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  1. Can anyone link me up with a transcript from yesterdays OH or user group or whatever it is called this week. Cheers.
  2. It can take a while for the Sync to work. Not so much caused by in-world lag, but caused by a badly designed system. Give a while them check again.
  3. Agrona Longfall wrote: Ok good idea! Now another question would be, does it work if I have multiple boxes with 50 or so DIFFERENT items in them? Will they deliver from the same marketplace page? Sorry if these are dumb quiestion but I didn't know there was a "limit" when I see market shops with many more items than I have. If I understand the question correctly then yes. I have about 700 items listed under this avatar so I have a stack of 14 boxes rezzed with 50 items in each. This also help me keep things organised as I can have trees in one box, plants in another etc etc. And I have that stack of 14 boxes duplicated 3 times. Is important to remember to update all your backup boxes when you add new items....I always forget to do that
  4. You would need to have rez rights on a parcel in another region for this to work. So you could buy or rent another bit of land in another sim, or ask a friend to host some back up boxes for you, or there are businesses out there that specifically rent prims for you to host your boxes. This is good for a few reasons. If your region is down for whatever reason it means you MB is offline and won't deliver items. WIth back-up boxes in place then SLM will cycle through until it finds a box it can deliver from. If your region is online but experiencing server lag then that may also cause you delivery issues, especially if you have 100 plus items in your MB. What I do is have a triple MB setup. So 3 copies of the same magic boxes in 3 different sims. 1 set of boxes on my main parcel and the other 2 sets are hosted on friends parcel. In return I host each of their back up boxes. WIth 50 items in each MB I very rarely get failed deliveries.
  5. Personally I find the optimal amount to be about 50 to 60 items per MB. When doing tests on this last year I was finding that boxes with more than 60 items were more prone to failed deliveries. The more items in a MB, the more likely it is to fail. If you really want to have 100 plus items in a an MB then I suggest keep duplicate copies of the MB in other regions. This will help reduce the number of failed deliveries.
  6. Venus Petrov wrote: Welcome back forumites! Spill your guts and tell us what you did while the SL forum was offline. You know you want to. I actually got some work done for a change!
  7. Yay I am an "honoured" resident. About time I got some respect around here :smileyvery-happy:
  8. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Right, so it's some strange US teenage thing then. Wonder it LL will ever consider their international residents and celebrate/promote/mention/notice a non-US event. It's Shrove Tuesday in the UK on 8th March, better known as Pancake Day! Maybe we could have a special promotion for that? Although I'm not sure LL will go for that idea as it seems that everyday is pancake day in the states.
  9. Not being American, I am not fully versed on what spring break entails. I have obviously seen spring breaks referenced in movies but that generally just involves teenagers getting inebriated and exposing themselves. Exactly what sort of "spring break" products can we sell to make the most of this promotional opportunity? Is it just beach and party stuff and whot-not?
  10. Pamela Galli wrote: If I can't eat it or spend it, I am not interested. This is a good point. Considering that some forum users have been helping people for years, investing their time and effort in providing solutions to problems in an effort to compensate for the for the failings of the official support system. I think these 'heroes' of the forums should be recognized, honored and most importantly rewarded for all their hard work. They should be given free premium accounts, free tier allocation, free advertising space, free Lindex trading plus Rodvik's personal telephone number so they can call him up any time of night or day? They should be set apart from the 'little people' and put on a pedestal so they can be admired and worshiped. In Pamela's case she should be given free edible bank notes so she can either eat or spend her reward.
  11. Pamela Galli wrote: It makes sense for the Answers forums I guess. But still don't know what the point of credits would be. I thought the benefit would be obvious.....it will make Proks life a lot easier when she compiles her FIC list every year.
  12. I don't think a high post count can be used to determined someone's value on these forums. In Ann's case I think her 4000 + posts is a good indication of her contribution to these forums, it amazes me that she has that many posts yet everything she posts is either relevant, informative, helpful or blunt and to the point with very little waffle, pointless posts or wasted effort. But looking at some of the posters who mainly hang out in GA forum, some have higher post counts than Ann, yet most of that is generated through bickering, trolling or posting pictures of annoying cats doing annoying things. I think people should be recognized for the hundreds of hours they have spent here helping and informing the community but I cant really think of a fair way to do it.
  13. I hope you are not in the north east, that cyclone looks very scary, even by cyclone standards
  14. Toysoldier.Thor wrote: I am not sure what the logic is for Brooke to change the long standing LL naming convention of an Open Office to a User Group meeting. It serves no purpose but to increase confusion and reduce effective communications. shrugs... but what ever. I think there are enough issues on the table right now that we don't need to create new ones. The name change is irrelevant. let the Lindens call the meeting whatever they like. As long as they turn up and address the existing issues with us, then that's all that matters. Any time spent discussing this name change at the next User Group meeting is time wasted.
  15. Suella Ember wrote: Yeah, but to be fair, I went to university with someone from Scunthorpe and he assured me everyone from there is a c................... Chav?
  16. Where did you read the new guidelines Vick? In her post Brooke said they would not be released until Thursday. Are you sure you haven't been reading the old ones? Brooke Linden wrote: Please view the updated listing guidelines (link points to the current guidelines) on Thursday for more details.
  17. "What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach, so you get what we had here last week which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. And I don't like it any more than you men."
  18. Brooke Linden wrote: Phase 1: 1/27 Release On Thursday, the Marketplace will move to the General, Moderate, and Adult content levels already in use in the Viewer. Just prior to this release (starting on Wednesday), we will be running a process that will add a content level to existing items. Once the release has been completed, you will be able to review the ratings set on your Marketplace listings by viewing your inventory: there will be a new column “Maturity” showing what level the item falls into. Search will now support viewing general or moderate/adult content. Please view the updated listing guidelines (link points to the current guidelines) on Thursday for more details. Hi Brooke, can you tell us exactly what factors are taken into account when you assign a rating to our listings during this initial phase? It would be useful to have this information in advance of your changes. Thanks.
  19. Nope. Not gonna happen. After 30 days the data becomes unavailable to us.
  20. You might find that it takes longer than usual over the Christmas period as there will inevitably be less staff working. So it may be 0 - 5 working days + a few more,
  21. Is this company being run by a muppet? You have lost over 60% of your staff, nearly all the major features of this platform are faulty and require work. So with a limited workforce and a major workload this is what you have been wasting your time and money on? So I'll ask again...... Is this company being run by a felt puppet with a hand up it's arse? If not, then lets go and hire Kermit as I'm sure he could do a better job than you nob heads.
  22. Top right corner, next to the clock is a "pause/play" icon. Hover your cursor over that and it will bring up more options including Audio/Video prefs. Also accessable in Me/Preferences
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