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  1. I just logged into forums using my new name, but it did not change automatically.
  2. Thank you very much. Yes I am trying to log into world.
  3. I changed my name from LulabellsAmour to Silverbellzz.Starlight yesterday. Now I can not log on. Help please
  4. Tyvm. I finally got it to work. Although the home is not in the best of areas, I plan on taking your advise and staying put for awhile.
  5. I can't get my new stilt home to rez. I press on the controller and hold for 4 seconds, but still nothing. When I grabbed it, I got there and there was no home. Please help.
  6. My real life sister in in SL with me. Most of the time we do not hang out at the same places. However, we both like Almost Life Karaoke, so on the Almost Live Karaoke evenings, we hang out with each other for 3 hrs.
  7. I like daylight all the time. I like to see where I am at and to whom I am talking to or dancing with. Don't care for shadows.
  8. Within the next 10 minutes my alt is going to release a Traditional Linden home
  9. Gonna be a lot of homes open again when the new Stilt homes come out. In the mean time just takes patience trying to find a Belli home. The old linden homes still open so can hang out in one of them till the Stilt homes are released. However, if you grab one of those older linden homes, you might miss when a belli home opens up. Good Luck
  10. I agree with Rabid, Hyla you have just a good of a shot at any premium home as any of us who have more than one acct. I have just one alt but I only have one computer so only one account can look for a premium home at a time. That equals the playing field. Good luck and may the fastest fingers get the best locations.
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