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  1. what is the link to the status blog please?
  2. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on what's happening with the processing situation?? I cashed out to Paypal on the 2nd Oct but still have not received anything yet and it's now the 11th. I did accept the new TOS and wouldn't have thought it would take this long. Any help appreciated.
  3. Yay!! Thank you Chris Norse!! I deleted all the files you said from them folders and it's working again )) Big thanks to everyone who commented and tried to help.
  4. Thanks for the responses!! 1. I have already reinstalled Firestorm 2. Power Supply is fine (everything else works including viewer2) 3. I did have TONS of notifications, but went inside viewer2 and deleted them all to test this. Still the same I have a netgear router which i've read could pose an issue, but the thing is originally I had no problems???
  5. I have used firestorm a few times and really like it! Unfortunately it wont login. It goes through the motions and gets to downloading clothing.....hangs for ages! then comes up to view IM's or Quit as i've been disconnected?? This happens over and over! It's really bugging me :( It's allowed in my firewall and viewer2 loads perfect everytime. I have a quadcore pc with a high spec graphics card so I know it isn't anything to do with performance. Besides it HAS worked at one point flawlessly. I've reinstalled it but get the same problem. Anyone have any ideas???
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