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  1. Bonifacio Second Life Server 2019-09-06T22:03:53.530715 Carla avatar loaded from Library, There's a sign of spurious system pants, defective alpha mapping, and mis-shaped foot, none of which appears on the main grid. On the main grid the feet fit in the shoe, and no gap between ankle and pants.
  2. This has been pretty fast work by the Firestorm team, faster than I expected, though I am not sure that Bakes-on-Mesh does anything worthwhile for me. I suppose we shall have to wait for creators now.
  3. Is this bug likely to be on the Beta Grid? I saw some weird things affecting the feet and ankles of the Carla Avatar, not present on the Main Grid with the same viewer. Boot base & alpha maps apparently failing.
  4. Since I upgraded my connection, a few months ago, I've had about 6 times the internet bandwidth, and it makes a big difference to viewer performance. But the viewer feels greedy: it is frequently using all the available bandwidth. Some high-bandwidth apps have options to set a limit, so I can download things like video files in the background, without affecting routine uses such as web browsing. Second Life isn't a background app, but it routinely uses a lot of resources, such as virtual memory, as well as the internet bandwidth. I know that some of the huge numbers come from multiple pointers to the same read-only address-space, but there isn't the get-out for the bandwidth numbers I see. My brother's been here this week, and every so often he complains that the internet connection is falling over. It's when I am connected to Second Life. I am digging through stuff about controlling things on my computer, and the VDSL modem/router box that provides the connection, but with all the bits and pieces that viewers use, including multiple copies of SLPlugin and Dullahan, it's a struggle. Is there any bandwidth throttle/limiter setting in the Viewer itself, even something buried in the debug settings? Or is the viewer really the tangled uncontrollable mess that I reckon I am seeing?
  5. When this started, back in July, I switched to https://eregion.kicks-ass.net/munin/servers/akari.eregion.home/SL_Online_Now.html which is working as I write.
  6. Early in July, the ancient use of the UDP protocol for asset fetching was turned off. Actively supported viewers should be OK, but some still used viewers did stop working. The Lumiya viewer for Android is one example, though you can still use it for text-only access. But, I'll be honest, the silence on which viewers would continue working was disappointing. Linden Lab was making two rather old viewers available, one for obsolescent versions of Windows, one for Linux. Nothing was said. Over the weekend, I chanced on some specific info on version numbers, nothing really new but since nobody was bothering, I figured it was worth pointing. The project started in April 2016, so it's unlikely that any viewer dated before that will function. Nobody bothered to say anything, but the obsolescent-Windows viewer is dated 2015 The new info I came across is that Firestorm v5.0.7 required the UDP functions. It was routinely deactivated, but that gave me something to look for. It was released in June 2017. The needed code change would be in the Linden Viewer, but when it appeared there, I don't know. The Linux viewer left available by Linden Lab is dated November 2017, but I have never been able to get it working on my Linux box. It might not depend on UDP, but since nobody has ever said, either way... Firestorm v5.0.11 appeared late January 2018, and had the asset fetching updates, then expected to take effect soon, not some eighteen months later. That version is now blocked from accessing Second Life. I reckon that any viewer from 2017 or earlier is now useless for Second Life. But if you have a specific counter-example, please let us know.
  7. A particular merchant group operates it's own region, and has a very popular main store. Good look to them. It's very crowded, though I have some reason to doubt that there are that many avatars coming and going. The last time I was there, the median complexity looked pretty high, and they were not obviously display models (that could eventually be replaced by animesh). Fortunately, they have a secondary store, in a sky-box, presented as the low-lag, please don't hang around, store. Both are in the same region. OK, not much texture loading, but still the same horrible script-load and resulting bad frame rate from the server. Or am I totally misunderstanding how laggy elements can affect a whole region? I am not going to name the operation here. I have known them do whole-region bans of critics, and some of their key products are not sold on the Marketplace.
  8. Small kernel upgrade, 0-45 to 0-46, and that fix stops working. There's the Firestorm debug option that uses Wine to run a Windows version of SLVoice. Are people assuming you can do a Wine install of the SL Viewer? I have reached the point of thinking that if the answer is SLVoice, somebody has asked a bloody stupid question.
  9. I caught the tail-end of the v1 era. Several things from that era, including a choice of colour themes, vanished from the v2 viewer, never to return. The SL Viewer has a poor choice of colours, but it seems you have to use it if you are reporting any problem to Linden Lab. I know I am not colour blind, but the choices make it difficult for me. v2 was outsourced, and at a time when multiple cores were becoming common enough to need thinking out. But one doing the OS work, one doing the work for the program, and a third for things such as SLVoice, was the low-hanging fruit. I know I can use a separate browser, which is essentially the same trick, and it helps, but http and https need to be in the viewer. There are bits and pieces which come from outside such as the SLVoice module. On Linux that still relies on v0.10 of gstreamer, and v1.0 of that program has been out for 4 years. With so much attention devoted to Sansar I have my doubts that these long-running problems will see any change. It's arguable that Cool VL Viewer may be the best available TPV, it didn't go down the v2 rabbithole, but it still seems to be stuck with using SLVoice. But right now it looks the best available answer to the Linux problem. It installs. it works, and it doesn't seem to choke so easily. I haven't been able to get the LL official viewer working on Linux for a long while (and so I don't bother trying to report problems for anything, too much of the TPV community isn't interested until you can prove something works in the official viewer, understandable, but they push it too far.)
  10. Thanks, this fix worked for me. I've seen others which don't install the same set of items, and a couple which installed other items and still didn't work. Still doesn't change the poor quality of the info from the SL15B organisers. The timetable pages are lists of names, and if you don't recognise the same you have to hope the SL-name is recorded by Google somewhere, with some info on what they do. And all the things I went to today were media streams. I could figure out somebody was a piano player when I finally reached the stage and saw them. It sounded like House of the Rising Sun. I remember listening to the 1964 version from The Animals (on the BBC Light Program) and I have ended my week feeling horribly old. I felt a bit disappointed too, but that shouldn't be a surprise.
  11. While it's not on the official TPV list, if you have low-end hardware, Cool VL Viewer is worth a try, but it's a version of the old v1 UI, and I am not sure it would run on graphics hardware that old. Any viewer, the sticking point is the OpenGL drivers. Also, the current downloads are 64-bit only, though you can build a 32-bit version from the sources.
  12. I now have the current SL Windows Viewer running under Linux using the Wine sub-system with nVidia hardware on the v384.90 Linux driver. Note that Linux version numbers for nVidia drivers may be marked as a Beta for Windows. It is a different operating system Linux Version in use: Linux Mint 18.2 "Sonya" with xfce desktop, running in 8GB RAM with nVidia GTX650 hardware. This might work in 4GB without starting to swap to virtual memory. Wine Version 2.10 set up with Play On Linux as a 32-bit virtual disk. SL Viewer Version: Second Life This setup appears to be Windows 7 SP1 to the viewer. Whoever chose the colour scheme for the standard SL viewer hath not the eyes of mortal men. Anyway, it is possible, it does work, and now I have documented it. Why anyone would routinely want to run the SL viewer, I am not sure, though it uses much less RAM than Firestorm. I have now tried Starlight, and, for some reason, it doesn't work. Is there anywhere to find a more recent version than is available through the SL Wiki?
  13. A small update (since nobody seems to know anything). I have been able to get an ancient Windows Viewer working using the PlayOnLinux interface for Wine. I was using 64-bit Linux and set up a 32-bit virtual drive through PlayOnLinux, using v1.6.1 of Wine. So getting a 32-bit Windows Viewer running can be done. This isn't all that useful, since the viewer I found is pretty old, and has erratic mesh support. But I now seem to know more about this than all the big-name experts (and if that doesn't frighten you, it should). There's no real point in using it, except it let me get a Windows viewer working on a Linux machine, which otherwise seemed to have as much reality as the Siege Perilous at Arthur's Round Table. PlayOnLinux allows a virtual drive to be set up with a bewildering choice of Wine versions, and the particular viewer crashed with later Wine versions,
  14. I know, it makes web searches a bit tricky too, but that's what the program is called. There are days when I would choose something stronger.
  15. There are viewers which work with current Linux versions, I have no problems with Firestorm, and a strange Linux release from Linden Lab which seems totally unsupported, and won't work with any Linux version I have tried. Wine is a Linux tool which allows you to run Windows programs on a Linux machine. I have the Kindle Reader program for Windows and an app called Scrivener set up this way and they work fine. The Kindle Reader is a bit picky about which Wine version it works with. I have not been able to get any version of the Windows viewer, Linden Lab or Firestorm to work with Wine. People have told me it does, but have not been able to provide any details. So that's the context. Some of you may already have worked out the question. Can anyone tell me a combination of Windows viewer and Wine version which works on a current Linux version? My system uses Linux Mint 18.2 which is a derivative of the current Ubuntu LTS version. What I am particularly interested in is the Viewer and Wine version, though you should include the basic distro details. Anyone?
  16. Crashing of Sims Today we have crashing of sims, Yesterday, We had RC rollouts. And tomorrow morning, We shall have what to do when ghosted. But today, Today we have crashing of sims. Sex-beds Run perverse animations in all the neighbouring regions. And today we have crashing of sims. This is the display-name server. And this Is the web-based profile, whose use you will see, When you have to use Viewer 2. And this is the back-up file, Which in your case you have not got. The Zindra clubs Play interminable streaming music for mindless naked dancers, Which in our case we have not got. These are the side-bar icons, which are always accessed With an easy click of the mouse. And please do not let me See anyone using his keyboard. You can do it quite easy If you have any strength in your wrist. Sim-crossings Suffer strange gyrations, never letting anyone know If they should have used their wrist. And this you can see is a prim. The purpose of this Is to make up the world that you see. We can make it Bounce around the sim playing music: we call this Innocent fun. Bounce around the sim playing music Like the noobs who make tediously obscene invitations: They call it innocent fun. They call it innocent fun: it is perfectly easy With an easy click of the mouse: like the sit, And the gesture, and the side-bar, and the pleasure of friends, Which in our case we have not got; and the sky-box clutter High above all of the regions and the noobs testing the sex-bads, For today we have crashing of sims. [Borrowing from Henry Reed's "Naming of Parts", which is a far better poem]
  17. I saw it on the Twitter feed After the new server roll-out last week I'll be unsurprised if there's no version change, but they seem to use the same standard wording, whether it's new code or not. Still time for more detail to be posted in the forum before knocking off time, but it does make me wonder if too much attention is being devoted to Sansar, and routine SL stuff is being missed.
  18. It used to be that, arriving via the Dashboard, there was one reliable log-in for everything. Switching between the three main parts, Dashboard, Community, and Marketplace, was easy. It was always a bit hard getting out of the Marketplace area of the site, and I occasionally see mentions of the old XStreetSL in the page texts and pop-ups. I have an alt for some animation/pose testing and for a couple of role-play sims, and I didn't have any problems when I logged into that account, did some things at the Dashboard, and checked for Server restart plans before logging out. Sometimes I want to get free items from the Marketplace, which I can't gift from my main account to the alt. Not any more. I have to explicitly log out in all three sections. My guess is that the system used to use a single cookie, and now uses a different one for each of the main sections. The actual method might be something different, but's that what it feels like: three independent web sites with a shared login page that gives an illusion of coherence. I expect somebody will shout "security", but the way it works it feels as though nobody is paying much attention to the security. Nobody is looking at the big picture.
  19. This still pops up near the top in Google... 1: The Sculpty Import/Export Plugin listed in the SL Wiki still works with current 2.x versions of Wings. Wiki Page: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpted_Prims_with_Wings_3D Download from: http://www.oortman3d.com/wings3d.html 2: Some things may depend on the OS. I use Linux which isn't the same as Windows. The one necessary file is the .beam file, which is the compiled Erlang code. I found I needed to manually put a copy in the right place. With wings-2.1.5 as the base folder for the install go to here. wings-2.1.5/lib/wings-2.1.5/plugins/ There are sub-folders for the various function groups. This particular plugin is for the import-export group 3: Run Wings3D as usual I was using if before, a long time ago, and it's a good way of taking a an old sculpt map and generating a mesh, which can be cleaned up while keeping a usable UV mapping. Consider some of the stand-alone Sculpt programs such as Rokuro, though you could make such a mesh directly in Wings3D. Also, it's an intermediate for getting Sculpts into Blender
  20. Have you seen how the link from the dashboard page is working? If they can't spot a bug that obvious, I am not sure there is any point in using the JIRA
  21. It's been so long that I am forgetting the details... But I was using my Gravatar pic, and I am not sure that I was before the changes. The people I know, I am seeing the pic I expect, but check what you have set on the Web Profile page.
  22. OK, I am not sure if I was using it before all the changes, but, via the profile webpage. it was using my Gravatar picture rather than anything specific to SL. Not that big a deal, and I've changed it, and you shouldn't be seeing anything now, but I like to keep my RL details private. So check the picture you're using.
  23. The jump from the Dashboard page is still a tad dodgy, goes via an error-message page that says the link from the dashboard isn't recognised. What else isn't working as we expect? (Edited) Why is it using that picture?
  24. A couple of things to note here. 1: There are several smartphone apps which show you what wi-fi networks are around you. The way the protocols work, you're actually using three channels, so the default chennel 6 will affect and be affected by channels 5. 6. and 7. Regulations in different countries vary about the outer limits pf the band. Some have 1 and 12 available, some don't. 2: Speedtest tries to automatically pick the test server with the bast ping time from where you are. This will give you an idea of how good your ISP is. But you should then find test servers near the Second Life server farm, which is in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. I have an internet ping time of around 160 - 180 ms into Phoenix. The Ping Time recorded by the viewer and shown in the Statistics window includes the delays in the server. I've seen some very odd things said about ping time. It sometimes seems as though the server response time gets confused with the internet round trip time. Ping is a standard internet utility to measure the round trip time, and a little thing called the speed of light sets an unbreakable minimum. The signal in an optical fiber travels about 200,000 km/sec, and for a round trip time we can halve that to get 100km per ms. You Americans can call it 60 miles. There's also switching time at the internet nodes on the route. If you're losing the connection, the number that really matters in the Packet Loss reported by the viewer. It's shown in the Statistics Window. It only covers the control signals passed between Viewer and Server. And it can be really messed up if you log in with a high draw distance and a high bandwidth setting. If packet loss is high, the viewer can decide it has lost the connection.
  25. There doesn't seem to be any reliable information about planned maintenance activities, just the possibility of a last-minute warning on the Status page. Caleb warns of server deployments, not rolling restarts for other reasons. Getting a warning posted by the end of the previous working day would be a Good Thing. If that doesn't happen, it makes the idea of scheduled maintenance look a bit hollow. Yes, sometimes you might need to take urgent action. Call it something else. "Planned Energency Maintenance" makes sense. You shouldn't really need to do a reversion of the Main Channel servers, not with the two stage rollout of servers, but it would be pretty easy to have a prepared plan.
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