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  1. What is the funniest (clean) joke that you know?
  2. Janelle Darkstone wrote: Whoa! Whoa, wait a sec! Why... why would anyone need their name embroidered on their backside? I mean, if someone is around to see you in your buttony hatchy underwear I'd hope they at least know your name already?! Maybe that isn't the guys name at all, but the name of his backside. Us guys all have pet names for our plonkers don't we? Yes indeed, my friendly one eyed trouser snake is called Steve. Maybe the guy in that picture decided to call his arse David.
  3. Personally I am not a fan of briefs, I find the wearing of them results in an excessively sweaty gonad area. I'd rather plump for a baggy boxer short or just go o'natural and let them hang free. Hope that helps with your brief research.
  4. Syo Emerald wrote: @Marketplace-discussion: I'm mostly a customer. The marketplace helped me in my early time to get affordable clothes and items and know helps me to safe time, when I'm looking for something where I don't already have a preferred brand or store. It would limit my shopping experience if I had to go inworld for research and spend about 30% of my time waiting for giant stores to rezz and wander around to finally realize everything there costs 200L$ and more. In the end shopping would get more frustrating for the customer and more expensive for the shopowner. There is no denying that the MP offers more accessibility to virtual products than any other method, it's one of the key reasons why it has been so successful, when you consider the alternatives, it is not suprising at all. However, the more success the MP has had, the more merchants abandon inworld stores and the more SL land ownership falls into decline resulting in the 2700+ private regions that were lost last year, around 10% of all the total private regions. At the moment LL are doing everything they can to ignore the problems crippling inworld commerce and are instead focusing their developmental efforts on the MP, a tactic that I suspect is already biting them in the arse or more specifically their bottom line. Can funneling sales onto the MP for a 5% commission really offset the loss of tier from all those lost regions? I doubt it but we don't have enough data to verify The solution is to close or semi-close the MP. They need to somehow incorporate the MP search engine into SL or something like it. Either that, or leave the MP in situ but disable all the "buy" buttons so that the MP can just be used as a search engine for inworld product locations. So you search for a dress and you are teleported to that dress inworld, not the entrance to a massive store, but to that specific product. I understand why you are an advocate of the MP, it has gone a long way to keeping SL commerce alive and has essentially made shopping easier for allot of people. However I think it should have been a temporary stop gap whilst LL developed a fair and efficient platform from which to conduct commerce inworld. Whenever I use the MP I feel like I am settling for second best, for a lousy plan B because LL are not willing or able to get plan A to work.
  5. There was once a time when nearly all commerce was conducted inworld, 3rd party sites such as SLX and SLB facilitated only a tiny percentage of virtual sales. Tier was the same price as it is now and thousands of new merchants managed to launch successful businesses inworld myself included, multiple times over. Of course, inworld search and other factors that resulted in the demise of inworld commerce would have to be addressed. That is why the solution is not easy. Adopting my idea would result in less products and choice it's true, but is that a bad thing? SL markets are oversaturated with content. The best designers would stay and those serious about selling content in SL could start out small renting in malls and other commercial spaces (that would also be revitalized by my idea). My idea would also drastically reduce the amount of stolen and fraudulent content sold in SL.
  6. Ciaran Laval wrote: The tier in Second Life is too damn high, but there's no easy solution there. LL aren't going to dramatically reduce their main source of income by slashing tier and gambling on that generating a rush in land purchases. It may not be an easy solution but I believe there is a solution. Step 1 - create 2 levels of tier, 1 for commercial use i.e. any land that facilitates the transfer of L$, and the other for non commercial use. Keep the commercial tier at the current rates. Lower non commercial tier by say, 25 to 50%. Step 2 - close the Marketplace. This would result in a land/tier rush from two sources, merchants picking up land in SL so they can continue to sell their products and services. Non merchants picking up land to take advantage of the reduced tier.
  7. Up until very recently I was using dual 22". However a man in the pub recently sold me a brand new 36" for £45 and he assured me that it was all perfectly legal and above board, and I for one and not willing to question the integrity of a random stranger in a pub...that's against pub code. So now I have a 22" screen on the desk slightly to the right, and a stupid big LCD on the wall behind it slightly to the left. It hurts my eyes after an hour because I am too close, but for me to sit an acceptable distance away from it would involve moving my desk into the hallway which is not terribly practical. It took me 4 hours to get the bloody thing on the wall and it is now covering up the holes from my first 3 attempts, so I am not keen on taking it down, plus it looks bad ass. So, in answer to your original question I generally just use one 22" at the moment. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  8. Sephina Frostbite wrote: Yeah made my first box!!! Hmm I think I smell a content thief here! That looks exactly like a box I have made! I am going to file a DMCA and get your entire box related operation shut down asap!
  9. Second Life is a game....and it is not a game. It all depends on the users application and viewpoint. But it can easily be both at the same time due to users ability to define their own experience here. The same is true of EVE. I have been on EVE for over 8 years and it ceased being a game to me 3 or 4 years years ago. Now it is just a platform for making real money. Just like SL.
  10. Yeah I removed old MB's from both sites. Being active on the forums I have seen all the problems that other merchants have had over the past year so I assumed I had the knowledge to manage a smooth migration and resolve any issues. But I am stumped on this one, and the people answering my support tickets are about as much use as a one legged man at an arse kicking competition,
  11. Min Barzane wrote: You can advise your customers what ewer you want but saying there is 50% chance it wont be delivered if they buy on MP is bit an owerkill! It's hardly overkill when I have the data to back up the statement. It's the truth. In fact I was being generous. In 5 days of running DD I have experienced over 60% failure rate on deliveries.
  12. Porky Gorky

    DD sucks

    I've finished migrating one of my accounts to DD 5 days ago. The account has the most listings, close to 1500. In a 5 day period the account has had more failed deliveries using DD than I've had in 8 years of using MB's! So why exactly are LL forcing us to adopt this inferior delivery process again? The only benefit I have seen so far is that the orders that actually manage to get delivered, do so a bit faster. whoopty-doo Beyond that, the whole process seems to be a mitigated disaster from my perspective. I feel now my best option is to edit each listing, putting a disclaimer in large bold print at the top explaining how there is less than 50% chance that your purchased item will be delivered via the marketplace and advising all customers to make their purchase inworld. Does anyone know if this is against the listing guidelines?
  13. Last I heard Podyan was set to become a welcome area for ZIndra. Like a stepping stone or bridge into the adult world of SL. Edit - I found the link I read previously. https://sites.google.com/site/zindrabusiness/home/zindra-quickstart-welcome-center-to-zindra-and-adult-sl Edit again...I really like the way you described it, makes it sound like the island out of Lost. However by the looks of it, Podyan has failed to meet it's full potential....again, just like Lost.
  14. We should summarise. So we know you started out asking advice on how to snoop on your partner. Then you were asking advice on how to understand the transaction history (presumably your partners) and now you want advice on how to reclaim your account after your partner presumably caught you and pwned your arse. I really feel like we are missing all the best bits here. Tell us what happened between wanting to spy on your partner and loosing your account and we may be able offer more help :matte-motes-big-grin:
  15. Leia36 wrote: Ask someone who does not use SL this question, short answer? No, SL has no celebs and anyone claiming to be a celeb needs to go hang out with napoleon on the funny farm That is not true. Anshe broke the glass ceiling, she made it onto the cover of Business Week, she made is onto RL talk shows and radio shows and received mainstream media attention far beyond the confines of SL if only for a short time. She was a celebrity, although I would not consider her one now. So to say SL has no celebrities is not correct, but I think you can count all of SL's celebrities over the past decade on one hand.
  16. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: Again, Porky ? :smileylol: I know!. I really do try to resist as it's childish and it lowers the tone of the place, but I'm afraid it has to be done. My goal now is to get 3 in one week so I shall be watching you very closely for the next few days Trinity. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  17. Contact billing and ask them exactly how the charge was incurred. Billing support phone numbers Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long-Distance 703.286.6277 Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Local Toll-Free numbers France: 0805.101.490 Germany: 0800.664.5510 Japan: 0066.33.132.830 Brazil: 0800.762.1132 Spain: 800.300.560 UK: 0800.048.4646 Support is in English Only --||-
  18. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: Sometimes the shortest is the best hehhehehe That's what she said! (and she was lying :matte-motes-big-grin:)
  19. Hi Dakota, I hope you like customer service as I think you will be having a busy month on the support front. :smileyhappy:
  20. This may be a broader issue but one thing to consider is that it is Tuesday. I never do anything of consequence on a Tuesday any more, too risky.
  21. Jarnz Dench wrote: seems like a waste of resources and time. I agree apart from one exception. MB redundancy has the potential to remove allot of old unsupported content from the MP. So hopefully this will be beneficial from a housekeeping perspective. It will be interesting to see how many listings actually disappear on retirement day Maybe we should start a pool, everyone take a guess at the total number of MP listing after retirement. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  22. Seems like LL are just pushing ahead DD without addressing the remaining o/s issues such as Linux support and no copy resalable content support.
  23. Thanks to all who commented, I am now much better informed.
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