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  1. Hi .I have a new product that I want to sell and display.I have just put put it on the marketplace and in my place but because it is a street vendor it really needs to be in a mall or something similar to show it off properly .I have checked around but can only find stores or shops and that won't fit the bill.If you have a place that would suit this item and traffic is good bell me with the rental price.I need 45 prim of space ,44 for the van and 1 for a discreet landmark giver. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fish-and-chips-van-traditional/2255838?preview=true
  2. I agree with both Phil and Lyra it,s not Lucky chairs et al that are destroying inworld trade it,s LL policy. The greed that made them seek to gobble up all TP competition and keep all the revenue themselves is the root cause of the decline(stagnation) imho.Coupled with Linden homes, themed islands and all other stuff that the company want to control and take a profit. I had no problems paying 5% to Sl boutique after all it was a shop just like mine and needed to make a profit. I have have a real problem paying 5% on top of all the other expenses that you must pay to LL.and it keeps growing. Premium,Ludicrous tier,10L$ uploads,search fees,advert fees,5% sales tax,cash out fee and more to come? LL should stop competing with their paying customers and run the grid. I can't see the point in creating 3D stuff that is mainly viewed in 2D. If the need for a shop finally goes, then, LL will not be far behind it.
  3. Thank you all for your replies,I have sorted the texture and traced the buyers and sent them new versions just in case.I will try doing the stuff you suggested as I notice I have another blur on a different item .......this is becoming a pain.
  4. My place is built this way to mach my own rl village.It took ages to find mainland with the correct contours.This place is a lot smaller and only has 2 pubs should be 5 LOL.:matte-motes-big-grin-evil:
  5. I have a product that has been rezzed for 3 months ish and on 2 faces the texture has become blurred. Phoenix it is grey and blank,Firestorm the same in V2 it is better but blurred. I have cleared cache a few times and no change.I rezzed a prim and put this texture on it and it works fine.I have rezzed backups and all have a blurred texture. I then applied the same texture to the blur and all is well. Problem.Although not a best seller I have sold quite a few of this item and would like to know if the customers copies will also be blurred. I have changed the marketplace item just in case.
  6. I have had the flickering effect on some alphas.My work around is change the transparency in edit to 2 it fixes it for me.
  7. I treat all the seasons ,fashonwise,very seriously indeed. :smileyvery-happy:
  8. I am ultra conservative but enen I will play "jump the noob" when they fall down one of my manholes.:smileyvery-happy:
  9. They know all about it and are going to fix it, so I understand.The sooner the better for me.
  10. Marketplace sales go up and down for me but are always good ish.My problem has been inworld, this last 5 days I hardly see a punter and I am in the destination guide. I wonder why am I paying tier and trying hard to make a fun place when I am usually empty.If people are only shopping on the marketplace it changes the whole deal for me. I did not sign up to be an ebay seller.
  11. If you guys are talking about lost inventory I can chip in with my tuppence worth. I lose stuff all the time,gone,end of. It tends to be old stuff that I want to use and it's gone.My inventory never loads fully no matter what viewer I use. I have learnt to back up textures and then I re do them and of course pay again.I sort of blame myself because my inventory is large and unsorted..my fault. But even so when stuff goes missing it is a real pain.
  12. Yes I like it but it's a pity your new avi won't move that way without an AO.
  13. Good to see you are in space,I am just starting to get off the ground.................
  14. Just found out I live east coast mainland.That is why I have never seen or heard anything about these things.We don,t have any roads .too hilly. I must get out and see for myself,one of these days.
  15. Innula Zenovka wrote: Not quite what you asked, but this little routine, dropped in a prim and worn somewhere, will tell you which Mainland continent you're on at any given time: Continent Detector Thank you very much for that.It seems after over 2 years in one spot,. I live in Sansara. Never knew that.........:smileyvery-happy:
  16. Simple for me.........No fly....bye bye......no buy..........................:smileyhappy:
  17. Sure I know there have always been ways around owning land,like you did,or renting box space for a peppercorn.It,s just my way of expressing my feeling that sales are being pushed to the markrtplace to the detriment of inworld. I agree with all your points about the new scheme and I am not at all confident that there won't be major c**k ups.
  18. I have a bad feeling about this new change over. I just know it,s going to be more work and sorting,isn't it always. My inventory is 25K and is unsorted,I am too lazy , can't stand "paper work". My biggest fears are wrong deliveries and keeping up with version changes,How will that work?. I suspect we will have a sale folder in our inventory to use as an internal magic box. I suppose the plus side is that you will no longer need to own land to sell stuff...Is that a plus? Or another step on the slippery slope to an empty world. One hand hovers over the abandon tab LOL:smileywink:
  19. I can understand why they want to dump the abandoned land back on the market.As has been said here ,the reason it is there in the first place is the cost of tier. The RL is in crisis, countries are failing and everybody is tightening their belts.And this company seem to think they are immune...I don't think so. If they want to kick start this place ,drop the price sooner rather than later when most have already flown the coup or downsized so much that the place becomes a ghost town. I think the writing is on the wall and somebody needs to read it fast.
  20. Good idea but I hate it when the rain comes straight through the roof...............
  21. Bluebell cottage in my Village. Just added another pic.I just found out from these mainland posts that I am on old mainland (Sansara} east coast. Now I know where I am.:smileyhappy:
  22. Yes mainland is OK for for business use. It is greatly improved since the adfarmers are gone.I have always stuck with mainland and this plot Is almost 2 years old. True you can get some bad neighbors but in my experience they never stay long. Have a good look around and try to buy somewhere that you think will suit your particular need . Go for it..........
  23. Before i logged off last night I thought rotations were ultra slow.and one texture animation script had broke.I am just going inworld to check.
  24. Try Bits and Bobs animations.I saw one there the other day. just search it.
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