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  1. Take a look at these on Marketplace, IM me for an in-world demo anytime. All of my games are exquisitely scripted, easy to learn and very fun. :-) Enjoy!
  2. Iga Clawtooth makes some of the best bikes in SL. Don't expect to pay $3,500L, his bikes range from $499L to about $999L and he sells a ton of them! I prefer his super-bikes, but his heavyweight cruisers and choppers are just as amazing. All are powered by the latest KCP scripts that have a full menu systems for making adjustments. Try one out, you might end up buying a couple of them! Iga and I have made some great track systems together that include actual betting race timers too, take a look! In any case, don't dump a boatload of cash into a bike until you have tried Iga's reasonably-priced bikes, they are some of the finest bikes in SL.
  6. Storm does not even understand that there is such a thing as formal reasoning, what that means or why I would even mention it here. Storm, if you do not understand what a syllogism is or what the definition of a valid argument is, why in the world would you parrot what other people say all over the place? How do you even evaluate what they say as valid or invalid? And chiding me when I pointed that out? It's a classic! I take it all back, LOL. Just make me happy and Wiki the Dunning-Kruger effect...
  7. Are you telling us or asking us, Christina? SL does, in fact, come with a combat system. Haven't you ever been to a parcel with a little red heart up in the top border of your viewer? If you are hit by a projectile that is scripted to invoke damage, you die. Easy peasy. People who want more complexity have scripted their own HUDs and weaponry. People who don't even want projectiles flying around have come up with even more systems. I am an action game maker and yet have never even heard of the USC system, there are probably 20 different combat systems around SL. (I call it alphabet soup, LOL.) So what is the intention of SL or its creators, LL? Who cares? Go find a combat system or combat sim that suits you and get shooting!
  8. Improve response time, please!
  9. I am pretty clear on one thing, the author of this post has never studied formal reasoning! You say a bunch of stuff and then provide us with a "conclusion" that is completely unsupported by the "argument" you put forth. Just stand up and say it: "I hate Linden Lab, I hate Second Life and I hate, well, everything!" That's all I saw in this post. Again, why all the dancing about? Just say it and spare us the invalid reasoning, you don't need reasoning to be negative and hateful. Pfffft...
  10. Hi Krueger, I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but here are a few full-sim RP games that I have made in SL... Enjoy!
  11. Your letter represents "the height of hubris..." (I love that expression, LOL.) Your group really should have had someone with experience dealing with executives write that letter or at least review it. You normally get about three minutes to make your pitch to an executive, five minutes if he/she really likes you. Also, executives don't want to hear about problems, they want to be offered multiple solutions. I'll just cut to the chase: What did you offer him? Nada, zip, zilch. No stick, no carrot, no alternatives, nothing. OK, so if I ask you to inconvenience yourself and bog yourself down for hours at a whipping boy party, you would automatically say "yes?" No, you wouldn't, you would chuckle and hit the delete button because there is no motivation whatsoever for you to to engage me. That's what he is going to do, poof, done, gone, next agenda item please... What might go through his mind in the nanosecond before he deletes your letter? - You are replaceable. - Your long-term personal interests will trump your short-term moral outrage. - With its "critical mass economy," SL is the only game in town. - The LL legal team understands corporate risk management issues; SL residents don't. Of course I wish you luck, but it's the "height of hubris" to make demands on an executive while coming to the negotiating table completely empty handed. You might have laid out a list of "talking points" from which he could identify some sort of appeasement strategy, but you didn't. He definitely won't waste his valuable time by doing your job for you. Sadly, it's not in LL's interest to even bother answering your letter.
  12. Not a problem, I bid $12,000L for the job with one day turnaround. Contact me anytime. Jer Straaf
  13. "I haven't tested myself, but the person I made them for gave me the results." Troubleshooting? Assume nothing. Trust no one. Hmmm, you never heard that one, Kwak? I have been making vehicle-based action games for many years in SL, this problem has ONLY begun since the introduction of MESH cars, there was never any kind of problem like this before that time. I challenge anyone to show me a prim/sculptie car that interpenetrates and gets stuck in any type of prim/sculptie barrier or any other prim/sculptie objects at all. MESH? Give me 10 seconds and my vehicle and I will be flopping around helplessly, interpenetrated with a wall. I am not against MESH, pffft, that would be silly. I am just one of the many game-builders who are exasperated with the poor perfomance of physical MESH objects in SL. There is no solution to this, Merchants will continue to upload great-looking but completely dysfunctional car bodies and we will all continue to be exasperated by them. That's life, let the buyer beware and expect that many of these purchases will end up in your deleted folder permanently.
  14. OMG, drop a note to Dakota Linden? Amethyst, did you hear that? I mentioned this long-time effective strategy in a recent post about copybotting and Amethyst suggested that I was an insider with special priviledges and how wrong that was to do that. In my case the ACT of copybotting is what I was personally reporting to them, along with the Marketplace listing of the copybotted item as evidence. The person's entire store of copybotted cars was removed, not because of a DMCA, but because I reported the TOS-violating BEHAVIOR. They then used their "behind the scenes" tools to verify the behavior. Score one for for the good citizens of SL. Believe it or not, the Lindens are actually capable of some common sense on their own...
  15. Why is everyone here dancing around the real issue? The real issue is MESH! Prim vehicles do not get stuck in prim or sculptie walls, other vehicles, etc. Period. Sculptie vehicles do not get stuck in prim or sculptie walls, other vehicles, etc. Period. MESH vehicles will interpenetrate and get stuck inside, well, just about anything in SL. In one of my games, I double-reinforced all of the side walls in my circuit so that there is a double-chance that it will detect the collision. However, there are many ramps and a player still has about a 1 in 10 chance of having their fun end with a MESH vehicle stuck in the floor. It was exasperating to make that game actually work in a reliable manner. The flood of cheap MESH vehicles and other objects seemed at first like a windfall to game-builders like me. I turns out, however, that while they're pretty to be sure, they perform in a dynamic environment like fresh doggy doo doo. That's your problem, and nobody has a good solution except to avoid using MESH for anything other than tea sets and T-shirts, LOL. So enjoy your MESH tea sets and T-shirts, because you sure as heck won't enjoy your MESH vehicles unless they are a parked, static prop. That's not the world I live in, I make Trains, Planes and Action Games. Poor MESH performance is a constant barrier to me, and obviously, to you, the OP.