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  1. Darrius Gothly wrote: My suggestion for you is to convert your store and Marketplace products to use Direct Delivery. Now that it is working on a routine and highly reliable basis, I have found that situations in which Products are delivered yet marked as Failed are almost non-existent. There are several good threads in this Forum with information, instructions and links to Wiki pages that explain the conversion process. With very little effort, you can convert even a large store in a fairly short time. Considering how much money you are losing by continuing to use Magic Box delivery, it should be well worth your time to convert. This WAS a Direct Delivery!!
  2. I have encountered this problem before (Item sells, gets delivered, and I don't get paid) that time a Linden sorted it out quickly and responsibly, but now all you get is a scout.... This is the report I sent in to ask for help, and the ridiculous reply I got back. name and place of buyer blanked out to protect privacy. Other names included with full consent. I sold an Item on Market Place, the item showed as (delivery failed) and I didn't get paid for it. The Item did actually get delivered (I have included a rez report below) so I should have received payment. •Order #1310871418 Item ID 91918972 Delivery failed L$5,500 Not paid P*********2 Not available for redelivery The object 'IGIA Deluxe Dance/Seduction/ BDSM/ RLV (black copy)(B)' has sent you a message from Second Life: *********2 Resident rezzed me at secondlife:///app/teleport/*********/130/72/38/ on 2012-12-18 = IGIA Deluxe Dance/Seduction/ BDSM/ RLV (black copy)(B) is owned by P*********2 Resident Thank you for your assistance with this matter Hiya Honi 2013-01-09 09:41:28 SuzanneI Scout Hello Hiya Honi, I am sorry that you have had difficulty receiving payment for product purchased through the Second Life Marketplace When L$ funds are transferred to Marketplace Linden to pay for the products, they are held in escrow on the Marketplace Linden account pending delivery of the product. If the item is delivered, then the funds are transferred to the Seller. If the item cannot be delivered immediately, then the funds remain with Marketplace Linden while the Second Life Marketplace attempts to deliver the item. If the product cannot be delivered, then the funds are released back to the customer's inworld balance. After reviewing the transaction, the funds were released back to the customer. If the customer did receive the product it will be necessary to contact them directly for payment. For more information about the Marketplace and other related services, please visit the Knowledge Base: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English/tkb-p/English_KB I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Please let me know if there's anything further I can assist you with. Thank you for being a valued resident of Second Life! Have a great day! Kind Regards, SuzanneI Scout www.secondlife.com Linden Lab Support 2012-12-22 06:34:27 Me The above message from Suzannel Scout makes no sense whatsoever. The Escrow system is designed to protect both buyer and seller. The funds were wrongly returned back to the buyer who now has both the money and the item! This is totally unacceptable and illogical that I am expected to contact the buyer in some vain hope that they will do the right thing and pay for the item. Market Place defaults to use of the escrow system so it is your responsiblity to get my money to me as it was a failing on your part. I have provided proof that the item was in fact received by the buyer. When payment is not recieved for items, incentive to create interesting and new items is lost. I trust this matter will be attended to at your earliest opportunity. Thank you Hiya 2012-12-23 05:24:45 SuzanneI Scout Hello Hiya Honi, Unfortunately, this is not an issue customer support is able to help you resolve. Linden Lab cannot verify, enforce, certify, examine, uphold, or adjudicate any oath, contract, deal, bargain, or agreement made by the Residents of Second Life. We do not own, operate, or insure any Resident-run enterprise or services. As with any transaction among Residents, Linden Lab has limited responsibility and capacity to resolve disputes. While you may have a valid grievance with another Second Life Resident, Linden Lab cannot resolve your dispute. If the customer did receive the product it will be necessary to contact them directly for payment. We regret this inconvenience and wish you the best in your future inworld endeavors. Thank you for being a valued resident of Second Life! Have a great day! Kind Regards, SuzanneI Scout www.secondlife.com Linden Lab Support 2013-01-11 04:57:46 Me It is obvious that Lindens now care so little for the residents of Second Life that they assign inexperienced Scouts to deal with problems, in order that they can ignore their responsibilities. This being the case the IGIA group have decided that instead of expanding our holdings in Charlesville, none of them will now be renewing their premium accounts when due, this includes myself Hiya Honi, Laurence Romaro, Zarin Nightfire and Ignatius Lytton. All land will be sold forthwith. This will effectively mean that, for the sake of reimbursing just L$5500 ((US$21)) they will lose in excess of ((US$800)) per year and 4 residents who will no longer create inworld items. ____ At this point the scout didn't respond she just closed the case_____
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