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  1. I can't find this for the life of me.needs to be full perm .Cheers.
  2. I believe there is a third party viewer with that function won't name it in case I get in trouble,that would be imprudent of me.
  3. My first group I did not know that pay was the default until my alts all had 1L$ deducted. I was gobsmacked and had to post on the forums to find out about it.I sorted it pronto and sent a refund to the people concerned,not a lot of people to be honest. I really think the default should be reversed to save all the hastle................
  4. I just read this after trying to get back in for 5 days.Don't get me wrong,I do agree that service and stuff is so important. Last Sunday morning my PC went T-T's up.oops.panic.I got it down to hard drive failure,sure I got back up ,of sorts ,but still this was my main rig and I needed to sort it. This took 5 days,I live in the sticks and had to get the drive and stuff,took time but job done. All that time I was worrying that there might be a problem that I could not sort whilst not inworld. Anyway ,forgive the ramble,I got back and sorted a few little hiccupps with no problems.I said sorry for the delay. This is just a post to say that not all merchants that do not respond are bad apples. Though lots are LOL.....................I had a stressed week..................:smileyvery-happy:
  5. Join the steam 4 hunt ,several places are giving free top hats plus lots of other good stuff.
  6. Josh Susanto wrote: so even my wife has ceased to ridicule me for making imanary rocks and logs LOL This could be me,it,s taken years of ridicule from both wife and sons but that has dried up. AS for hours .......My RL is business is seasonal,so during the winter I am full on here apart from my long holidays. These are my last few weeks before I hit the RL express head on for the coming new season, although I am not looking forward to it. I shall still get a dose here daily though.
  7. Josephina Bonetto wrote: I have something bizarre happening on my land right now, that only happened during a brief hiatus of 24-48 hrs when search was briefly "fixed" last year. I have had an upward spike in traffic. Try vertical. I have decided to test some other advertising methods this week but the pattern of behaviour of residents visiting screams search. I purchased a my.secondlife.com advert that doesn't go live till 7th but is paid for. Does this improve my search ranking? I stopped reading about seach months ago because it was making me O_O If your traffic has gone up dramatically check to see if you have been put in the destination guide. My traffic shot up and it took me a while to figure it.I was put in the destinations,and that boosted traffic. You do not get any message to tell you ,worth a check.
  8. I always just use the browse..Jusy pick the nearest and select,that usually opens into more specific choices. Try that. I don't think I have ever tried the search tab.
  9. I agree the rating system is flawed. I used to get rated all the time but now I only seem to get them when there has been a mistake,failed delivery etc. That only brings poor reviews. I also think it is a bad idea to expect people to write a review on each rating, just a simple click star system would invite more. The way it is now makes it so hard for a good item to recover from a bad rating given because of a delivery failure..
  10. Well I just read the whole thread and my eyes are smarting.I would like colour options it all seems too bright for me.
  11. Monalisa Robbiani wrote: Animated gifs work too Cheers now that should be fun
  12. I use phoenix and although I really do like the interface because it's simple I use it for music.I am a keen on film music and clasical stuff and phoenix puts out track information on screen so I always know who ,what and when about the scores.Everthing else aside this is the big winner for me.
  13. Yes this is great in a big store although useless for me at my place because I always move my stuff about to keep it fresh so not enough hours in the day for me.I also seem to remember a feature of search that pinpointed the stuff in a store and you could TP directley.Only good of course if the central landing point was switched off.
  14. oops! now OK again in this post.Strange.:smileysurprised:
  15. I thought I had the badge sorted to the right size.Last night anyway it was fine.Last couple of replys the thing has changed and now it,s a misfit.Any idea what's happening here?
  16. I use Imagelys picture styles.It's a small free program and works well for me. just google it.
  17. Thanks for that .Although I use a TPV for that very reason I will test your idea.................I wish I had the Lindens that over the years i have wasted on test textures.:smileymad:
  18. I had a similar problem with an item a while back and tried everything to no avail.I changed the name of the item in the end and it worked first time,please don,t ask me why because I haven't a clue
  19. Thank you got mine sorted for the moment.:smileyhappy:
  20. Right i have not got mine right yet.The process seems very convoluted.The way I see it for your photo is uploaded from social connect.,and then saved.As you can see I don't know the size yet ,I will just keep messing with it.You need to go back into avatar and pop it up from there......Still learning myself LOL
  21. I am just checking to see if this works and I will reply.
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