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  1. hehe I got it abit to big,I got my av thinnier now,that pic is a bit old ;p thank you all for the comments!
  2. Hi! You know those textures that you buy or those that someone gave it to you,does them get saved on my computer or not?
  3. I can't log in either. I already tried in 2 different computers,one with the last update and the other not,and they both fail. Well,at least im not the only one
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes,it I can see the display,the thing is the letters are all different from the ones I choosed.
  5. I just changed my display name, but in my name tag,is completely different,random. What I should do to fix it?
  6. I just tried cleaning the cache,it didn't worked.
  7. I'm having problems with my skin lately.Everything loads up,except my skin.If I use 'rebake textures' the face loads,put the body continues very bad looking.I asked for a friend to test his avatar here and got the same result.What should I do?
  8. Hello guys! what can be changed in my computer specs to make SL better,faster,or even playable with nice fps in the ultra quality?
  9. Wow it looks great in you! If you could help me inworld to edit it,a friend gave me a rezise script,but I dont know how to use it. and I really want to check this edit flexibility thing,but Im scared of messing around with those pieces,beacause its not copy,so, I could really use some help.
  10. so it is transferable,and I will wait to see if hes accept it back. It is modify,but no copy,so I would like to wait what the merchant can do I bought it inworld btw
  11. I bought a kimono,it looked good on the pic,and have a nice stars on marketplace,so I decided to bought it today.It was a big mistake.Im to big for it and its moves to much,and its get worse with my AO. I want to know if theres anything to do,im trying to contact the creator,but he is offline.I really would like a refund,like some stores have. Btw,this is the iten:https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Japanese-Haori-Hakama-for-men/268138
  12. I think its the location,cuz after several tries,I ended up log in in a different land
  13. Im trying to log in,but the bar load a little bit,and the stop. A friend of mine tryed to log in on my pc and it worked,its something wrong with my av? help me please!
  14. So,Im having this problem alot often. When I log in,I aways start as a fog,and have to go to 'test male',but then the clothes takes forever to load and sometimes the older clothes dont came out,its bugging me,its happen alot
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