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  1. Thank you, so much! The model still imports in on its side, but both the mesh and the armature orients itself, properly, when I go into edit mode, now, instead of just the mesh . By sheer accident, I made an additional discovery when trying to see if clearing user transforms would make the armature go into the default T-Pose: while it didn't go into the T-Pose like I'd hoped, it did completely orient everything along the z-axis, so it's like that even in object mode. This definitely made things a lot easier for me to work with. In all, your instructions helped me to successfully bring the model into Blender. Thank you, again!
  2. Heyla & Good Evening! I'd like to make some clothes that fit DreamCrawler Martin's weredog avatar (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DC-NG-WereWolf-Series-WereDog-Starter-Pack-Custos/12364077). While DreamCrawler had left a download link for a dev kit (https://www.dropbox.com/s/ew1bife6t1stw5y/NG_WW_Dummies.zip?dl=0), it's only available in FBX and Maya format, rather than Collada format, and the software I use is Blender. Blender doesn't seem to be able to import Maya files, and while Blender has an option to import FBX files, I get an error when I try to use this option. Is there anyone experienced with both Maya and Blender who might be able to make a Blender-compatible version of this person's dev kit? And before you ask, according to their ReadMe file, the maker isn't familiar with Blender and had exported the files as FBX, because they had heard that Blender was able to handle this format. Also, I have tried to contact the creator, with no success. So I'm hoping that someone, here, might be able to help with this. I've tried a few things before I decided to simply ask for help: First, I found an FBX converter utility by Autodesk and tried to convert the FBX file to both collada and obj formats, with no success (either it won't convert, or it won't convert, properly, for some reason). When using the FBX importer for Blender, I finally noticed that the error was stating that it didn't support the ASCII version of the FBX file format, so I went back to the converter to see if I could convert it to a non-ASCII FBX file. Amazingly enough, I was able to do exactly that, converting the FBX file to binary, instead of ASCII. Blender was able to import this version, but there are some oddities with this file. When importing it, it imports the model so that its upright form is along the y-axis, instead of the z-axis. Also, it's very tiny. I didn't see this as a problem, as I figured I could simply resize and rotate the model. Resizing was no problem: I resized the figure to match the size of the base SL figure I use to model my clothing around. Rotating produced the aforementioned oddities: in Object mode, the model is clearly on its side along the y-axis. However, when I go into edit mode to rotate the figure and armature properly it... snaps to the z-axis? Not quite sure how to describe it. It's just suddenly oriented in the manner I want it in. But when I go back to Object mode, the model is back on its side. While this is fine for modeling my clothes around the avatar, this seems like a problem if I want to copy its rigging to the clothes I make, and if the clothes are going to fit, properly, I need to be able to successfully copy the rigging to my clothing models. So I consider the use of the FBX importer a partial success, but I'd really like to find a way to reliably preserve the rigging of the dummy mesh, so I can use it for my clothes. The second thing I tried to do was download a trial version of Maya and simply export the Maya file in Collada format. Perhaps because I'm unfamiliar with the software, this attempt was unsuccessful. (Or maybe the trial version isn't able to export in other formats? I'm really not sure.) So at this point, I'm frustrated enough that I'll simply ask someone with more experience with help in successfully getting the files, with the rigging intact, into Blender. Thanks for the help, KeeperS Karu
  3. So I played around, further, with shared media in the project viewer. As one person noted, while I'm still having trouble loading up pdfs from other sites, I can kind of see pdf files from google drive. I had uploaded a pdf file and navigated to that link. While it displays the first page, it won't let me scroll to the other pages. So the ability to view pdf files is very much still rough and needs to be smoothed out, quite a bit.
  4. KeeperS Karu wrote: ObviousAltIsObvious wrote: the new browser is still a little rough yet, but PDF viewing is working here. Oh, awesome! This solves a dilemma I had encountered, a few days ago, concerning the issue of getting my PDF book into SL, for the convenience of Residents. Because of the charts and tables in the book, simply copying and pasting into a notecard was not a solution. The only one I'd been able to find was using shared media, but then I found that PDFs simply didn't load, correctly, on it, which was incredibly frustrating. I'm so happy that this is now a viable solution! Or, at least, that it will be, when it's official. I hope that's soon! Until then.... I think I'm going to have to download this viewer, because I'm not sure I can wait. So I downloaded the viewer, and I immediately checked a few random web sites to see if I can read PDF files. For me, now matter how many times I reloaded the page, the PDF pages just wouldn't load. Here are my system specs, if it will help: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10240) (10240.th1.150930-1750) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. System Model: GA-A55M-DS2 BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG Processor: AMD A8-3850 APU with Radeon HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~2.9GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Available OS Memory: 7678MB RAM Page File: 4701MB used, 4639MB available Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS DirectX Version: 11.1 DX Setup Parameters: Not found User DPI Setting: 144 DPI (150 percent) System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent) DWM DPI Scaling: Enabled Miracast: Not Available Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Not Supported DxDiag Version: 10.00.10240.16384 64bit Unicode
  5. ObviousAltIsObvious wrote: the new browser is still a little rough yet, but PDF viewing is working here. Oh, awesome! This solves a dilemma I had encountered, a few days ago, concerning the issue of getting my PDF book into SL, for the convenience of Residents. Because of the charts and tables in the book, simply copying and pasting into a notecard was not a solution. The only one I'd been able to find was using shared media, but then I found that PDFs simply didn't load, correctly, on it, which was incredibly frustrating. I'm so happy that this is now a viable solution! Or, at least, that it will be, when it's official. I hope that's soon! Until then.... I think I'm going to have to download this viewer, because I'm not sure I can wait.
  6. Linden Lab wrote: Let us know your thoughts about the CEF - Media on a Prim project! For more context and information - please read our blog first! Will the new features also include the ability to read PDF files on a web site? At the moment, that's one of the things the current shared media technology lacks.
  7. Kenbro Utu wrote: KeeperS Karu wrote: and my own pet peeve of being unable to have custom keyboard and mouse bindings You can do this. Just edit keys.xml in the app_settings folder. It's a workaround that I've been using, for a while, but having it part of the user-interface, along with a wider variety of things you can bind (such as what calls up the menu on an object, etx.) would be absolutely lovely. My bigges issue is mostly with binding the mouse buttons. I would prefer mouse steering to be controlled with the right mouse button, rather than holding down the left mouse button. That way, I can use weapons in third person mode. I absolutely hate the first person viewpoint. It's very disturbing and disorienting, for me. And, yes, I've tried all the tricks to widen my peripheral vision. None of it helps, for me. It never has. Combat in third person mode requires me to have access to mouse steering, though, which I don't have, because that's often the trigger button for the weapon. I've made a bit of a workaround for that, too, mostly in the sword script I've been playing around with. Again, it helps, but it would be nice to be able to actually do exactly what I want with my mouse and keyboard functions. It's a pet-peeve, as I said, and doesn't make it a deal-breaker for SL. It does keep me from participating in SL combat, though, until I get my weapons script set up, finally.
  8. With the advent of mesh, in conjuction with incredible texture maps, and well-placed sculpts and prims (I know people give flexi-prims a lot of flak, but when used the right way, it can still be the better choice for a particular project--especially if you want to emphasize movement and flow, over form; there are really lovely mesh items that are coupled with flexi-prims that give a fantastic effect), I have found that the graphics of SL 1.0 can more than match the graphics of the latest MMORPGs I've seen put out. It's all a question of design skill, really. In fact, my friend and I had been talking about SL 2.0, and we had no complaints about the graphics. Instead, they were related to the issue of the sea of abandoned land in certain Mainland regions, and my own pet peeve of being unable to have custom keyboard and mouse bindings (for example, I'd prefer to set mouse steering on the right mouse button, the ability to just click on an object to be set to something like CTR + left mouse button, and once clicked, bring up the menu with something like Alt + right mouse button; this way, the left mouse button can be dedicated to using weapons in combat sims, with the right mouse button available for steering the avatar, so I don't have to go into first-person view), more functions that can be customized with LSL (like, oh, having access to the right mouse button, just saying), etc. As far as the creation tools go, the only thing I could think of that would be nice to have, in addition to what's already there, would be the ability to either upload our own custom bone structures or, barring that, having some other preset bone structures to use for our meshes, such as a four-legged bone structure for animal avatars, etc. Other than that, we have most of what we need to make what we want. In fact, I'd rather that we keep the in-world building tool, especially the features such as flexi-prims, as well as the ability to import sculpts, as they allow us more choices in how to approach our creations. On the social front, I hope that Linden Labs ports over the Linden Realms idea. I think it's a better way to introduce people to the metaverse, as many are often confused when they first try it, thinking it's a game, so they never even give SL a chance, as many don't even know what to do, once they get past tutorial island. With Linden Realms, new arrivals have something to do that allows them to get to know SL and its functions, better, and as they do this, they're learning other ways in which they can enjoy SL, either socially or creatively. So, yeah, for the most part, I don't see a lot wrong with SL, to be honest. Certainly, rebuilding its code from the ground up so that it can better adapt to changing technology, such as mobile devices and the occulus rift, is needed, but a lot of what's in place really works, often better than what new and upcoming virtual worlds have tried to give us (and I've tried quite a few, always coming back to SL).
  9. Nevermind! I found it Only took a few months and one frustrated and determined all-nighter! lol
  10. Heyla, everyone! So, I wanted to tour the different adventure and puzzle games in SL, a few months back, and I had come across Magellan's Grid Scavenger Hunt (http://secondlife.com/destination/magellans-grid-scavenger-hunt). I was doing pretty well in it, until I arrived at the Theme Park. For the life of me, I can't figure out where that mind mangler is! I've gotten to the underwater part, and the narrator keeps telling me I'm right there, but I don't see anything, at all. Does anyone have at least a hint as to where I'm supposed to go? Thanks for the help! KeeperS Karu PS-- I HAVE found the Prim of Life. Just not the Mind Mangler, which is supposed to be my main objective. PPS-- For those who are also stuck at the Pyri Peaks portion of the hunt and are at their wits' end, I will leave a few tips. I'll type them out in white, so those who don't even want hints don't have to see it: 1. The first time I did this, the monocole told me that the mangler was right there. What I didn't realize, at the time, was that it had spawned behind me. I was so focused, for a change, on what was in front of me that I didn't even notice, and I either TPed out, in frustration, or turned around and got caught by one of their many traps, or I was just searching, so long, in front of me, that it eventually disappeared. I don't recall which. So, the thing to remember is that, if the monocole sends you this message, and you don't see it, after a few seconds, rotate around, as it might have appeared behind you. If, after a minute or so, it's still not there, but it insists that the mangler is right there, it's possible it's either a glitch or it only stays in existence, for a certain length of time. Either way, you may need to restart that mission by either teleporting out of the region, then back to the start point, or, well, dying and being automatically ported away, then going back to the start point. Dying might be the better way to get it to restart the mission. I haven't tested that idea, though. 2. When I finally found the mangler, there was an error in sending me the end quest reward. I WANTED that prize, so I redid the mission, again (you have to click on the mission title at the home base, to do so), and I discovered that there are at least two different spawn points for the mangler, as the second time around, it was not where I had originally found it. So that is working as intended, if someone tells you where it is, but when you go there, it isn't there. There could be other spawn points for it, but I haven't tested it. I hope that helps, without actually spoiling the hunt, for you!
  11. With the advent of mesh, I'm glad to see someone utilizing its potential to bring the MMORPG-like experience into SecondLife. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dungeon-Builder-v10/3962614 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MTR-Zombie-Rezzer/2237691 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Orc-Rezzer-Gen-2/543110
  12. Sigh. I'll probably have to upgrade to the latest version of Poser Pro, one day, to make this work. As it stands, I've got Poser Pro 2010, and it seems to be more trouble than its worth, to try to rig with it. (Poser Pro 2010 only imports collada files as props, rather than actual rigged models, and there seems to be no real way to get the armature into Poser, unless there's a Python script out there, that I don't know about.) Gah. While the latest version of Blender isn't bad, I do not enjoy rigging with it. Weight painting just feels... I dunno. Clunky. Then again, this might be a workflow issue, than anything else. Time to start experimenting.
  13. Lanfer Christensen wrote: Hey any more updates on how to use poser to upload meshes to SL? Oh, wow! Sorry, I'd gotten caught up in so many other things in RL that I hadn't had a chance to really follow through on all of this. Though, I'm hoping to actually explore around a bit, with it, in the next few days. If I find there isn't much relating to Poser to rig and upload meshes to SL, I'll probably come back and make notes of what I experienced.
  14. Stickman Ingmann wrote: The pin scripts are used for actually transferring running scripts between objects. That's a bit more complex than what you're looking to do, I'm sure. Sending a spoken message with llSay(), llWhisper(), llShout(), llRegionSay(), or llRegionSayTo() would be much simpler. I'm partial to llRegionSayTo(). In this case, you only need one object to hear what you're saying, so there's no reason to go broadcasting it into a radius. And when you llRezAtRoot() you get the object_rez() event, which tells you the key of what you just rezzed. On object_rez(key id) you'll want to have a llGetOwnerKey(id) == llGetOwner() to verify that the object actually rezzed, as it can be used to check for rez failure if the key is invalid. The wiki page probably has more about that, though it may only be listed as a jira bug link. I played around with some possibilities, and I decided to actually try the one idea you had mentioned, where the object rezzed is a temp on rez object. I have it set so that, when the timer event counts down, if it isn't attached, it dies. If it is attached, it goes from temporary to a regular object, so the avatar can use the HUD for as long as needed. I'm actually a lot happier with this result, though I am keeping in mind what you said about regular sweeps to clear out temp items. I think I'll leave a warning that it may happen, and they'll need to rez the HUD, again. It just seemed like the easiest of all solutions.
  15. Hm... Yeah, I think the pin scripts might be more involved than I want it to be.
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