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  1. Is it ONLY that region you have trouble teleporting to? No issue with teleporting to other regions whatsoever?
  2. Its not just people with really low end systems that are affected by the regression in performance. I see this on my i7 with a GTX-1080 even on medium settings -- For example, On the non-eep viewer I went somewhere that had a fairly static scene that wasnt changing (also no other avatars around to render except my own) and then set the camera angle to default, noted the FPS (which was around 50), then switched to the EEP viewer that was on identical settings, even the same converted windlight, identical camera angle, and observed a 20FPS drop. All I did was a simple log out and log in between viewers and its reproducible every time. In general, eep just had this clunky and slow feel to it and I went back to non eep out of frustration.. There is something woefully inefficient going on under the hood if eep is managing to slow things down that much... Anyway end of my rant, my 2 pennys worth, EEP is not fit for release.
  3. I am skeptical of this. I have experienced many ""acquisitions" in my working career and not ONE has had a good outcome in the end. The results ranging from restructuring and people being made redundant to making the place so sh** to work that people quit In droves.. And of course, the new owners always give the ""don't worry folks, it will be business as usual" speel to try and calm everyone down, but we all know that's usually a load of BS. The last "acquisition" i got tangled up in a couple of years back, we got the usual "stay calm" speech from the new owners and were promised the usual BS (nothing will change, business as usual etc), then not long after, suddenly almost everyone in the company had to reapply for their jobs. I had been there for over 6 years at that stage. everyone was like wtf? So I was interviewed via video to some crowd of suits at a table on the other side of the country, almost everyone was. Not long after that, the "new owners" kindly told everyone that they were out of a job in about a months time and they would be running the company out of a small office on the other side of the country. Meanwhile, they flew in people from the other side of the country for me to train in doing my job. It was pretty soul destroying. Only 1 person survived the cull, the head infrastructure engineer, and it was just to use him so that they could wind down all the data center stuff. That's just one "acquisition" experience I have had, the rest I have experienced in my working career have had equally disappointing outcomes, the new owners come along and ***** everything up royally (the tech itself and/or the working environment). You cant blame your userbase for having doubts about a good outcome here.
  4. There HAS been an increase in this over the last couple of months for me. Its at the point where its seriously annoying again. I think the original issue (someone can correct me if I am wrong) which was supposedly fixed, was some race condition in the simulator software? When the original issue was declared fixed, things went back to being good again for me, really good, failed tp+disconnect was rare. Now its happening often again! I suspect there is an issue again and latency is a probably an influencing factor. In some cases users will naturally have a higher latency due to geographical distance to the network that hosts the simulators. For me, the latency to the US is around 180ms-250ms (depending on network conditions and where in the US the host is). The thing is, LL will look at this and say "we see no issue" - my response "now add some latency to simulate your overseas visitors who don't have your ultra low latency times like you do in the US and see how you go!" -- and that's easily achieved from the US, use an overseas VPN to conduct tests. It is absolutely not my internet, as I recently changed ISP's and broadband solution types (from HFC cable to Fiber to the home). The issue was no better or worse after the change. It is unlikely to be my router either (its no potato I assure you, its a Cisco (current and supported model) with a list price of around $10k in the US). Everything is ethernet too, no patchy wifi garbage.
  5. I have to laugh at the memory requirements here: https://secondlife.com/support/system-requirements/ Note, LL are talking about overall system memory here. For windows, minimum 1 GB or more, recommended 4GB or more. Now lets think about this... Seriously, with any recent and supported version of windows (aka BloatOS), how much memory do you think will be free for userland programs to use on a 1GB system once the OS loads? Can you even run windows 7,8 or 10 on 1GB of system memory and it be usable?? LOL Maybe you can just run the viewer from memory swap and enjoy craptastic performance. Even with 4GB, once the OS loads, your anti-virus and other memory resident programs start, it doesnt leave a lot of memory free for the viewer. Its not unusual for the viewer to be heavy handed on memory usage, especially in busy regions or if there is a lot to render and lets face it, the bulk of people don't come on SL to stand on an empty platform in the sky or an empty region so the performance can be nice and fast. Really the minimum should be an 8GB system across all platforms with at least 3-4GB free for the viewer to use. These suggested memory amounts by LL don't take into consideration how bloated operating systems and other common programs (browsers, AV etc) have become over time. The rest of the suggested memory specs for the other platforms are just as hilarious. Were these last reviewed in 2001? The ones for Linux made me laugh even more because even for a common distribution like Ubuntu, the minimum system requirements are 4GB - lol. Yet this page mentions 512MB.. I'd like to see someone try and start the viewer on a system with 512MB of memory after the OS loads. I think the system requirements page needs a bit of updating for recommended system memory.
  6. I am definitely experiencing an increase of failed teleports myself over the last few weeks. It was smooth sailing for me after this problem was fixed by LL last time, but it seems to be happening again now, but nowhere near as frequent as last time when there was the grid-wide issue. I am hitting this at least three times a day now. Its completely unpredictable when it will happen, no consistency between when and where I am teleporting to.
  7. Done. I have reported my own post with the website and contact information and asked that a moderator delete it.
  8. The forum software is giving me no option to edit or delete an older post. I will report my own post and ask a moderator delete it in response to the "issues" its apparently caused. My intentions were not bad. All we had to go off is that the lab had "tried" to contact the group, that leaves things very vague and open. I only posted what I did out of desperation because I wanted to make sure every possible avenue had been exhausted in contacting the owners... Obviously I am yet another person who doesnt want to see the sim go...
  9. Because we all know the clock is ticking and the sims days are numbered, and not one straight answer has been given from any official source from the group.
  10. I think most of us have been touched emotionally from this sim at least once in our SL lives, I would love to see it preserved, I hope we reach a positive outcome, meanwhile, I will share a memory below
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