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  1. Now And this........ Oh well,looks like my sailing days are over................
  2. I own? ish mainland,But group 8704 sq.mtrs.That is as far as am willing to go.Land is too expensive,I want more ,just for prims,But no .I will stay at this level............Unless they drop the price,,,,,,,,
  3. Thanks for the replies.......I just checked the adjacent plot again and noticed that it is set at .........wait for it.......................L$27.2 per sq.m............I don't think it will sell overnight.LOL
  4. Yes you are right they could, as I said I have been lucky up till now, lets hope it lasts.
  5. Ok for over 18 months I have lived a fairly peaceful ,stable SL life. I just looked at my map ,Oops . The future now looks uncertain. Is your map up for sale.
  6. I wish we had an agree button...........consider it pushed.
  7. @Blot....sure it's real in Cornwall UK. You don,t actually eat the fish heads. LOL
  8. I like our local dish,, Star Gazy Pie. Short crust pastry, enough to make a cover and base for your chosen pie dish Seven different kinds of fish ( This is traditional but it is usually made with Herrings, Sardines or Pilchards And need not be seven if a smaller pie is desired.) Large chopped onion ... Salt and Pepper to taste.... Mustard or Horse Radish 3 tbsps of Chopped Parsely .... 3 hard boiled Eggs.... 3 Rashers Streaky Bacon Egg or milk to glaze pie. Method Clean and gut the fish leaving the heads on. Line your chosen dish with short crust pastry. Stuff the cavity in the fish with a mixture of chopped parsley mixed with mustard or horse radish sauce. Arrange them in the piedish with their heads pointing sky ward. Pack the gaps between the fish with chopped hard boiled eggs, chopped onion and chopped bacon. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cover the dish with short crust pastry binding top to bottom by brushing the edges of the pastry with milk or water. Make the fish snug in the pie and glaze the top with beaten egg or milk. Place in a hot oven at 400 F for half an hour. If the fish are large, reduce the heat to 300 F and cook a further fifteen minutes. Serve with ceremony and Enjoy!
  9. There are loads of ways ,make it flexi and put in a free wind vector script, that should work
  10. The only free way I can think off is.....Get yourself a free sky box or platform and go to a sandbox that has a 4 hour return.Set it up and youve got 4 free hours but make sure you got a copy.
  11. Sl is expensive and not very good value if used as a fun platform. People who own whole sims and do not make a profit must have plenty of disposable money and there are less of these around. I believe sl should be cheaper and tier increments changed to be more flexible. Then we might see some growth and not a steady decline. Let people buy homesteads as a stand alone. Let people expand in small jumps. Make the cost of owning a full sim reasonable and the yellow peril might begin to disappear. I have been at the same tier level for 18 months,out of prims,and ready to expand but will not double my land holdings in one hit. Too risky..............So yes..........
  12. I would like to complain about my toothache that has lasted 10 days.............Please feel free to feel my pain......Instead of me..........
  13. Of course.........never less than once a year.........
  14. RWFL nearly lost my keyboard........you can,t even mod it to make a life ring.
  15. Try playing around with your windlight settings.
  16. Well they make exceedingly good rugs.:matte-motes-evil:
  17. My oldest son had just left our place to go to uni. I began messing with his PC but was useless .I could just about open and send email and that was it.He told me about SL and I tried it for a laugh. That was in Oct 2006. The next 6 months I was totally immersed in SL and computers, I had a lot to learn and would often go 24 hours without sleep. Almost 5 years later I can build computers ,use photoshop,Blender etc, and have totally changed my lifestyle.I can even rez a prim. My own successful RL business has benefited as well.I do all my own graphics stuff in house which saves a fortune, The only downside so far has been that I am constantly pestered by friends and family to fix their computers and sort out their stuff LOL
  18. I must agree,inworld shopping is on the decline. I have always liked to find small market stalls around the grid and place a few items for sale. I have noticed recently that lots of stalls are used just for marketplace boxes...........some shopping experience............
  19. Some sound gestures remind me of annoying adverts on TV and make me groan.One particular one in the UK is the meerKat ad "simples". I hate it so much I killed one and made a rug out of it.It says "simples" when you tread on the little rat.......LOL I feel better now.........:matte-motes-evil: I must add When I spell checked this "meerkat" was underlined and "market" was offered.............
  20. Don't really know but it will probably look a bit kike this....................:matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  21. Temp Textures say no more............took ages to sort out......................now I am ultra carefull. ish.:matte-motes-shocked:
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