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  1. I think most of us have been touched emotionally from this sim at least once in our SL lives, I would love to see it preserved, I hope we reach a positive outcome, meanwhile, I will share a memory below
  2. There's already a third party viewer available on the Android platform, I am sure you are aware of its name. I've not heard of any plans for an official android viewer from the lab, so in the meantime, the TPV for android is more than adequate.
  3. My question (and I am sure its been bought up before, but I would like to hear the labs reasoning on this). Why not open up homestead regions to everyone instead of forcing people to take up a full prim region first? It seems this rule has been in place a long long time now.. The lab would see a much larger adoption of homesteads being leased direct if they were to change the rule. Most people cannot afford to pay the cost of a full prim region + a homestead... And not everyone wants a full prim region. PS: I'm aware there are private rentals in world via people like the chungs... I just would rather be giving my money to the lab direct instead of helping to make some estate tycoon rich. So I am curious whether there are any plans to change the rules as to who can take up a homestead direct with the lab.
  4. Any chance you could be a little more specific? Bad how? (don't just say "it doesn't work")
  5. Hi I had the same issue even on my older rig that had a 780ti - it was always the CPU (one core out of multiple) getting pegged at 100% constantly. This is no recent issue for me. And yes, I can fix my frame rate by doing the usual things, jellydolls etc, but to have to stare at a room of jellydolls just to get a decent frame rate is silly in this day and age. CPU contention issues with the viewer have been around a long time.
  6. Hi All, I am sure this has been bought up before, but I figure I would ask since its a long standing annoyance. A LOT of the viewer's workload seems to be CPU bound... Is anything being done by the lab to improve the viewer's use of modern CPU's? In my case, I get horrific slowdowns at venues that may have more than 15 avatars - we're talking 10fps, sometimes worse. I know for a fact I am not alone with these sort of issues. Before the masses say "turn down your graphics settings" "jellydoll everyone" "render only friends" "turn off particles" "turn down your DD" "Turn off ALM" "set your max complexity slider for av's to a really low value" etc etc... Hear me out... I have an NVidia GTX 1080 with plenty of VRAM and grunt, plenty of system RAM, and a decent 6 core i7 CPU. On my system, the bottleneck isn't my video card or system memory. The viewer seems to slam one CPU core at 100% constantly while the remaining other 5 cores on my Intel i7 are doing NOTHING. That is the bottleneck... Why not improve the threading of the viewer so these other cores can share some of the workload (I am guessing its all rendering pipeline stuff thats tied to one core)??
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