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  1. Thank you, so much! The model still imports in on its side, but both the mesh and the armature orients itself, properly, when I go into edit mode, now, instead of just the mesh . By sheer accident, I made an additional discovery when trying to see if clearing user transforms would make the armature go into the default T-Pose: while it didn't go into the T-Pose like I'd hoped, it did completely orient everything along the z-axis, so it's like that even in object mode. This definitely made things a lot easier for me to work with. In all, your instructions helped me to successfully bring the mode
  2. Heyla & Good Evening! I'd like to make some clothes that fit DreamCrawler Martin's weredog avatar (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DC-NG-WereWolf-Series-WereDog-Starter-Pack-Custos/12364077). While DreamCrawler had left a download link for a dev kit (https://www.dropbox.com/s/ew1bife6t1stw5y/NG_WW_Dummies.zip?dl=0), it's only available in FBX and Maya format, rather than Collada format, and the software I use is Blender. Blender doesn't seem to be able to import Maya files, and while Blender has an option to import FBX files, I get an error when I try to use this option. Is there
  3. Heyla and well met! I'm actually a little puzzled as to why people are puzzled at the fact that SL is having difficulty retaining new users, and why people who do stay aren't online, as much. In real life, times are really tough. I have quite a few friends who are out of work, literally trying to figure out how they're going to pay this month's rent. I and my husband, while financially stable enough to know that we have rent and bills covered, are trying to do what we can to improve our situation by pursuing higher education. Studying for school, going to work, making sure that children, i
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