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  1. This post got me looking about the web and I found this...........links..........Are they joined at the hip now?:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  2. Great post and good points.I agree with you in the main.I follow your posts in the other place and am even with you with size and scale.LOL. I joined after the big hype in 2006 and the thing that kept me was "1st Land program".You were offered a 512 plot for 1L$ a meter and took your place alongside of hundreds of noobs all in the same boat.All trying to do something with their own little plot.It promoted community and gave the place a lived in feel.New players tend to log in more and you were never alone.Loads of green dots in your area. I feel a similar program would succeed again.Along with mentors and live inworld help with a simple IM.I remember getting stuck and being helped inworld ,It made you feel you were "involved".
  3. I have been unable to get to my home location for the past hour.Usual message try again in a few minutes.I tp'd to the next door sim and can see my place and can even interact with it,open doors etc.But I can't enter the sim.How long should I wait before I contact support.
  4. I keep looking at this post and can't believe the two are related in any way. Textures lately take forever to rez but surely sales are a different issue.
  5. Public boxes always get grief,it's fun for noobs.I regulary build on a campus sand box and seldom have any problems.I use a platform.
  6. I would give the seller some time,he may be in a different time zone.Also not everybody logs in every day.
  7. Thanks for the heads up on Mr Poet ,I am in one of the stores now and the stuff is awsome.Too young for me but it is super quality.I might just get one for the hell of it .:matte-motes-big-grin:
  8. The same way as long as the permissions are full perm.In phoenix,open the snap and click file tab,top left screen,you will see .save texture as tga or png.
  9. Sort of but not victorian.Really I prefer traditional british country wear. I live in the country so I am used to it. Trouble is checks and tweeds are not SL freindly. edit........Have you been peaking LOL.
  10. It took 3 edits to get it there.:matte-motes-oh-rly:
  11. I find this topic interesting because I have never found the sort of stuff that I like to wear.For the first year or so I stayed in freebie blue jeans and t shirts.Then I decided to have a go at doing my own stuff, The snap below is the outfit that has been on my back for over 2 years LOL. I pop it into photoshop now and then for a spot clean and sometimes take my jacket off. So have in total 4 oufits and I must admit I am getting bored with them. As you can see my style is old fogie it used to be young fogie. I don't sell them they are only good enough for me. edit no snap...............
  12. Here,s my little fishing village in the morning mist. It,s in the destination guide but under Bars and Pubs .There is quite a bit more to it as you can see. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunbeath/251/97/28
  13. L$0 is not selling it,s giving. There is far too much free stuff on the marketplace. I hope when the changes come we have to do it manually as I am convinced that half the stuff there is so old and was just ported over.the creators are long gone.
  14. Did you remove the items from your magic box? If so wait a while and sync on the marketplace,then refresh, you should then see the iems in red .delete them.
  15. Be happy it's just your avatar floating . I am on a high fiber diet:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  16. I don't get let out a lot,my owner keeps the door shut.:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  17. Go for it ,floppy clock, I did it and it bombed,I don,t think anyone knew what it was all about.But you got to keep trying....................:matte-motes-big-grin: oh and by the way............Always love your photos
  18. Also incude VAT on tier if your from europe.:matte-motes-angry:
  19. This started out as my protest against Bovine alien abduction.Then I thought WTF and turned it into a side lamp...................:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  20. You can hardly see the animation here in this gif, works better inword.but you get the drift. LOL Vermeer Pouring
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