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  1. Pamela Galli wrote: However I noticed this -- when I put the linked outer walls beside the whole house I had uploaded the other day, which has the same linked walls, the linked outer walls had much worse LOD. They disappeared much sooner. The upload settings were exactly the same. This has always happened in my experience. In my tests, if you select multiple objects in your modeling program and upload them, they arrive in SL linked. If you attach them in your modeling program before uploading they arrive as one object in SL. Place these 2 identical objects next to each other in SL and the linked one will always switch LOD's first. So I have found it is always best to attach the objects before importing them. But doing this makes the object bigger right which would result in a higher LI? True, however, because it is bigger, an avatars camera can be further away before the LOD switches each time. This means you can get away with allot less detail on the Low LOD due to the distance of the person viewing it and sometimes you don't need the Lowest LOD at all if the build is big enough, if this is the case you just need to create a few small triangles (the same amount as the number of materials used in the model) for the lowest LOD and then you just hide it somewhere in the build. This can help offset the LI cost of having a bigger build. Also...you need to keep your interiors separate to the exterior incase you are not doing that. When people are inside a building their camera is confined which means they may never see the lower and lowest LOD levels as they never get far enough away for them to switch. With careful planning you can design a house so that a camera can never see for more than say 20m or so without hitting a wall meaning you can get away with using just a High and Medium LOD models inside, saving LI. This is not always doable if you have a lot of glass allowing people to see in from the outside. Building intelligent interiors can go a long way in keeping the LI down, I keep my interiors and exteriors separate when importing, rather than attaching them to the exterior before imports, it's more LI efficient. Also, why don't you want to use a rezzer for the house?
  2. Sephina Frostbite wrote: I was told I should make my avi ugly.... Shove a paper bag on your head and join the bag headed avi revolution!
  3. Czari Zenovka wrote: Sassy Romano wrote: Porky Gorky wrote: Most boxes have unpacker scripts nowadays so it's a simple process of rez, click and delete.No biggie. Exactly and the on_rez() event can even do the unpack and the deletion so there's only any need to rez or wear the box, no touch, no delete needed. Can someone recommend an unpacker script please? Thanks. Edit: clarification I will send you a copy of the freebie script I have been using for years. It's clean and simple. I am sure there are fancier scripts out there but this has worked for me without fail, so I have felt no need to change it,
  4. Pamela Galli wrote: Porky Gorky wrote: When I get home I will just dump all the new **bleep** out in a corner of my build space and there it stays until I want it. If I can't see it I generally forget about it because I use multiple avatars all of whom have very hectic inventories so I find it really handy to have stacks of boxes lying about with nice pictures on to remind me of what I have purchased. This is exactly what I do. Otherwise even if I remember I have something I don't know what it is called. Before I learned to make textures and then sculpts/meshes I used to buy allot of full perm textures and sculpt maps, and I mean ALLOT! It got out of hand so I made my own rezzable shops full of the things I had purchased, like the demo rezzers we use for prefabs. So if I am looking for some branches I'll jut rez the "landscaping shop" and voila, every full perm landscaping item I ever bought is there for me to peruse in it's original packaging. It took allot of hours to set up initially and I ended up with over 20 "shops" but it really allowed me to get the most out of all the full perm items I had purchased for many years. All obsolete now of course as my creative process has completely changed. Got millions of L$ worth of full perm textures and sculpt maps, all useless as everything is custom made outside of SL now.
  5. As a consumer there are a couple of reasons why I prefer boxes. I don't shop often but when I do I will buy lots of stuff, some things I may use straight away, others things are purchased for future use. When I get home I will just dump all the new **bleep** out in a corner of my build space and there it stays until I want it. If I can't see it I generally forget about it because I use multiple avatars all of whom have very hectic inventories so I find it really handy to have stacks of boxes lying about with nice pictures on to remind me of what I have purchased. My inventories are very overloaded and a larger inventory results in a longer load time once you get over 30k to 40K items. Unboxed products tend to fill up the inv faster resulting in slower load times when opening the inv. When i am finished using a product I generally archive it rather than delete it. Boxes help keep my archive orderly and if I have items that are not boxed then I will box them. So given the choice of boxed or unboxed I will vote for old skool boxing anyday of the week.
  6. As a merchant I wasted far too much time resolving DD issues to unpack 2600 boxes. This would take me a very long time and would save the customer only a few seconds, not worth the effort at this stage of the game. Most boxes have unpacker scripts nowadays so it's a simple process of rez, click and delete.No biggie.
  7. I feel like the internet has degraded my ability to spell since leaving college in the mid 90's. Since then allot of bastardised American English spellings have crept into my brain and I find myself constantly questioning my spelling. This has generally not been a major issue as I can rely on a proper English spell checker, however last year I started a degree in Computer Animation and I really came a cropper recently when it came to sitting my first exams, I don't have access to a spell checker so I really had to focus not to put bloody Z's instead of S's in some words. I blame these forums. We doez need to be teachingz these Americanos wot the bestest way of spellage 'n' grammar is instead of juzt lettin em make it up as they does go along.
  8. LillyBeth Filth wrote: Prat is an English slang word for an idiot. I can confirm I can also confirm that it is generally only used by the over 40's :smileywink:
  9. If LL were to lower tier I think it needs to be coupled with a move to charge listing fees on the MP. The knock on effect of these two actions could offset the loss in revenue from the tier reduction for the lab I think. Lower tier for everyone, charge listing fees on the MP, Lower prices means more people pick up land. More land in use results in more content being sold to be used on that land. MP listing fees would drive merchants back onto grid either out of necessity, protest or because they are enthusiastic about expanding due to the increased demand for content and lower tier prices. By lowering tier and charging for listing fees LL would be driving the pick up of land from multiple directions, initially it would be the normal users/consumers and merchants picking up land, then the service providers kick in as the demand for commercial and private rental is revitalized, clubs and malls and "destinations" would all be inspired to invest in cheaper tier to support the returning, expanding and new merchants and users/consumers. The recovery would be a rolling one spread over many many months, but I think LL could ultimately increase their revenue and user numbers from such a move.
  10. I got the same email form xstreet. I have never received any emails about needing to migrate to DD from LL. If I had not of been active in SL and aware of DD then that xstreet mail would have been my first indication that something is wrong. I wonder how many inactive SL merchants are facing that scenario.
  11. Deja Letov wrote: I checked early this morning and we had 2,518,726 listings. Right now we have 2,491,898 listings. Down by almost 27,000 listings already. Won't be complete until the 19th but I'm really curious as to how many listings this is potentially going to kill off. Take that back, down to : 2,490,906 Guess it will dwindle down slowly. It's down to 2016287 now, over half a million listings removed, nearly 20%.of the original total.
  12. Ivo Takacs wrote: NEW ORDER NOW!!!! The whole world NEEDS to work as a single nation!!! The only way that will happen in the next few hundred years is if one nation or a coalition conquers all the others.
  13. Pamela Galli wrote: When I ask for help, as I do, say, in the Mesh forum here, I often specify I am requesting "the Dummies version" or some variation on that theme. In fact Drongle euphemisticaly will dumb down his explanations saying "I know you don't like math" LOL. So when requesting help, would you consider asking for "the retarded version" as opposed to "the dummies" version? They are both tantamount to the same thing and equally offensive. Or would you not have an issue referring to yourself as a retard? This is in no way meant as an insult as you are obviously not a dummy/retarded.
  14. Rya Nitely wrote: There must be so many insulted people out there. I'm surprised the success of all these books :smileyfrustrated: If a person consciously decides to purchase a book that offensively insult's their mental capacity on the front cover, well then I guess the publishers have met their target market. But just because the customer base for that series of books are not offended by having their mental capacity questioned through offensive terminology, plenty of other people are So citing examples of other instances of the offensive use of the word "dummy" does nothing to detract from the offensive use of the word in this thread.
  15. Tari Landar wrote: Are you saying we're not? I'm of the belief that at some point, we all have our dumb moments.I sure as heck do, and I read instructions, quite thoroughly. I still sometimes need something that spells things out for me a bit more clear. Even if it's been posted or explained a milllion times by a million other people. I probably wouldn't have chosen the words for dummys, either. But that doesn't mean anytime it's used it was intended to be offensive and nothing more. Of course we don't all share the same sense of humor, so it may not be funny to some. It's certainly not worthy of the attack it got, though. That was a tad over the top. I mean if we're going to complain about something being offensive, I'm pretty sure that being offensive with our complaining isn't going to accomplish the goal any quicker either. The whole tit for tat thing is a bit silly once we've reached adulthood. My kids can't even get away with that, lol. I don't think focusing on that one word was really all that important. But, I can't decide for others what is and isn't. So I don't think there's anything wrong with being offended, but I do believe there's a much better way of conveying that. When a person is referred to as a dummy, it is the equivalent of calling them stupid or mentally retarded. If you want to publicly admit you are a dummy then that is your prerogative. If you think the mods should leave offensive thread titles in the forum then that is your prerogative. Just because you are not offended by a word does not mean others should not be offended. Just because you do not think others should challenge the use of the word through discussion, does not mean I cannot. Not much offends me but due to personal circumstance the use of the world "dummy" or the equivalent word "retard" greatly offends me. If you don't want to see me complain about it then I suggest you direct your eyes somewhere else because it is going to go on until this thread title changes or until the thread dies..
  16. Rya Nitely wrote: some people are just mean, what you can you do? Not implying that merchants are Dummy's would be as good a place as any for the OP to start.
  17. Nyll Bergbahn wrote: Linden lab should never have stopped the discounts but offering a discount to new customers only is hardly new to the marketing world. Banks, telephone companies, electricity and gas companies etc frequently use this marketing ploy. Hopefully it will bring many new residents to SL and improve LL's balance sheet. All those types of companies you mention generally widely advertise the fact that they have special deals for new or returning customers. It's an obvious selling point. LL have not done this and I have to wonder why. If they have deals available to attract new business then they should be shouting about it from the rooftops.
  18. PhoebeDesmons wrote: You wasted your time and the time of other people looking for answers. Hardly a waste of time. The "Dummy's" need to realise that following your instruction will not consistently result in a smooth migration. They need to realise that some of the problems that they are encountering are not a result of their lack of ability to follow simple instructions, but in fact, are the result of a process that does not work properly for everyone.
  19. June 1st 2004. The day before my birthday, a good friend came down from London and stayed overnight. We drank allot, we smoked allot, By late evening we were completely mashed. He started telling me about Second Life. I installed the viewer on my machine, he logged into his account and I got my first experience of SL. He had built this cool multi tiered platform/house type thing on top of a mountain peak, his avatar was a robot, and he could fly, he was streaming music in to his parcel from an FTP server....I remember it was playing Underworld - Born Slippy when i arrived, he had invented and built his own 3D board game called "Meknes" and he taught me how to play, then he took me to Abbots Aerodrome and we got a plane each and started flying around the sim. In my inebriated state I thought this was the coolest "game" I had ever seen. He purchased me a 1 month premium membership for my birthday and the rest is history, I have been here ever since.
  20. PhoebeDesmons wrote: I am getting tired of seeing pages, and pages worth of "instructions" when it's a simple process. I find your thread title and this quoted sentence condescending. I guess some people will find this thread helpful, but it is just another of many threads exactly like it. You are just adding another thread to the pages worth of instructions already available, thus becoming part of the problem you are tired of. The problem with DD migration is that it is not a simple process that works consistently for everyone. So whilst your experience with migration may have been positive to the extent that you self-righteously take it upon yourself to come here to tall us all how easy it is and how tired you are of reading threads of people who try to help instruct others, the fact of the matter is, if you follow Linden Lab's instructions....or your own for that matter, then there is no guarantee that your product will be migrated to DD successfully without issue.
  21. WADE1 Jya wrote: even little nothing websites run by amateurs would. :cathappy: That's no way to talk about the MP :smileywink:
  22. Sassy Romano wrote: Regardless of opinion over the benefits or issues that some have had, the fact is that it has been available for over a year with a pending cut off date so why leave it so long? Because DD is a system developed by LL. MB's were not. Leaving it until the last minute meant I had a system in place that worked that did not require support, rather than a system developed by LL, which so far in my experience is inferior and does require support, which they are not able to satisfactory provide. I've been using DD for 2 weeks now and this past week has been better I will admit compared to the first week 14 days of use and my average delivery failure rate is only 40% now, improved from the +50% failure rate I was seeing last week. I have had more failed deliveries in 2 weeks using DD than I had in over 8 years of using MB's. I expected DD to be problematic and LL did not disappoint. This is a pattern they have repeated throughout the history of SL when rolling out "improvements" and it is the exact reason why I waited until the last minute. I was not going to voluntarily let LL sabotage my business until I had no other choice. I've migrated 1600 Listings so far. I've got about 1100 left. These will literally be left until the last day now, that is if my delivery faliure rate improves between now and then. If it doesn't then I see no point in continuing with the migration until DD is stable and usable for all merchants
  23. Sassy Romano wrote: I don't know that i'd call it last minute yet but given that the system has been operational for over a year, one has to question the sense in waiting so long to migrate? Here are a few reasons for you to pick from.... It's pointless, The whole migration process is fraught with problems. It's time consuming I've got better things to do,
  24. My team built three IBM regions, one in 2005 and two in 2006. They were so enthusiastic about SL, about embracing virtual platforms into their everyday workflow and ultimately operating their own platform, as you said. They let us into their inner circle for a while and we even ran building and scripting classes for them twice a week for about 6 months.There was so much money flowing out of IBM and into SL and we did everything we could to ensure that some of it flowed straight towards our pockets. Then in late 2006 something happened. I have no idea what, but overnight my team and all the others I knew of who were doing custom work for IBM were cut off. Our access was restricted within their network of regions and custom projects in progress were stopped without explanation. They thanked us for our time and paid us off and that was that. To this day I still do not know why, but by the end of 2006 it did not matter. RL business had arrived in SL and there were plenty of other cash shows eager for a milking. I did a few small custom jobs after that for individuals within IBM but there were no more requests for full custom sims, that business all seemed to start going in Anshe's direction.
  25. Conjunctivitis.com – that’s a site for sore eyes
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