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  1. Glad to see you are finally upgrading your computer Czari! I have been reading about your hardware inadequacies for far too many years now :matte-motes-big-grin: What are planning on buying? Regarding buying online, my advice is to find as much customer feedback online as you can relating to the company's repair process and turn around times etc. If a company performes poorly in this area you can guarantee people will be complaining about it on the interwebs. These forums being a perfect example of that.
  2. ChicByTrinity wrote: I noticed that I'm losing 20-30 L$ in a few hours or so, and it happened at least 3 times now. I noticed a loss of a few hundred L$. What could be causing this? :matte-motes-agape: Log in to your account on secondlife.com, there you can view your transaction history, that will tell you where the L$ went. I think the most common cause for this sort of issue is group liability. Someone joins a group without realising there are associated charges.
  3. Dillon Levenque wrote: To the best of my knowledge the i7 isn't all that important; the people whose opinions I respect consider the i5 to be completely adequate for SL. Tho OP indicated a desire to use the box for advanced things other than SL; given that an i7 would seem to be a good choice. edited for spelling I agree with that. I went from using a i5 3570K to a i7 3770K recently and only saw a minor improvement in performance for SL and gaming in general. Certainly not an improvement that warranted the price difference. However I really started to see the benefits of hyper-threading when rendering in 3DS Max and I am happy with the change I made to i7 now. So if the op is rendering 3D, or encoding/decoding video then they should consider an i7. If not then go with the i5 or AMD equivalent.
  4. Mikki Miles wrote: Rya Nitely wrote: My main tip to anyone starting out would be to try and steer clear of over-saturated markets, like clothing. THIS! But i think even in clothing market there are still some niches, like ethnic clothing. I am still looking for some nice mesh bavarian Lederhosen ;-) I think a couple of years ago there was a big problem with market over-saturation. But since mesh rolled out that is not the case at all. In some regards the markets have been leveled and we have entered a new phase where every market has the potential to be exploited again through the sale of mesh products. Take prefab buildings for example, there were/are many thousands of awesome buildings out there before mesh went mainstream. Competition was extremely tight. Nowadays if you are building in mesh then that is not the case at all, there are less than a hundred "top quality" mesh prefab buildings out there right now and the whole market is very much there for the taking. This is true for nearly all mesh markets in SL right now apart from maybe clothing which is and always has been the most actively developed market. When I started selling content in 2005 it was easy due to the lack of competition. It feels like we have gone full circle and reached that situation again with mesh to some extent.
  5. I miss the days of getting a brown envelope filled with notes at the end of the week as apposed the electronic payments we get nowadays. Getting to hold all the money you had earned that week made it feel more tangible and it was a nice feeling walking around with loads of money in my wallet for a few hours before I spent most of it on necessities and the rest of it in the pub. Happy days.
  6. There was once such a group/project back in 2005 that I was a part of. The group leader owned a few mainland regions next to each other. A large part of the land was devoted to a huge ongoing build that had many contrbutors. The general concept was an abstract virtual environment which allowed for some varied and interesting work from a diverse selection of builders, scripters and designers. The project culminated in 2006 when lots of small sections of the build were copied and displayed at Burning Life where we provided a landmark to the finished piece that was too big to display at the exhibition in it's entirety. Am really annoyed I can't find any pictures....but that was 4 computers ago,so not holding out much hope There also used to be a cool speed building group where we would compete one on one or in small teams to meet a design brief in a restricted amount of time. That was allot of fun!
  7. I was suggesting you sell them for a significant amount in an effort to stop people buying them in bulk to resell at a profit. If you charge say L$500 for it and make it clear in your sales material that all proceeds go to charity then hopefully that will solve the problem of potential bulk resellers as outlined in your OP.
  8. You should sell them instead and gift all the proceeds to a charity supporting the victims.
  9. I liked it. I have certainly had many a night out in London that were just as psychedelic and *bleeped* up as this vid. So a nice representation I felt. Good work.
  10. Pamela Galli wrote: Does Paypal only demand a CC from non US countries? I did several searches and looked on the Paypal site and all they mention is linking to a bank account. I don't have any CC link. With regards to the UK and France I know you don't need a credit card to have a Paypal account. Paypal just needs to be linked and verified to an active bank account and that is it.
  11. I got into the show in the early eighties as a kid. It was my introduction into science fiction and it scared the bejezus out of me as well as fuelling my imagination as to what might be "out there". Generally what I imagined to be out there were very low budget aliens and wobbly sets but I did not know any better at the time. Dr. Who led me onto shows like Star Trek, Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica and I have been a massive scifi fan ever since. Regarding the Dr. Who reboot, I liked the first two Doctors. Eclesson is a fantastic actor and is destined to excel in any role given to him and Tenant really grew his version of the doctor into a great character over his run. The series changed for me though when Russel T Watson stepped down from running the show and Steven Moffat took over along with the introduction of Matt Smith as the new doctor. There now seems to be allot less focus in good science fiction and allot more focus on drama and suspense, continually building up the music for that scary reveal, it's gotten a tad dull and repetitive for me. Also I think the Matt Smith Dr has almost become a caricature of himself and is far too over the top now. And don't get me started on how annoying Amy Pond was, I'm glad she is gone now. My, fav scifi show of the last decade: Battelstar reboot Caprica Falling Skies Stargate Universe Fringe Lost Torchwood
  12. Watership Down. In my defense I was very baked. Those poor bunnies :smileysad:
  13. Sylvio Runo wrote: Now, by a minute, imagine all the other residents not usa residents, what do they do with the money? English, australians, italians, all the rest of the world, what do they do with the money? I am from the UK and LL have been cashing out to my Paypal account for 8 years. I know other Europeans that also cash out regularly so I think you are wrong. You should double check your information.
  14. Sylvio Runo wrote: I am really thinking to leave SecondLife. Only us residents can cashout to Paypal. If i can not cashout, there is no reason to stay here. And i am sure, i am not only one. The economy will brake. You don't need a premium account to cash out, as far as I know you don't even need PIOF. So why exactly can't you cash out?
  15. I love Weeds and agree with you whole heartedly about the voice of the woman singing the theme tune, it's like nails down a blackboard. Series 2, 3 and 8 had a different artist each episode performing a different version of Little Boxes, that was much cooler!
  16. The cash out TAT has never bothered me personally, I just plan ahead and cash out a week before I want the money to hit Paypal. I agree that the whole process could easily be carried out more efficiently if the right resources were thrown at it, but this is Linden Lab we are talking about, that's not the way they roll. I think it is a good thing they are taking a firmer control over their currency, it should give them more room to manipulate the market so the L$ can remain stable for longer as usership declines as well as reducing fraud.
  17. LillyBeth Filth wrote: Can we talk about boxes some more? Think I might start a new thread! lol To be fair, it's a forum! If people want to talk about bloody boxes for weeks on end... then they should..if people are bored by boxes.. pick up a book or take up knitting.. That's not a dig at you Rya, I just see some forum feathers being ruffled about BOXES! lol You have to laugh ! It's not a laughing matter young lady. It's a very serious issue indeed and the sooner the "boxless" realise this the better. They may have been corrupted and lured away by a seemingly more attractive delivery method, but it's not too late for them see the light and to change their misbegotten ways. We can save them and reignite their love of boxes! Lets all start by watching this video....
  18. Pamela Galli wrote: I try to pick friends that are much nicer and have far better character than I do. The mystery is why they seem to be okay being friends with me. aaaaw, that explains why you have not sent me a friend request after all these years of bantering on the forums :smileywink:
  19. Rya Nitely wrote: I'm sorry, did someone say something here? I don't have time for this thread anymore. I'm doing research into the Byzantine Search Function now, which according to 'Not As Dumb As I Look', is a much more important issue to focus on. Then I will create a thread about it and see what customers think. You're welcome to join in...it's an important issue - I've been told. oooooh getting sarcastic. Are you annoyed because you miss your boxes? You are boxless in a box filled world with only a generic, cluteristic folder based delivery method to cling to. It''s not too late to turn away from the dark side and to re-embrace all the functional goodness that boxes have to offer you know.
  20. Pamela Galli wrote: I don't think so. People still want to walk around inside -- pictures just tell what is included, but they don't give any idea of the floorplan etc. Besides that I don't care where they buy. Don't go contradicting me with your logic, im trying to be all overly-dramatic and doomsayery. This could very well cause the final demise of SL you know. We are all doomed!
  21. Rya Nitely wrote: So I found the topic interesting for my information only. What you (and other merchants) do is your business. My concern was with customers. There is your mistake right there.You should not go trusting customers to decide what is best for themselves, that is our job! That is why we are successful here, because we know what we are doing. The majority of SL's users dont know their arse from their elbow. They think they know what they want, they think folders are easier, less clicking, but in a years time most will change their minds as their inventory grows at an ever increasing rate, slowing down load times and resulting in more time spent on house-keeping. Then they will all be saying " remember when Porky said boxes were better?" and I will be sat their smugly sipping a glass a chilled Sancerre, nodding knowingly. A tongue in cheek post but my point is valid :smileyhappy:
  22. Rya Nitely wrote: Yes, that's true...but simply getting the sale shouldn't be where you draw the line. It's called polishing your brand. Whether you make a decision to box or not, it should be a considered choice. It's not important to you. But the fact that there are 3 threads - all hot topics - should tell you something. I disagree. It's pretty much irrelevant and making a conscious choice whether to use boxes or folders does nothing to polish a brand. Any time spent researching or actioning this issue is time wasted, time that could be better spent on things that are actually important, things that could genuinely help improve sales, or improve the customer shopping experience or improve a merchants ability to support their products. The fact that there are 3 active threads does not mean it is a "hot topic". It just means that merchants and consumers alike clearly have nothing more interesting or important to talk about on the forums. That is more a reflection in the current state of these forums rather than importance of a the box vs. folder debate. Lets bottom line it. Some people like boxes. Some like folders. You can't please everyone all of the time in a situation like this so why bother trying? Either sell your content in a box that can be worn and auto unpacked, or sell it via a folder with a boxed version included in the folder. Either option has a chance to meet the customers packaging preference and if it does not meet their preference they can rectify the issue within a matter of seconds. What more is there to discuss on this "hot topic"?
  23. I think there's a a lot of things a merchant can do in SL to turn a customer into an ex-customer, however, merchants not meeting a customers packaging preferences is definitely not one of them imo. It's a non issue. If a person wants to buy a piece of content then they will buy it regardless of the packaging method. It's just not important and the subject does not warrant the amount of threads currently active on the forums.
  24. HisaDrug wrote: Why would you put a no-mod script in the item when you can just uncheck modify? Colour change script or resizers don't affect the permission that complex unless it's about something else. A lot of content I sell comes with an auto rezzer, as does a lot of other content sold in SL. Take the most popular auto rezzer, Rez Faux created by Lex Neva. Any item packaged with Rez Faux will show as no modify untill the item is rezzed and saved (a process that removes the no mod positioning scripts). So a modifiable item packaged with rez faux will show as "no modify" on the MP as well as in the end users inv, even though the item is in fact fully modifiable. I am not a scripter, nor do I want to be. so I buy all my complex scripts from others. Seeing as how allot of scripters don't sell full perms, they cannot allow users to modify the scripts directly, because a person would just copy and paste the contents into a new script of their creation. So a lot of scripts will be sold no modify to people like me and these can then be custom edited normally through a menu system. Any content sold that contains these scripts will appear as no modify on the MP and in the inv, however everything but the script will be modifiable once the item is rezzed inworld.
  25. Life before the internet was one of standing around looking suspicious in newsagents waiting for the shop to clear so one could sneakily purchase a top shelf publication (obscured beneath a newspaper) with minimal embarrassment. All hail the interwebs and it's smorgasbord of free pornography!!
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