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  1. I was in the chat when that happened. I couldn't believe the gall. They are out in force. I just try and warn as much as possible and LL need to ban quicker. They must be getting some and cleaning them out, otherwise they wouldn't keep coming back. I hate scammers.
  2. It seems to happen during TP when the stuff you are wearing falls off and reattaches. I've been having the issue for a while. I live in Ireland so my connection is rubbish at the best of times. I put it down to that. Where I take a long time to sometimes tp, to and from busy regions and this happens. I just move them back to their origin folder. They still work fine, but just end up in the lost and found. When I asked about this I was informed there was a jira on it and its a known issue.. Not sure on that though. Edit: context.
  3. Maitreya 5.1 has loads of BoM goodies. Well worth updating.
  4. Very hansome result! @Kenzi2k Good luck! You will find during your stroll through SL, this stuff becomes second nature.
  5. You should wear the shape you bought to acheive the look desired. The one that comes with the Daniel head is just a starting shape to help people that don't invest in a look and/or shape and wish to make their own. So use the shape you bought to get the look on the head and body you wished. You can tweak it to change it, say if the body is too short etc and make sure to save as and not save over the orignal you bought. So it gives you a back up copy to go back too if you mess up your shape in anyway. Also look in the folder you got your shape in for a style card. To know where to get the skin appliers etc to achieve the full look they advertised.
  6. You hit the BoM button. The one on the top right. This is bakes on mesh and this only work if you remove the alpha layer covering your system body. How to fix you ask? Either you re apply the Catwa head skin applier you originally used to get your face, if you don't have one of those, goto alpha tab and hit the reset button which will take the head back to the original settings. You can also remove the alpha layer covering your system body and the system skin you are wearing beneath will show on your mesh head. You can also try one of those skins on the skin tab you are showing and see if they work for you. So there you have four ways to fix it. Good luck!
  7. You activated BoM (bakes on mesh) on your body, I'll assume you are using a mesh body. To see BoM you have to remove your body alpha that hides your system body. To get back to your original mesh body skin you'll need to reapply it from whatever applier you originally used.
  8. I've been seeing that on the main SL site as well as check out problems on marketplace itself on one alt but not on another. I ended up clearing my history and it seems to have fixed it for now.
  9. I'll have to go and look, if you join the Maitreya group they sent it out on notices a few times. Thats another way to get it is on past notices or ask in the group. I'm not in world right now to look.
  10. Session Skins does some good mature looking male skins. High quality textures and blemishes. They have a marketplace store as well as an inworld location. Do both the head appliers and body. When you demo, make sure to follow the style card for head type and use the shape if you wish to have the exact same look as the picture. If you purchses the head applier it comes supplied with the shape.
  11. My apologies. I hit the reply on your message but I was actually addressing the OP.
  12. I don't know this lag you speak of. I live in Ireland and am on a fibre optic connection. Even before I had that, I've never really suffered from this lag monster. Have you looked at your connection at all? Upgraded your internet or changed providers. Are you on a wifi or direct connection? With lag on in any online platform. I would look into your connection first.
  13. Everything in the Maitreya Store is for the body now. The creator took all ten general stuff out and left them on the marketplace.
  14. Are you wearing the alpha layer that comes with the lolas to hide your breasts beneath? I use Belleza skins and personally never had this issue.
  15. Try this hair from Wasabi Pills https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wasabi-Pills-Dylan-MESH-Hair-DEMO/5194100 Think it may be what you're looking for.
  16. Its your SL and you can be what you wish to be. The only thing I would advise is not to lead a person on. If you get into an SL relationship and the person thinks you are the opposite sex and things start to get serious. Be honest. Yes this is a virtual world but behind the avatars are real life people with real life feelings and even if you wish to keep the relationship online, they may have dreams of going RL and invest a lot of themselves into the relationship and when they find out the truth, well, they would be very hurt. No one wishes that on another. I did know someone who was a male driving a female, he married what he thought was another female.. Turns out they were both straight males cheating on their RL wives. Obviously when the truth was uncovered there were a lot of hurt feelings all around. So just keep that in mind when embarking on any romantic type of SL relationship. So its best to be honest and up front with your RL gender.
  17. I had the same problem where the update was not sent to me. I contacted the owner and was told to contact chevette.zuzu in world. She stands in the store when online and manually sends out updates.
  18. I met my parnter,boyfriend in Second Life right back in the beginning of 2009..We got married in Dec 2009 and been together ever since. We have took our relationship to Real Life and met up a couple of times now with him staying with me for over a week a month ago. Our relationship went from friendship and built slowly over time and we are not rushing to get anywhere. We know we love each other and spend most of our online time together. Would I share this with a reality TV show on MTV....no.. They are the more salacious of channels who look to create drama and negativity about anythiing positive. Reality TV is just not something I am interested in. It is mainly scripted trash.. something I would never involve myself or my partner in.
  19. Sometimes clashes happen with Alpha layers and tattoo layers that affect how your avatar rezzes. Take off all Alpha and tattoo layers and put on an outfit you are having an issue with and see if you rez. If it works you can put your tattoo and alpha layers back on.
  20. Thats not the Truth hair. I have that one and I don't remember it having a ribbon string thing on it. But then whose to say.. The truth hair is very good quaility, the one in the picture above is not.
  21. I have more than one second life account. On my other two accounts viewer 3 works as it should. On this account as soon as my inventory begins to load I get logged out of second life ((You have been logged out View IM or Quit, type of log out)) The log out actually takes down my internet connection and I have to reboot my router to get it too work again. I have something spamming my logs. How do I identify what this is and fix it? 2012-05-28T11:44:24Z WARNING: LLLandmarkList::onRegionHandle: Got region handle but the landmark global position is still unknown.2012-05-28T11:45:16Z WARNING: LLAvatarNameCache::handleAgentError: LLAvatarNameCache get legacy for agent 81d017ff-e65c-4e9c-91bf-bc21dbd9c917EDIT: This was a clean install. This is a problem I have experienced on Firestorm and now viewer 3, which was suggested that I try, which makes me think its something in my inventory that is causing this. But identifying one thing in a 20K inventory is not an easy task. Router- Zyxel P-660HW Second Life 3.3.1 (254524) Apr 24 2012 06:28:07 (Second Life Release) Release Notes Took out location Second Life Server Release Notes CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 480 @ 2.67GHz (2660.05 MHz) Memory: 8051 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6500M/5600/5700 Series Windows Graphics Driver Version: 8.17.0010.1107 OpenGL Version: 4.2.11318 Compatibility Profile Context libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1 OpenSSL/0.9.8q zlib/1.2.5 c-ares/1.7.1 J2C Decoder Version: KDU v6.4.1 Audio Driver Version: FMOD version 3.750000 Qt Webkit Version: 4.7.1 (version number hard-coded) Voice Server Version: Vivox 3.2.0002.10426 Built with MSVC version 1600 Packets Lost: 0/1,074 (0.0%)
  22. Boots going through the floor could mean your shoebase is not loaded properly. I would detach and reattach a couple of times. I used to get that a lot at one time and then it just sorted itself out.
  23. You are wearing an alpha layer that makes your feet invisable. You need to resize your shoes so they meet with your ankles and that should fix it. You can also take off the alpha layer and replace with invisprims if you prefer.
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