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  1. I have an empty mall on my property at voxel (phalanx) in search dont know if this would help its not a skybox.
  2. So I have been a dj in sl for two years.My av is all laq and it gets lots of compliments.So i go to this unnamed club something to do with a storm.Anyways i ask if they are hiring and they say yes we are.So great i ask and recieve an app.I read it all it looks standard to me nothing special so i fill it out,I then send it to the owner.She likes it and wants to interview me.so she said tp me over to your place and ill interview you.I said ok cause things were winding down at my club.So she pops in and says is this your club?I said yes.She said oh we dont hire anyone who owns their own club.WT And so an argument took place.She can be very verbally abusive,Just a heads up to the dj's who are filing out apps waisting their time. I have never heard of such a thing ,if anyone else has experienced this let me know!!
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