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  1. As long as they let bloggers make multiple accounts and horde houses it's never going to be fair.
  2. I wish the genus cheeks were more scalable, the jaw line too (jaw angle does nothing) and noses were better, zero personality other than strong which is the exact opposite of what I want. I do like the heads (own all of them) but those things bother me the most as I can’t get the exact look I want or even remotely close. At the moment catwa seems dead and leltuka’s features aren’t delicate enough for me... actually neither are genus. It’s depressing though to see just new releases for those heads at events, it’s cut my time in SL down by almost 90% and the friends I had gave up on me I thi
  3. The nose still bothers me even on the new head free head. it's frustrating catwa is the only place that has my nose. I've demo'd every head in sl and tired every skin and then forgot about it, then tried them all again. I can sort of make my own skins too at this point but the problem is not with the skins it's those noses at least with genus and the cheeks too. They never get the combo right for what I want and It's just so far removed from how I look. Hopefully a new head comes along that does what Catwa Catya did but higher detail.
  4. I have pink hair so it's never worked great for me, so much tinting to make various creators different version of pink work. I have probably every hairbase you can find, but I can also make my own. I feel like playing on a 4k monitor makes all of this is even more noticeable. I really need to clean my inventory out after all this trial and error. I think just over the past 4 months of me trying Genus my inventory grew another 230,000 items. Sadly all of that was me trying to fix things and nothing I'll keep. Some hairbases work okay for some hair but there's a quite a few Lamb, 2018/2019
  5. I actually know all this stuff I probably spend more time with shapes and customization than the average person. My post count is low but I've been on SL since Teen Grid SL. I usually make my avatars resemble me and other than Catwa and a very specific skin that took years to find, nothing currently works. Genus looks way wrong because of the noses (every pic it's evident), cheeks, noses, eyes and noses, and the giant foreheads that makes hair not fit right, always problems the hairstyles that resemble mine the most. I can continue to use Catwa I just wanted an upgrade.
  6. The nose bothers me too. I also have a very straight nose for real and that's easy to get with Catwa, but not with genus, not in a way where it looks anything like how I want it to. I don't like how it makes a lot of hairstyle I love, unusable because of how big the top of the head is. Yes I know I can smash the head so it looks even less like me but even like that, the hairline and quite a lot of hair looks strange. Hopefully something new comes along and I hope it's from someone new or Catwa. Genus feels very GENeric to me and lacks personality and I don't just mean the actual heads, altho
  7. I have this problem too so i just put it on a windlight I made. It sucks though because it always looks bad with region light on.
  8. I thought about doing that but in the end for my specific situation I don't think they'll take his computer away from him. He'll still come in SL. I don't think he stalks anyone but me and I saw his entire police record, he really puts a lot of hours into it. His whole life it seems is lived online. I guess I could do it Monday. This isn't a new issue it's a long time running problem, I think an 8 year one now that is so exhausting because of the amount of effort I put into trying to get anyone to help and listen. This even extended outside of SL into other games. I'm pretty sure he had a spy
  9. Well I did report this to the police in 2017 and got an investigator (they contacted linden labs who did nothing over the course of 10 months or so) and they told me who it was and what state they live in and I know everything about them now, more than they'd ever know about me but I don't really know what to do with that. They continue to bother me and I'm kind of scared for various reasons at this point to do anything but ignore them which doesn't seem to help. I'm not sure how to proceed with it. I pretty much gave up logging into sl anymore other than for 5 minutes at obscure hours. This
  10. Oh I have deleted and blocked them 100s of times. This person has made 100s of accounts and they probably are tracking me via the uuid. I probably should have said that before. They not only track me but my friends and the times they log in. They message on new accounts, numerous within minutes and I block and eventually they give up but then track me anyway on a new one, they even did track an alt once though it was for holding gacha stuff and not a name anyone would have known and at the time they tracked it, it was in a private sim alone. There's a lot of stuff they do out of SL too I just
  11. I'd do that but I'm not buying all my favorites again and SL shouldn't be like that to begin with. That stalking and harassment is not acceptable anywhere even in indie multiplayer games I play, but in SL for some crazy reason, it is. The person who does it to me never stops and if i log on at an obscure hour they never are in SL, they suddenly log in and immediately message me. It's really about time the lindens stop that nonsense. I'm not making an alt and throwing away money (and I specifically play for clothes, houses, decorating etc) because LL has extremely outdated policies on harassme
  12. I don't like when people instantly message me the VERY second when i log in as if i logged in without any plans of my own just for them. Then I tell them and they still keep talking to me. I pretty much stopped going in SL because of this very reason. It's fine if it's someone who is a new friend and doesn't know me too well and eventually I like to talk to people after I've done the things I wanted to do, but not that very second I log into SL and I hate when people know I dislike it and still continue to do it. Then when I tell them I dislike it I get the "you just say that to me but you'r
  13. Fundati and Hayabusa with a little Skye thrown in
  14. She wears a ton of clothes from lots of other designers too, I own a lot of them for real and I just buy what I like. If you're a fan of her, she likes specific types of things like anyone else. It's pretty easy to recreate her more casual looks and a couple of her other event looks from Jan-March of this year.
  15. Still getting the teleport crashes as of this post. It was fine 4 days ago.
  16. No modern homes though, at least that I saw last week.
  17. You can just look at me profile in sl to know more. I like exploring, shopping and searching for unique homes... architecture and decorating interests me a lot.
  18. If you need a second person you can message me.
  19. I have the same problem with the username. I have way too much stuff to ever be happy on a new account again. It sucks, plus trying to avoid people that bother this old account and don't know the word no and the lindens never help. I pretty much avoid even logging in over it these days.
  20. Lots of games let you play any type of character (race, sex) so I don't see why anyone would have an issue with it in SL.
  21. a game where you do more work than a real job and people seem to enjoy that. so your real job becames your new fun hobby, the game replaces your job. overpriced cash shop too.
  22. I know this is an older post, but I think emoting is awkward too. I wish I could find friends in SL that just didn't do this all the time. I feel fake and it's just not who I am and the friends I have met in SL who do emote, seem to get angry that I don't like it, but I just don't. It seems like almost 90% of the people I meet who emote, when I tell them I don't because it's not me, they stop talking to me. It makes life lonely in SL
  23. I’ve been “playing” since teen grid SL, and I have had problems lately finding some nice people. I know all the places to go but I only find people with lists of demands and they get intensely aggressive if I don’t meet those demands, which I never will. I just want a friend with some similar even singular interest I have. Not the friend for a night type. Hey, if anyone is interested message me in that cold dark world.
  24. That place looks really familiar but I can't place it.
  25. Blake Sea and those shops that sell boats and sims all around it are pretty awesome. It's weird because I don't like the sea for real because of a childhood trauma but I love water in SL. It's really beautiful. A place that brought me sadness in real life has brought me some peace virtually.
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