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  1. Hey prokofy! Glad to see you're still fighting the good fight. Rock on! It'll be interesting to see (or perhaps they've already said this) if they revamp IP rights such that we can use content from renderosity, etc.
  2. I see that they took my advice from 2012! yes, I am totally and absolutely kidding. Still, I'd truly be a very devoted creator in Sansar if there are any Lindens out there who might want to invite me to help create content. I am skilled in Maya/3ds/blender/mari/vray and definitely C# I also created a lot of content for SL, back in the SLExchange.com days. 100K USD + in revenues. I remember lobbying every and all Lindener that would listen to buy the marketplace. Glad they finally did it! Anyhow - will sign any and all NDAs required. Much love to my fellow Second Lifers. p
  3. I know this is a hail mary, but anyone have some thoughts on how to apply for the Alpha/Beta/Gamma/whatever of Project Sansar? I am a loooongtiiime SL user (2004, gack). I work with Maya/3dsmax/vray/mari/unity/unreal/etc. Feel free to call me a troll for asking this. I'm desperate so I'll take the abuse
  4. The oculus rift is truly mind blowing! Many thanks to the Mr. Rowe for creating this pre-release version.
  5. Very cool. People don't notice it, but our gaze direction is one of our fundamental most important body language movements we have. Being able to inject this into SL will be a quantum leap over what it is today.
  6. I love how everyone is going gaga over 3D Cinemas. We've had that in SecondLife forever. I really think this could be amazingly revolutionary. Cracker, what do you think about gaze support? Is hooking up the direction of where the Avatar is looking to the Oculus Rift pretty easy to do? I remember running events in SL and I could never tell if people were paying attention to me. Imagine an event where everyone is wearing an oculus rift. You could just walk around the room a bit and you could tell people are paying attention because the direction of their gaze would shift!
  7. Glad to see the Lindens are finally onboard! Can't wait to rift inworld. http://www.telepresenceoptions.com/2013/04/oculus_rift_integration_coming/
  8. Take some time to watch the video on the link I provided above. You'll see that this tech is light years beyond the toilet paper tube approach of HMDs even from last year. It's a revolutionary jump forward. BTW, SL already has some stereoscopic support: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-2972 So there isn't much that needs to be done. The question is though, where are we with this? It has a status of unresolved. I can't comment on that issue and ask unfortunately. Does anyone know anyone who can help follow up on this? This tech really was meant for SL and SL was meant for i
  9. I think the Oculus Rift could really revitalize SecondLife, especially if it's a first mover and is one of the early adopters of the HMD. Anyone interesting in helping lobby SL, please bump this thread! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1523379957/oculus-rift-step-into-the-game
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