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  1. I'm not sure but I have a guess that might explain it. LOD transition distance depends on the size of the mesh (the bigger the mesh the further the LOD transition distance). I guess in a linkset the LOD transition distance is dictated by the largest mesh in the linkset. Were the stairs the largest mesh in the linkset?
  2. All that is true but it wasn't the point I was driving at. These models might be ineffecient and no doubt some people at LL know that, but can they convince the people who make decisions? If Rod thinks he can revolutionize LL's business model, get rid of the pesky SLers by producing a new revenue stream based on existing uploads, and increase total profits at the same time, is he going to want to hear "you can't do that because no one will want to buy such inefficient mesh for their projects" from those members of LL staff who have the technical eptitude to tell him this? Is it a message he will be receptive to?
  3. You might know a lot about mesh and since you say you do, I am sure you do. LL might know a lot about mesh,and if they say they do, who only knows if they really do? Probably not LL. Someone working at LL might know what you know, but can that be effectively communicated to the people making decisions if they are hot for some idea that requires the opposite be true? Is this insurmountable barrier is an idea that Rodvik can be made to accept if he suddenly thinks he is going to get credit for revolutionizing LL's business model, expanding its revenue stream while improving margins/return, and finally getting rid of all those pesky SL users the Lab has wanted shut of for years now (if only someone else could be made to pay their bills)? Who knows? LL is often seems so directionless and aimless that perhaps even they cannot guess what wild random antics they will pull next or which elusive rabbit they will try to chase down. They were going to be the next facebook or something for avatars the other week (well other year but sometimes all these antics seem to just flow into one singularity of antics happening everywhere at once). Now they are Desura? Remember the story telling software? Me neither. I don't think they even finished that project.
  4. How do they know any DJ does not have a club owning alt? How do they know any DJ is not friends with a club owner they would ruin their own reputation for? At the end of the day if you don't try very hard then you will ruin your own reputation, be a poor advertisement for your own club and what kind of patrons are so desperate to get out of there that a bad performance would steal them away?
  5. Or the email address if you have not used it for another avatar since.
  6. My guess would be that one or more prims have been moved or resized or otherwise adjusted since the last time the script was reset. Resizer scripts generally need to be reset if the prims have been edited manually. If you have not edited any of the prims yourself, it's possible the creator had done so and forgot to reset all of the scripts before they packaged the hairs up for sale.
  7. Yes, their auto-adult filter is annoying. I had a skirt bumped I think because of the word "blood" (there's no actual blood involved, just a skirt themed on "blood, gold, land"), although I can't be bothered going through the tedious process of checking. Also the demo version wes left rated as general....whatever.
  8. It's supposed to deliver more reliably and merchants no longer need land to sell on marketplace. With your two problems, so long as the items are copy, when you get your folder, rezz a box inworld. Place the contents of the folder with the stuff you just got delivered into the box and name it whatever you want the folder to be named. Now open and unpack that box like you normally would to generate your new folder that you can modify and annotate, and then take the box into your inventory. Now you have your folder that you can change the name on and your box of unaltered stuff in case you need to start over with a prim that gets ruined while worn or something. Go ahead and delete the original folder you were sent. If you screw up a prim you are wearing while editing and you don't already have another copy, leave the item on, go to your inventory, left highlight the item you ruined, right click and copy, then left click and paste (maybe add a "B" to the end of the name of the new copy you just generated). Take the original off and delete it (make sure you delete the original not the new copy!). The item doesn't update fully until you take it off so the new copy will be like the old copy was before you put it on as long as you make it before you take the item you ruined off.
  9. I know what you said but your premise is nonsense centering on a trivial and irrelevant game of semantics. LL don't put up with the costs of offering support to pay devotion to some word. They do it in the expectation of profit, so what matters in respect of the efficient use of resources is not whether or not they are exclusive to people who fit some word, but whether they enhance LL's ability to profit from SL. The meaning of the word customer doesn't really have much of anything to do with anything. LL offer support for profit-motives, not as a tribute to the word customer.
  10. Yes, that's why it jumped out at me to become the first thing in that list, although I admit that I don't know how much of that LL creams off and how much is diverted to Paypal or whoever for handling the transaction.
  11. Nonsense. Being premium is actually rather cheap. Plenty of people spend much more money than that on SL without ever being anything but a "free-account" member. If you've been to the marketplace you might have noticed you can buy marketplace stuff with money (as opposed to lindens). You might not be aware but plenty of premium accounts rely on people to buy some or all of their stipend to be able to continue as premium. I suggest a lot of lindens are getting sold to "free-account" holders. Then there are all the land owners who wouldn't own land if they couldn't pay for through their SL economic activities, and I suggest a lot of the revenue they rely on comes from "free-account" holders. Now you can tell yourself these people are not direct customers of LL, but it's an irrelevant and quibbling distinction. What matters is whether LL profit from their economic activities and the extent to which LL's bottom-line is dependent on their ongoing participation. How the money trickles through to LL from these users matters less than how much money it is.
  12. I think you are over complicating the matter. If it does not violate any end user license of the carnival ticket, I can onsell it to someone else who wants to use the ride. If there happens to be a regular and entirely legal market trading large volumes of these tickets at relatively stable prices, it's a matter of fact that the tickets have value. It's possible to sue a neighbour for ruining your view, and to receive monetary damages if you prevail. If a view can be construed legally to have a quantifiable value (and it can) it's not really debatable whether something that is routinely traded in large volumes at a stable price point, all in compliance with all end user license have any monetary value. Lindens not only have a value, they have an easily quantified monetary value.
  13. I had a simlar thought, but instead of the option to make transparent, I thought a creator of mesh making a jacket and skirt for instance, could put an interior surface face on the top jacket where it will cover the skirt, and a separate face on the skirt (or pants) where the jacket/top covers to induce an alpha sorting glitch that hides the bottom part of the outfit when it does clip through the top part. When the items are textured, a copy of the skirt/pants is made but the texture that goes on the faces that will be covered by the jacket/top has an alpha channel. The interior (not visible when the item is worn) faces also have a texture saved with an alpha layer. So the exterior of the jacket and all of the skirt that is supposed to show when you have the jacket on is made with textures saved with no alpha channel, and there is a layer inside the jacket and on the parts of the skirt/pants that are not supposed to clip through the jacket that have alpha channels saved into the texture. The sorting glitch will prevent the skirt (or pants) showing when they clip and by keeping the effected textures to those parts of the skirt that will be hidden by the jacket, this should prevent unwanted "side effect" glitches. When the outfit is sold, the idea would be to provide two texture versions of the pant/skirt. One with no alpha channel on any of the faces to wear alone, and one with the alpha channel on textures applied to the specially created faces, only where the matching top is worn. That way the alpha glitches is only happening to faces that are covered and supposed to be glitching, and not when someone is walking past windows or standing in front of a plant. Individual creators of course can take their existing stuff and redo the texture layout to add the faces at any time, but even Commercial full perm sellers could create series where say skirts and pants from series A fit and have faces designed to work with any jacket or top from series A.
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