properly now after 4 years.
  23. That message has haunted many I guess. It's a reminder that "You're doing it wrong"! But the message is wrong too. While in this phase there has to be more error info. I just keep trying till something works and then I'm usually not happy a 2,300 PE Texturable surfaces.
  24. Where there is a problem, there will be found a solution. Someone will no doubt make a site especially for transfering mesh products wholesale. i.e. Full permissons. A mesh warehouse does not have to sell only to SL. Like Turbosquid and many others, they can sell to anyone and as such make money by taking a cut of sales. On Turbosquid, a decent car is about $100... but would SL residents pay that much for the same thing which would be optimised for SL, I think it's worth more with the extra work needed to make a renderable mesh into a game object but $100?
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